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Madonna's Gone Wild! Moons Audience In Rome!

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Her Madgesty is at it again!

If you thought Madonna flashing some nip in Istanbul last week was risqué, then just wait until you see her full moon in Rome last night!

Yes, the 53-year-old pop queen treated her fans to quite a nice view on stage last night when she pulled down her pants during Human Nature and bared her Madgical cheeks!

Check out the video (above) for the sight to be seen! LOLz!

Hey! If you got it, flaunt it!!! Madge definitely looks phenomenal for her age…and arguably even looks better than most women MUCH younger!

Wonder what she'll choose to show off at her next show…ha!

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62 comments to “Madonna's Gone Wild! Moons Audience In Rome!”

  1. isak says – reply to this



  2. 2

    i work with so many ugly bitches and some of them are 30 , 32, and they look like shit 1 of them have a nasty huge ass . i much rather fuck a madonna 53 than a fucking ugly bitch like that. lets face it haters madonna looks way better than most of you

  3. Cat says – reply to this


    Hardly mooning when you're wearing underwear. What's with the 'No Fear' on her back?

  4. 4

    Oh Madonna aren't you avant-garde! Because no other performer has ever flashed or mooned their audience. Pathetic attempt to make yourself relevant. Time to grow up and get your AARP card!

  5. 5

    She's so pretty! I love her!

  6. 6

    The last performer I saw moon the audience was Ozzy Effing Osbourne. Congratulations MadDonna, you're as daft as that old coot.

  7. Parker says – reply to this


    She's so desperate for attention and relevancy it's sad.

  8. 8

    Madonna does look great at 53, but I don't understand why she feels the need to try so hard. There comes a point where it no longer is amusing, just desperate!

  9. 9

    Love you, Madonna. Ga Ga's comments to the press are pathetic and indicate serious insecurity. Ga Ga, your self doubt is wearing on you. So sad. You want to be the ruling B*tch but you come off like a frightened puppy. BTW, your lip sinking was exposed when you were bumped with a pole. Concussion? You are such a liar. You were tapped.

  10. cari says – reply to this


    Madonna has to continue doing stunts in order to distract you from the fact that she can't sing and her choreography sucks. She is and always has been like an immature teenager. Proof as they say that 'money can't buy you class'. She'll never be remembered for that.

  11. 11

    By the time this tour is over Madonna will have shown off everything besides musical talent.

  12. 12

    <b>She would look better if she had some meat on her bones. All I see is bones.

  13. 13

    ahaha shes literely sayng "u can kiss my ass" after açç the scandal all over the boob now she says kiss my ass.lolol i love her. her face is priceless. "here im going 2lolol omg and what a nice ASSSSS

  14. 14

    shes so sexy

  15. 15

    I think Madonna is a coward: she doesn't dare to do this in the States…

  16. 16

    Nothing sadder than an over the heel slut trying to drum up more business for her dying career. For all the shock and awe of this incredibly talentless fool, Madonna remains a 3rd class carnival act that even Barnum & Bailey would not be interested in entertaining their worst allies. Please you sad relic go the way of your movies and spare the people anymore of your desperate antics.

  17. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Wow…this is pretty pathetic. The only way her show is getting attention is when she exposes a part of her 54-year old sagging body. Yikes ! Not the dazzling producton values..not the dancing…not even the music ! Either her old sagging smelly tits, or her old sagging smelly ass ! Sad….so sad. She is the ULTIMATE WHORE. Does she not even care about her children … ? I mean, to do this in one's 20s is kinda O.K., but at HER AGE …. ? Someone really oughta call Children's Protective Services on this OLD SKANK…Just say'n…..

  18. WorldP says – reply to this


    Re: isak
    Really? One of a kind? Didn't Cher do that already like 20 years ago?

  19. 19

    good thing granny was wearing a body stocking to hide some if that wrinkled skin

  20. 20

    "during Human Nature and bared her Madgical cheeks!" another case of misleading info/lies from PEEREX. underwear and fishnet stockings is NOT "bare" nor does it qualify as a "moon"

  21. leonard says – reply to this


    The Old Bitch never could sing a good note, so guess she's doing the next best thing! Showing her old ass!1

  22. 22

    see when ur 20 its cute when ur 30 its like oh ok bit of fun when ur 40 its desperate for attention when ur 50 its the asylum trolley is outside..

    enough already shes shown the titzs the ass whats left madges vadge.. comonnnnnnnn

    and im a fan …but i recall her antics and how she has to get attention doing weird things but this is getting off the charts and reeking of desperation just do the show

  23. 23

    Re: Chanbo – You are correct. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  24. Wild says – reply to this


    Madonna EXPRESS YOUR, DON'T REPRESS YOURSELF! Madonna you are so nutty, but that why you are so much cooler than other singers! Nutty nutty girl!

