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The Trucker Lindsay Hit Was Bankrupt In 2011!

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And the plot thickens…

While Lindsay Lohan could be in a whole new heap of trouble for lying to police and claiming she wasn't behind the wheel of her rented Porsche when it crashed into an 18-wheeler last week on the PCH, the trucker himself James Johnson, has already hired an attorney to take legal action against the troubled actress…but his intentions for doing so may not be entirely truthful, either!

According to court documents from February 2011, he was forced to file bankruptcy, as his company JJ's Trucking was $57,000 in debt, and at the time, he only had $80 in cash, furniture worth $3500 and owed $10,000 on his Ford F150 truck!


Clearly, someone has a reason to want to ca$h in on the circumstances in which he's found himself, given his recent - if not current - financial state!

But then again, Lindsay is obviously not innocent either, so it's hard to sympathize with everyone who takes advantage of her when she keeps putting herself in these RIDICULOUS scenarios.

Stay tuned, we're sure this one will be getting VERY inneresting real soon.

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20 comments to “The Trucker Lindsay Hit Was Bankrupt In 2011!”

  1. Veritas says – reply to this


    So what if he declared bankruptcy in 2011? Welcome to the American economy. Why are you so obviously biased towards Lohan? If you're going to be taking money to post biased stories, at least try not to make it so transparent.

  2. 2

    Whether he filed for bankruptcy or not, he was the victim. If the average joe was driving the car that plowed into him, he would sue, so what difference does it make that it was Lindsay Lohan? She was at fault. She was speeding. She hit him. She also lied about it. She tried to leave the scene of the accident. Again, she was at fault. He has every right to sue her to recover his losses. Period. Stop making her the victim of this. He is not the one at fault!

  3. 3

    Whoever hires her should be fired on the spot. This story does not change this fact.

  4. krkkrieger says – reply to this


    When rear end accidents happen, the person at fault is almost always the person behind. For you to drag up this man's financial hardships at a time when almost everyone in the country is having a hard time & embarass him because some pseudo celebrity who has been given every opportunity to have success in her life just did something to make his life harder is shameful. He is a trucker and she did just rear end his business, didn't she?

  5. 5

    You should try to find out if he supports gay marriage. If he doesn't, you can claim he's obviously guilty since Lohan support gay marriage.

  6. 6

    Bankrupt? I know this is hard to believe right now, but families are broke! My husband and I together have two jobs and going back to school. Guess what? It still is not enough these days. In the real world people do go bankrupt! What does that have to do with this guy's character?

  7. Betty says – reply to this


    This is verging on libel. Watch your wording and insinuation.

  8. 8

    I never thought you'd be so dense Perez. And I usually support you. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, no one can EVER file for bankruptcy just in case they might at some point in life cross paths with BloHan? That man filed for bankruptcy a year ago and then started waiting, very patiently I might add, for the chance to screw Lindsay? THE MAN WAS STILL WORKING in spite of the bankruptcy. HE IS THE VICTIM, not her. She should be IN JAIL.

  9. 9

    Her fingernails look gross

  10. 10

    Here's the official police statement regarding the accident:

    Looks like the "Lindsay lied" is bogus.

  11. 11

    So? How is this even remotely relevant to the crash and Lohan's lies? Is there a reason you're trying to make the trucker look like he's up to no good? You do understand what slander and defamation of character is, don't you? The truck driver isn't the one in the wrong here. Lindsay Lohan is. She always is. I suggest you back the fuck off, Perez, and stop trying to blacken this man's reputation with your smarmy, bullying ways. Where's your positivity now, asshole?

  12. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    How does that woman have a driver licence ?
    She needs to be put back in prison, she really is a danger to society
    The fact that the truck driver filed for bankruptcy last year, has NOTHING to do with this case
    Grant Bowler one of the best actors out there must be cursing his agent for ever getting him involved with doing a film with Loco Lindsay

  13. 13

    His financial situation is totally irrelevant. His claim that he is injured is highly suspect, but none of it changes the facts about who caused the accident. Regardless of what he says, Lindsay still has to be held accountable for her actions.

  14. 14

    just because he filed for bankruptcy doesn't make him 'shady' or a liar.

  15. saff says – reply to this


    I really can't help but feel that he can't be 100% honest here. If it was anyone other then Lohan I bet people wouldn't be so quick to defend him. I mean he's trying to sue for injuries, how on earth could he have gotten injured in an 18 wheeler? If Lohan wasn't even injured then I doubt he was. She won't get off lightly, and good, because she acted like an idiot. But that doesn't mean he's not a liar and it doesn't mean he won't try to screw her over for money because he's broke.

  16. Zip says – reply to this


    So, what! He went bankrupt–and??? You can be bankrupt and a victim of a car accident, BTW, that doesn't make you a criminal. Lindsey was in jail in 2011, correct? Let's weigh the two facts before a jury…and the fact that she lied to the police about who was driving the car, and there was a water bottle full of booze in the trunk, etc. She also claimed that the driver cut her off, and that looks to be a lie also. Her lawyers had better stop pissing-off the truck driver and his lawyers with their spin campaign against him. They need to apologize and settle.

  17. TruckerGuns says – reply to this


    So what if he filed for BK. Did that come into play by the insurance companies? The financial troubles of a person has absolutely nothing to do with this incident. Looks like dumb & dumber has a 3rd partner. This reflects typical Hollywood idiots doing what they can to get around taking responsibility for their dumb-shit actions and trying to clean up other people's back yards at the same time. No wonder LL can't drive worth crap… She (and the writer of this article) clearly does not have her head in the sand, BECAUSE SHE HAS NO HEAD TO BEGIN WITH… gal…

  18. 18

    None of you guys are getting the point, if you get your truck slammed in and has damages (MINIMAL ones mind you) wouldn't you just ask for the truck to be fixed and that's it?? why is he trying to get extra money for his non-existent injuries? i saw the idiot giving an interview the same day it happened, nothing was wrong with him. Yes Lindsay is in the wrong, but he's also trying to juice her out for every penny…

  19. Zip says – reply to this


    Re: tiffani87 – : I'm really sorry to hear that. Hang in there. People say that when you flip a coin, it usually turns-up heads–however, it has been pointed-out…that although it may turn-up heads 65 percent of the time, well, should you keep on flipping the coin, things will balance-out, and tails will eventually come-up 50 percent of the time, meaning, your fortunes will turn-around, and things will be good again for you and your family–just you and your husband keep supporting each other, that is the key to surviving this crisis. God bless:)))

  20. 20

    Re: La Garse – La Garse, I do not usually agree with most of your comments but I am 100% behind you on this one. Maybe Perez is taking money from the Lohan family to downplay their incidents? I also do not know why he turned the comments off on two big stories, Octomom and the guy in Texas who killed the man who was molesting his daughter. Thought Perez wanted to get lots of hits?