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Feds Drop Case Against John Edwards!

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Edwards Dropped

Well, you gave it a good shot, Feds!

Federal prosecutors have dropped the remaining criminal charges against John Edwards.

He was acquitted last month on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions. There was a deadlocked on five other felony counts, which meant those charges resulted in an infuriating mistrial.

Edwards was accused of using about $1 million in secret payments from two wealthy political donors to hide his pregnant mistress — which was suuuuper shady!

Here's what the prosecutors said:

"Last month, the government put forward its best case against Mr. Edwards. The jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict on five of the six counts of the indictment, however, and we respect their judgment. In the interest of justice, we have decided not to retry Mr. Edwards on those counts."

Too bad they went to trial with such a weak case!

You dodged this one, Edwards! We hope that'll change your ways!

You can go back to being a sketchy psychic!

Wait, that's John Edward? Oops.


[Image via AP Images.]

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4 comments to “Feds Drop Case Against John Edwards!”

  1. 1

    Woo-Hoo! Let's hear it for the law breaker. Mr. Breck squeezed money out of an elderly patron, too old to testify in court, to support his out of wedlock child and her mother. Disgusting. Dignity, morality and doing right by your fellow humans are gone from our justice system. Elizabeth: You will see justice. Karma is a bitch and John will face it sooner or later. So, John was flirting with a juror? Is it time to eliminate the jury system? Casey Anthony, anyone?

  2. fitzzz says – reply to this


    The Justice Dept sucks,
    If they couldn't get this weasel on one thing, they sure as ell could have gotten him on another
    Since he claimed the Bunny money was a gift, not a political contribution,they could have nailed his ass for tax evasionYou can be sure he never paid the tax on the million plus gift

  3. jk says – reply to this


    They couldnt nail him for what he didnt do . His so called buddy and his wofe stole mjist of that money that they got from thge rich fo9olks and built themselves a multi millon dollar house and they are the ones that broke the law. The DA wanted to nail him for adultry and used a pack of lies to try to convict and firtunately the jurors saw thru this farce. JE is notresponsible for all you hitter morons out there who have been cheated on ..he paid his dues and his marriage was his business and nhot yours or the DA's.Mind your own business and ont use the tax payers money to try to nail someone because they cheated on their wife. Elizabeth already had her revenge and I think it is "revenge is mine sayeth the Lord". Once again the bbible thumpers are trying to be God and punish someone for something that once again is None Of their BUSINESS..JE was not the one filrting it also was with a alternate juror that SHE was filrting with him..get is right you haters.

  4. jk says – reply to this


    Re: fitzzzRe: fitzzz

    READ the newsw and pay attention..Edwards neer got that money..his AIDE and the wife got that money and used most of it for their new hom,e..they took money from an old wmans and used it to build themselves a 2 million dollar house, See it is people loike you and the DA trying make make a name for him self that use the justicfe system. Not Edwardds. Yea he cheated BFD and so you morons like the DA wanted him tried for it but alas they couldnt get him for adultry so they got these trupmed up charges. I know people who wnt the aide and hios wife charged with Perjury and theft and miduse of funds. They belong in jail not edwards..he never got a cent of that money and he has not filed his taxes yet and why should he claim money he never received?? What he did was wrong he cheated but you have no idea what his marriage was like and it is none of your business. Clean your own door step before you get on your bible and ride thru the woods..your bible doesnt count ..only the law and the DA broke the law by trumped up evidence..he lost LOL the law works