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Listen Up, Haters! Cheryl Cole Knows She's Not Mariah Carey, And She Isn't Apologizing For It!

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This is EXACTLY why we adore Cheryl Cole!

Love her or leave her, she is 100% her, through and through!

And NO ONE is going to change that!

After coming under fire for her vocal abilities during her recent Diamond Jubilee performance, the singer has lashed back, and claims she has never pretended to be Mariah Carey!

She explains:

"I am very aware of my ability, I know I'm no Mariah Carey but I think the emotion in the song is what matters. It's making people feel what you're singing about. My new album is designed to entertain and I know when I take to the stage and I see a million little lights it really is game time. I've grown as a person and an artist - you can hear that in my music. I feel brand new. I'm bullet proof. I feel as hard as the times I've had but I think everything happens for a reason, even if you can't always say what that reason is. On the first album I was really nervous after seven years with Girls Aloud. I had to step forward on my own and prove myself. Now I have had two number one albums so I feel I know what I'm doing. I fit into my own shoes now and I'm simply not worried anymore."

Good for you, gurl! You have NOTHING to apologize for!

There are A LOT of facets that go into being a superstar, and despite your not having as expansive a vocal range as some of your contemporaries, there is NO question that you are a born entertainer, and a supremely talented one at that!

Let the haters hate! Because at the end of the day, you're still a successful recording artist, and all they've got is negativity!

So sad!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Listen Up, Haters! Cheryl Cole Knows She's Not Mariah Carey, And She Isn't Apologizing For It!”

  1. 1

    There is a whole lot of empty space between the caliber of Mariah Carey and the performance she gave for the Queen's jubilee. I'm sure no one expected Mariah Carey, but it is not too much to expect her to sing in tune. Emotion does matter, but not to the point that a total lack of technical skill is forgiven. I think she does have something to apologize for - a crappy performance. She is a professional who was honored with the opportunity to sing at the Jubilee, she should have apologized for not being at her best. (at least I hope that wasn't her best)

  2. 2

    Furthermore, it is not hateful to tell the truth. Are we supposed to say it was wonderful? How about we tell people their performance was wonderful when it really was wonderful.

  3. 3

    Is that a compliment?! Lol

  4. 4

    i like it better when her voice is drowned out by Nadine and Nicola…..shes better to look at than to listen to but i still like her music..just not live

  5. Really?! says – reply to this


    Right… because as a professional singer, why should she be able to sing well? I love Perez, but I really wish we could go back to celebrity gossip and stop having the likes of Cheryl Cole, Kat Graham, and Karmin shoved down our throats anytime I open this site.

  6. 6

    Go back to your Jubilee post douchebag as see what you said about her performance. You were pretty critical. Then again, you're a two-faced bottom feeder.

  7. 7

    First, she has a very nice voice that i love to listen to…i believe her when she sings! Second, there is much more to being a MEGASTAR then the singing. Lots of people have amazing voices but that doesnt mean you want to watch them in concert or anything. Thirdly, she never has pretended to have a HUGE voice so what is everyones problom?

  8. Reality checker says – reply to this


    Re: Shoosha – Why are you just repeating what the article said? Absolutely clueless…you can't even think of your own opinion, typical.

  9. chipper says – reply to this


    This from the woman who told us to forgive chris brown? This from the woman who cannot sing one note in tune? This from a woman who has the audacity to charge her cash strapped young teenage fans $540 for a meet and greet at her upcoming tour? I'd have more respect for the rabbits her beauty products are tested on

  10. 10

    "haters gonna hate"….Lol fucking lol. HGH is right up there with "they're just jealous!" Pathetic attempts to shrug it off because you don't want to accept the truth. I do not think she is a talented entertainer. She is a good dancer. But as we see from talent shows; being a good dancer does not make you a "superstar". So why should Chezza be a star? What are her talents?