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Lindsay Lohan Had Booze Hidden In A Water Bottle In Her Totaled Porsche!

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Is she serious?! She honestly must be outright TRYING to ruin her life at this point.

Not only is Lindsay Lohan once again facing jail time for violating her probation after she lied to police officers about not being behind the wheel of her Porsche when she drove it into an 18-wheeler on the PCH last week, she now has the added complication of being caught operating a vehicle with an open container of ALCOHOL inside!

According to sources with law enforcement AND the tow truck driver, police confiscated a plastic water bottle from her trunk containing liquor!

Luckily, it was found in the trunk of the car, which means she has avoided breaking the law, but we have to wonder:


At this point, this is all just beyond sad, and we sincerely doubt that anyone will believe a word that comes out of her mouth about being "serious" about her comeback, or anything else for that matter, ever again.

[Image via WENN.]

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43 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Had Booze Hidden In A Water Bottle In Her Totaled Porsche!”

  1. bekker says – reply to this


    RumorFix reached out to Sgt. Lewis of the Santa Monica Police Department, who told us the story is nonsense.

    “There was no container retrieved from the vehicle,” says Sgt. Lewis. “There was a container found in the debris by the side of the road but that doesn’t mean it came from the car.” As for rumors that police want to interview Lindsay again, Sgt. Lewis said it’s perfectly normal for some witnesses to be interviewed more than once and isn’t unusual.

  2. 2

    RumorFix reached out to Sgt. Lewis of the Santa Monica Police Department, who told us the story is nonsense.

    “There was no container retrieved from the vehicle,” says Sgt. Lewis. “There was a container found in the debris by the side of the road but that doesn’t mean it came from the car.” As for rumors that police want to interview Lindsay again, Sgt. Lewis said it’s perfectly normal for some witnesses to be interviewed more than once and isn’t unusual.

  3. 3

    Did anyone ever actually believe that she was clean and sober? I mean, look at her - the glassy eyes and bloated face expose her as an active addict. She is even starting to get that skinny limbed round belly shape that Amy Winehouse had. What a waste.

  4. 4

    Who the f*ck cares if she drinks or not, it's her life if she's going to ruin it then there's nothing anyone can really do. There's like a million possibilities, it could not be hers, it's in the trunk which is completely legal and responsible by the way, and this "report" could be completely fabricated.

  5. 5

    Dear Lindsay, I used to have a little bit of sympathy for you, hoping you'd straighten up and get your shit together. Now? I don't even care. Go ahead and self-destruct but stay the hell off the roads or anywhere you might harm someone else.

  6. 6

    Everybody puts liquor in water bottles, much easier to take around and doesn't break like glass bottles

  7. gossipgirl180 says – reply to this


    Just hopeless!!! It seems nothing is going to work for this girl and it's because she keeps getting a slap on the wrist, instead of real jail time.

  8. 8

    Re: bekker – Thank you! Finally someone with some goddamn common sense around here.

    Seriously Perez, why don't you just dissapear already? you've got no room to judge Lindsay, you're no better then her, and NOBODY likes you! Not to mention you're a complete and utter disgrace to the gay community.

  9. 9

    Re: monkeyhateclean – This story has already been proven false, so relax.

  10. 10

    Perez why is it that you only report half truths? this is the second day in a row. Nice going!

  11. 11

    Well. First the apologists said she wasn't driving. Then they said the limo wasn't following her. Then they bought the truck cutting her off story. The truck driver was lying even though he had witnesses. Then the brakes failed story. It has been shown these were all lies. Even if the booze wasn't hers, there are enough lies here to show she's still the same lying, self entitled skank. She waived off the car service sent by the production company. She was late for her call time. She was rushing to get to the set. No I wasn't there but it only makes sense this is what happened.

  12. 12

    Like I said- Awful idea casting her as Elizabeth Taylor. She thinks she IS Elizabeth Taylor now just like she thought she was Marilyn Monroe, so she feels ENTITLED to fuck up. And if she dies? She'll be more famous, she'll be respected. That's the way her mind works. Elizabeth and Marilyn lived large and had a few falls from grace, Lindsay Lohan doesn't want to live at all and she has extremely destructive means of making sure of that.

  13. 13

    Just because someone used to abuse alcohol does not mean they should be forever banned from drinking it. Some people just want to return to a little normalcy. I wouldn't trade my life for hers any day. Poor girl can't do anything right. Also, there is nothing wrong with having alcohol in the trunk. That's where it should be.

  14. 14

    Re: CatAttack – She's as infamous as they are. People can't seem to bring her name up without bringing up theirs. I'd say they have a lot in common.

  15. krkkrieger says – reply to this


    Perez, the kindest thing you could do for this woman is to stop reporting anything she does. Just let her go away. Maybe if she tried something other than acting she'd be happier.

  16. Resse says – reply to this


    Lol Perez please check up on your facts, this story has already been proven to be FALSE.

  17. 17

    How long have people been saying that they've seen her putting alcohol in water bottles? I doubt it's a coincidence that one just so happened to be found in the debris. Everyone knows it was hers. People have went to jail over open containers of alcohol that were found in the debris. She didn't have any alcohol in her system and the bottle was closed, so she won't be charged with anything. It is perfectly normal for someone to be interviewed again, when the cops know they're being lied to. She hasn't been honest about one single thing that has to do with the crash. She's definitely trying to hide something.

  18. 18

    Re: vexer6 – So if you hate Perez, why are you here? Why don't you just disappear?

