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Casey Anthony Emerges From The Depths! Denies Killing Her Daughter!

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And who better to break silence with than snarky-sassy British news personality, Piers Morgan!?

The slippery eel that is Casey Anthony surfaced from wherever she was gestating and chatted with Piers about life as a free woman.

Casey expressed:

"Obviously, I didn't kill my daughter Caylee. If anything, there's nothing in this world l've ever been more proud of, and there's no one I loved more than my daughter, she's my greatest accomplishment.

I'm ashamed in many ways of the person that I was… Even then, that wasn't who I am."I'm 26 now, and I've gone through hell”

Casey also claimed that her party girl image is a false representation, and that she is not trying to cash in on her ill-gotten fame. According to her attorny, she’s just been chilling, reading The Hunger Games like any good American, and watching I Love Lucy reruns…

Whatever Casey. Go back to that hole you’ve been hiding in and please do not resurface. Thanks!

[Image via AP Images.]

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25 comments to “Casey Anthony Emerges From The Depths! Denies Killing Her Daughter!”

  1. 1

    "Whatever Casey. Go back to that hole you’ve been hiding in and please do not resurface." She was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. Since you're such an advocate of rights, then you're going to have to STFU because she went through our justice system. That you don't like the outcome is meaningless. You have to RESPECT the system and recognize that Casey Anthony has the same rights that you do, which includes a life outside of where she's had to hide because assholes like you refuse to stop spewing hate. You are a bully, Mario(n). Do I think she is guilty? Yes. But I'm adult enough to recognize that even if I disagree with the verdict, it is what it is. You need to grow the fuck up and stop being such a bullying hater, Perez. Try practicing what you preach, ass clown.

  2. westilah says – reply to this


    Why can't he believe she wasn't charged for a reason? Sure she was a crap mother from the sounds of things, but there is a chance she didn't kill her right?

  3. 3

    Casey is very seriously mentally ill; someone else took advantage of Casey & murdered her little girl…..

    Where's Caylee's father?

  4. 4

    I'm not sure she knows what 'obviously' means. Yeah, she obviously didn't kill her daughter, and OJ obviously didn't kill his ex, and MJ obviously didn't mess with little boys. Some people get away with crap, and some people get wrongful convictions. The system is not perfect, but it is better than most.

  5. 5

    She's such a psycho that she's convinced herself that she didn't do it and she really believes it. She obviously did do it because no one else had anything to gain or had any motive and no one fakes a drowning and doesn't call 911. George? It wasn't him, please.

  6. 6

    Seeing how many budding careers Perez has killed, he's really got no room to talk. A friend of mine told me recently that he would never want to be famous or successful in the entertainment industry, so I told him to get featured by Perez Hilton.

  7. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: La Garse – Yep and OJ didn't kill his ex-wife.The jury system ain't perfect and a good lawyer can hide most anything.Plus if you don't like Perez get off his site.

  8. MANDY says – reply to this


    Yeah you were so proud thats why you told no one she was missing for a month. When I was little I went missing for an hour and my mother had the whole blovk looking for me, when you TRULY love your kid you look when they go missing you slim ball.

  9. Maryam says – reply to this


    And the world ovbiously wants you to go die in a hole. Eff off!

  10. 10

    I have no doubt that this narcissistic freak of a human murdered her child. I also have no doubt that she has convinced herself that she didn't. For the record, she claims that child was her "greatest accomplishment." What great accomplishment is spreading your legs and getting pregnant? Mongrel dogs get pregnant all the time.

  11. 11

    She did not know who the father was, which doesn't make you the devil but it doesn't mean you accomplished anything?

  12. 12


    Double jeopardy is subject the dual sovereignty doctrine. It states that a person can be tried for the same crime twice if he or she is being tried by more than one distinct, sovereign government. A person can be tried by the federal government and by a state government for the same crime. Both entities are distinctly sovereign units that have their own sets of laws and their power derived from different sets of people.

    The petition addresses the DOJ policy that guides them in deciding whether or not to bring federal charges against someone after a person has already been tried by a state.

    Or go to change.org and search for BREUER

  13. 13

    She didn't seem to care too much about who did kill her daughter.

  14. hoosier momma says – reply to this


    i didnt even read what that crazy heifer had to say. why anyone would waste their time interviewing her or reading/watching what she has to say is behond me. she is a cold blooded murder. She needs to wipe that s**t eating grin off her face! She might have fooled the jury into letting her off scott free but the good lord above knows exactly what she did.

  15. 15

    Perez if u want her to go away the dumbest thing u could do is post about her on this website…..idiot

  16. stephy says – reply to this


    Re: La Garse – - wow. as mature as you tried to sound, you were spewing quite a bit of hate right at perez. but nice try. this is a blog. lots of perez's personal opinions are on here. we are all entitled to an opinion, am i right? he's not CNN. he's not BBC. he doesn't have to present facts or be impartial. if you don't like it, don't go on his site. especially if all YOU are going to do is spread your venom and hate. seriously. if it bugs you, why don't you just LEAVE THE SITE instead of posting a hateful comment like that? (and why must people use foul language all the time? how childish!!)

  17. 17

    Stop glorifying her with all these posts about her.
    She's a crazy sick bitch !

  18. 18

    Perez, PLEASE don't cover her story or print her pictures any longer. It gives her attention and ANY attention is bad for this troll. Set yourself apart from the rest of the media and don't give this moron one more second of attention (positive or negative) just ignore her. She's not worth reading about in any way. let her continue to leave a mediocre life with nothing but negativity and strife as she deserves.

  19. 19

    LIAR! Hurry and just kill yourself, you murdering whore!

  20. Whoa says – reply to this


    Shame on CNN for having her on the show. As for Piers he is just a talking head and not a very good one at that. People need to stop feeding the animals like Casey. She isn't getting an education or doing something productive with her life, she thinks she's a celeb now. Disgusting!!!

  21. 21

    why are people saying there is a chance she didn't kill her child?! ARE YOU PEOPLE STUPID!? he doesn't have to respect the system when the system is CLEARLY wrong.

  22. 22

    How is she supporting herself without work?

  23. kate says – reply to this


    Who contacted who? Was she contacted by Piers or did she contact him? And, she said nothing that she hasn't said a million times before. She is a headline seeking, liar and murder. Did Piers think he got any truth from her. Puleez, why all the commotion. She talked about me, me, me (very concerned that it was reported that she has gained weight). I guess because she hasn't been in news lately, she had to find a way to get back in. Don't you get it Casey, no one cares. You are nothing but a butt ugly, lying slut.

  24. 24

    Proud of what??? That she pawned her kid off to her folks while she was a jobless lying lazing sack of shit. Yeah that quite an accomplishment! I hope this bitch gets hits by a meteor.

  25. Cate Ellington says – reply to this


    La Garse, La Garse, La Garse. You are as transparent as glass. To be filled with this much hate toward Mario about his dislike and irritation with the surfacing of this liar and narcissist - willing to throw whomever under the bus- known as Casey Anthony, AND THEN TRY and recover by saying you think she is guilty, is just OBVIOUS as hell that you either are the despicable creature known as Casey Anthony or you are her mother, brother or boyfriend or someone she has wrapped around her little manipulative fingers. People that believe this woman is guilty do NOT come unglued when others who think like they do speak their mind. Only those who are desperate for Casey to be able to cash in on her story and want her to be able to be seen as poor, poor widdle Casey Anthony would vent the rage you just did!