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So Much For Freedom Of Effing Speech!

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Get a load of this BLEEP!

Lawmakers in Middlebourough, MA are considering new legislature to take away your Constitutional right to swear in public!!

Local law makers will vote on a proposal Monday to make a public potty-mouth a fineable offense.

We think swearing is as tacky as the next person, but isn't this a bit excessive??

Your grocery bag rips and a dozen eggs smash on the ground! Ain’t that some BLEEP?!

Whoops! Throw twenty bucks in the town cookie jar!

The Celtics blew a double-digit lead and lost Game Seven!? Pathetic. BLEEPING pathetic!

Uh-oh! There goes another Andrew Jackson!!

This seems unnecessary and could prove difficult to enforce!

Which words would be banned? Do crotchety grandparents get exceptions?

What do U think? Is Middleborough out of their BLEEPING minds? making the right call??

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “So Much For Freedom Of Effing Speech!”

  1. 1

    here is already illegal my sister said eff word the cops heard her she got a 50 dollar fine and locked in the slammer she got let off by the judge the next day..

  2. 2

    Republicans have nothing better to do than to bring the country back to turn of the 17th century.

  3. 3

    Places like that where the leftist has control, they could care less about the constitution

  4. 4

    I'm less confused about the law and more confused as to why you attached a picture of Ben and Violet Affleck to this story…

  5. 5

    Re: adg100 – actually i think it's the democrats doing it, sorry son!

  6. 6

    Says the one who complains and chastises everybody you catch saying "f**got". When that word was used in Horrible Bosses, you said they should find another word to use, and then asked if that word should ever be used.
    Anyways, I think that this seems pretty stupid, dont the cops have better things to do with their time?

  7. 7

    It's funny, you flip your shit over this..But if they were proposing a bill to make saying words like "fa#4ot" a fineable expense you would be going "yay yay yay! equality!"

    It's not a one way street, you can't be in favor of making a specific word that is used to insult only your group of people and then turn around and be against a curse word.

  8. 8

    Re: adg100 – actually republicans are generally the ones that like to hold onto your rights. Like the right to bear arms, free speech,etc.

    Keep in mind, puppy sale bans, fur sale bans, underage tanning bans, outdoor smoking ban in NY, big gulp soda ban have been started by democrats…

  9. 9

    This example has nothing to do with the First Amendment. The first amendment doesn't give anyone the right to say whatever they want, whenever they want or however they want, ie: it's illegal to slander, it's illegal to falsely & knowingly shout "FIRE!" in a crowded public area, it's illegal to verbally threaten someone's life, it's illegal to say you've planted a bomb, etc. None of these are covered by freedom of speech and neither is swearing. That's not to say this proposal is a good idea or not but simply that you can't use the "freedom of speech" routine as a way to attack the proposal.

  10. 10

    Why do you have a picture of Ben Affleck and his daughter?

  11. 11

    What does Ben Affleck and his daughter have to do with this article /subject ? I know that for some reason you have not liked this family for a long time but this is just ridiculous. You are a liar. You are still a bully. Someday all of this is going to come back to you big time. I can't wait.

  12. Bree says – reply to this


    I dunno. I don't think this is a terrible idea. Yeah, people have the right to free speech, but I should also have the right to walk down the street without having my ears assaulted by profanities. I think it's absolutely revolting when people swear incessantly. Especially when there are little kids around.

  13. 13

    Probably they do not have too much things to do.By the way Fu&¨%# you!

  14. 14

    LMAO! I guess it's a good way for Middlebourough, MA to make tons of money in fines. Who doesn't swear? I've even heard Catholic priests cuss up a storm! LOL

    Seriously though, enough is enough. American citizens aren't allowed much freedom nowadays with all the bills getting passed such as the tax on soda, fast food, cigarettes, etc. We know these things aren't good for any of us, but whatever happened to "the right to pursue happiness?" America is starting to become an oppressive government. Isn't that the reason we fought in WW2 and so many other wars - to rid the world of dictators such as Adolph Hilter? Where and when will it end?