  19. 19

    I so want this hoe to just go away…. Seriously some of ya'all on here who are her cheerleaders….really???? REALLY???? This chick flups up all the dang time. She once had talent….but let booze and drugs ruin her. Does anyone seriously thinks she is in her 20's with what she has done to her looks and body using the bad stuff? She looks like she is in her 40's. Sad, Pathetic, Waste of Space. And she constantly proves it over and over again. Lies, Blame, Theft, Booze, Nose Candy, Denial, and Failed Career.

  20. Blah says – reply to this


    Yea my dad keeps beer in the trunk of his truck too. Please just shut the fuck up and leave the girl alone.

  21. 21

    Re: CatAttack – If she didn't want to live why would she be doing that movie at all? That makes no sense, besides Rumorfix proved this story is fake anyways.

  22. 22

    Re: krkkrieger – She is happy though, the best thing Perez can do is stop posting false stories and get his facts straight(and stop being a total douchebag) Rumorfix already proved this story false.

  23. 23

    Re: FrankieLA – I'm here so I can prove that this story is complete and utter bullsh*t!

  24. 24

    This story has been proven to be false.

  25. 25

    Here is where I am so confused, "open container?" and "it was found in the trunk?" How does one not cancel out the other? Doesn't Lilo do enough stupid stuff that would be so easy to report, why print s/thing that so easily sounds false? BOOOOO

  26. 26

    Harsh words Perez. Why do you take it as a personal betrayal every time somebody doesn't live their life the way you think they should be living it? Its like you get pissed off every time some celebrity doesn't follow your "advice". But yet at the same time, you secretly delight in watching and reporting on their demise. Seriously, what happened to you as a child?

  27. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I believe it…it seems the ONLY way she can function is HIGH…So sad !

  28. 28

    ….Take the keys away for good this time…………..

  29. 29

    Re: vexer6 – Are you a Lohan? You sound like one.

    Why is anyone sticking up for this girl? She is an addict and a pathological liar. How is this news to any of you? Sticking up for a person like this is exactly why she has become the mess that she is today. Enablers/people allowing her to think that she is above everyone else and can do whatever she wants, whenever, and get away with it. Sure, people are going to try and set her up because she's an easy target and a lot of people would believe it, but if she wants to avoid this shit, move far away, hire a professional driver, or stay home.

  30. Rigby says – reply to this


    Re: Manda756 – When you've had two DUIs and numerous stints in rehab - it sure as hell does mean you shouldn't drink.

  31. 31

    Re: FrankieLA – Doofus, 9 out of 10 people that visit this website would prefer for Perez to be killed by a shark with a laser beam attached to its freaking head. It's the hate for him that attracts people in masses.

  32. 32

    it seems to me like she's trying to reach the "legend" status by dying young but, honey, that league is reserved for the talented ones…at this point she doesn't even want to stay alive.

  33. 33

    Re: vexer6 – I don't mean "live" in the literal sense, I just mean that she is self-destructive and wants to do damage to her own quality of life. If it's under the guise of Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe, she somehow seems to rationalize it.

  34. XR says – reply to this


    She should just play herself in a movie.. that is the only way she will make a comeback.

  35. 35

    Re: Manda756 – Oh please, it's a very modern day perspective. And name recognition doesn't account for the *reason* the person has it. Charles Manson is infamous, doesn't mean he's Hitler.

  36. 36

    She said she wasn't driving because she was under the influence of something. Blood test will probably prove that and she will be in more trouble than ever. If they didn't take her blood, they are fools. She lied for a reason. She didn't take the ride that day with the chaffeur for a reason. This girl is bound to self destruct. It's sad!

  37. 37

    vexer6…seriously…perez is no better than Lindsey??? I don't see him in and out of a courtroom…stealing and lying. Sounds like vexer6 is Lindsey.

  38. 38

    vexer6 is a Lohan…I'm sure of it….in my opinion. Instead of enabling this lady, refuse to enable. Maybe she will grow up and learn how to tell the truth and not break the law. Enablers stunt the growth of a person like Lindsay.

  39. 39

    As a director I don't understand why they didn't hire actress Alexis Kiley for the role.
    If they role calls for an older actress than actress Sherilyn Fenn. Alexis Kiley looks more like Taylor than Sheryiln Fenn, but at least Fenn can do a great job as well.
    It's Lifetime, I guess talent is not required, or a really hot woman to play Liz.

  40. 40

    they should do a movie of her life with all the demented twists and turns it might actually be interesting .. the lieing has to stop its out of control like a runaway car itself eventually the lies are going to hit a 18 wheeler of truth themselves

  41. Abdullah says – reply to this


    My heart to which he says proved the building on the Sas mercy on those who built edifice that is destabilizing entity does not split them Cheph submit it from replaced Abu face went Bo Tntin large neighbors along what is Ayesh Aer received the magic of the eyes of his looks tell the lover I am tired with you , I understand you to be yourself and you heavy from the mind understood - Yama solution flies away from the bastards in two nights exhilarates every Sari With rude Sirait leader Khater Tur, Ezz and Jalalabad from splitting part quipped in the presentation of the Gary your love in my heart the cane Lindsay Lohan

  42. 42

    Man her assistants should make 6 figures, she is a huge handful. And isn't this like the second time one has fallen on a sword for her. Didn't she blame the last one for stealing the jewelry?? She needs to sit down. Go to school Lindsay, go have a regular life for a little while. Because you're going to kill yourself trying to live this one.

  43. sue says – reply to this


    alcohol is legal