  15. 15

    Re: adg100 – adg100, you are an ignoramus. I have so many thoughts running through my head regarding what I wish that I could say to you face to face. It would be so joyous to see what such a dumb internet person actually looks like. A boy can dream…. Oops! I prolly shouldn't talk about "boys" around heterophobic child pornographer Mario Hilton.

  16. Staci says – reply to this


    It's been illegal to swear on Virginia Beach for years…

  17. 17

    Re: forcechild – Problem is, liberals have their heads shoved so far up their ass they are all for it. Cities and states like NY and California are filled with health nut, overly politically correct twats and feminists. Men get boned, no one notices. They unfairly tax cigs, then do an outdoor smoking ban, now they are banning sodas..Exactly, when and where will it end. No one gives a fuck about people getting their rights stripped away because if you're a health nut you go "yay government lets dictate what people can and cannot put into their own bodies, and take away their RIGHT TO CHOOSE"..Same with smokers, no one smokes, but I still have to pay 5 bucks a pack of smokes even though the supply outweighs the demand, so i should realistically be paying like 2.50..No one cares.

  18. 18

    They're just words. It's ridiculous.

  19. 19

    Ben Affleck is from Boston. Which is in Massachusetts. It's just a picture.

  20. Lynz says – reply to this


    99% of the comments i see on here are from idiots.. go fuck yourselves :)

  21. FarmGal says – reply to this


    I actually can see the validity in this. Never thought I'd say that, but last week I was sitting outside a Subway with my three year old daughter and a couple that worked at the Five Guys next door came out of work and stood directly behind my daughter yelling explatives at the top of their lungs. It went on for over five minutes. They were angry at something their boss had done. I asked them politely if they would lower their voices or step away from my daughter and the woman yelled called me a "C*&T" and told me to mind my own MFing business. It was ridiculous and completely inappropriate. My daughter did not need those words yelled over her head.

  22. Splooie says – reply to this


    Re: Bree – No Bree… you shouldn't have that right. You don't have the right to not be offended. If you are never offended then you're not in a free society. Deal with the fact that the world is gonna be unpleasant sometimes you baby. This is a precedent being set that could only end badly. What if this town suddenly decides that political speech offends people? What if they say, "I should have the right to walk down the street without having to hear people arguing about politics…or religion…or whatever."

  23. Splooie says – reply to this


    Re: FarmGal – I'm sorry, Farmgal, but your daughter not hearing profanities means nothing in the scope of free speech. So because you are a lazy parent who can't explain to your kid that some people use profanities when they're angry, nobody should have the right to speak freely? Such arrogance on your part to think that the whole country should bend and change for your comfort.

  24. 24

    Re: NookiesWA – You're an idiot! You can put all that poison in your lungs if you wish, but I don't smoke, cigarette smoke bothers me and it's been proven to be unhealthy to inhale second hand smoke. So if you want to slowly kill yourself go ahead, but you're not taking me down with you. It's idiotic to compare the two.

  25. 25

    Re: FarmGal – Then buy earmuffs for your kid when you take her out. The world is an imperfect place you can't always protect them from hearing things that are unpleasant. We all have the right to express ourselves in whatever way we choose. I don't have children and that's my choice, I'm not going to suddenly change myself to accommodate to your values.

  26. Sarah says – reply to this


    I live here, and though I didn't go to the town meeting, I'm so for this law.
    And it has nothing to do with freedom of speech… Freedom of speech doesn't protect profanity. The law is mostly geared toward teenagers who don't think twice about walking uptown yelling the f-word.
    I swear A LOT, but there's a time and place for it… you don't just yell swears in public for everyone to hear.

  27. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Meggie246524

    YES! I wish people would realize this.

  28. 28

    Re: Pinky_love – An outdoor smoking ban, in a park..

    If you're in a major city, the amount of pollution you're inhaling is far more bad for you than second hand smoke. When people refer to second hand smoke they mean being in a confined space. Chances are, you consume shit thats just as bad as cig smoke. Run along to mcdonalds.