  25. COOL says – reply to this


    Re: WorldP – Of course Madonna's one of a kind, Cher did this when she was younger, that why Madonna's SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26

    MDNA is out the chart after ONLY 8 WEEKS OF ITS RELEASE = massive flop
    MDNA is out the chart after ONLY 8 WEEKS OF ITS RELEASE = massive flop
    MDNA is out the chart after ONLY 8 WEEKS OF ITS RELEASE = massive flop
    MDNA is out the chart after ONLY 8 WEEKS OF ITS RELEASE = massive flop
    MDNA is out the chart after ONLY 8 WEEKS OF ITS RELEASE = massive flop

  27. 27

    the 53 year old hag’s latest album is now available on Amazon for all of $0.41. Yes you read correct:
    the 53 year old hag’s latest album is now available on Amazon for all of $0.41
    the 53 year old hag’s latest album is now available on Amazon for all of $0.41
    the 53 year old hag’s latest album is now available on Amazon for all of $0.41
    the 53 year old hag’s latest album is now available on Amazon for all of $0.41

  28. 28

    save me people !!!!!! MDNA is flopping so hard
    it's OUT the chart now

  29. 29

    Mafloppa You're done, no talent, and too old.
    Stop embarassing yourself granny
    She's got no fans except perez of course and other 50 year olds because that's when she came out in the 80's more like the dinosaur age. Time for her to retire!

  30. 30

    she is perfomring the VAST majority of her concerts ouside the U.S.
    she performing in THIRD WORLD ONLY LOLZZZZZZZ
    She sucks Madge the Vadge is horrible

  31. 31

    her album + singels+ tour BOMBED

  32. 32

    born this way sold 7 million copies world wide
    MDNA sold only 600 k
    queen of flopsssssssss

  33. 33

    hagdonna can't sing or dance has no talent
    she uses her wrinkled old sagging body for attention because she's irrelevant since 1989
    Wow…this is pretty pathetic.

  34. 34

    Re: Parker
    yes you're right
    this old has been will use her dirty vagina for attention lolzzzzzzz

  35. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Wow…her album really is doing poorly…I think the problem is that she is trying to eumulate other, current singers, when in the past she may have been the innovator. Sad, really. She really needs to retire, before she embarrasses herself, even more ! Just say'n ………….

  36. 36

    Re: madonna is shit – hey nut job!!! i tried finding the cd for 0.41 cents on amazon …nowhere to be found…stop hating u fucking waste of flesh….go finger ur dad or fuck ur sister cause u sound like a freak to me. COME PINGA!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    Re: Be-Atch – i'ms sure ur vigina is full of herpes…and ur lips are rotten with mold…people like u need to be punched in the throat with an open fist

  38. 38

    Re: madonna is shit – shut da fuck up, u make paople wanna hurl in ur face….waste of matter!!

  39. SARCO says – reply to this



  40. WorldP says – reply to this


    Re: COOL
    Not that much younger. And Cher's ass still looked a lot better. But I fail to see how it makes one cool. Maybe you're easily impressed, or your standards for what's cool is pretty low.

  41. 41

    Nice Buns Madonna!!! What an incredible body!!! This is for her fans first and foremost but with everything going to You Tube it's a smack in the face to her detractors. If people weren't so ageist Madonna wouldn't even feel the need to shove her body in their faces but they are….they are total pricks about her age regardless of the fact she can dance and exercise circles around those half her age. Keep it up Madonna!!

  42. 42

    M D N A.

  43. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She is SO pathetic….Guess her narcissim is kicking in, BIG TIME. Must be sad…now that she is older, her music is CRAP, AND she has no one in her life except kids she has adopted, and wind up with her against their wills …Just say'n…HagDonna is SO over ! ;(

  44. VirginMary says – reply to this


    I am so excited to see her next flash, she will expose her cock to all!!

  45. 45

    Do fishnet spanx exist,or is it all about the angle? In the pic with the cheerleader costume the ass was saggy. In this one she only exposed what is not sagging yet. What is the message here? I have no clue and I strongly suspect Madonna does not either.

  46. 46

    Madonna needs to be saved from herself, as she is clearly not thinking this through. Before further damage is done I propose an intervention and residential estrogen rehab.

  47. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    I dont know if you're all jealous haters or just really negative ppl… all you do is trash her age, call her desperate, say it's already been done, that you dont like her figure… why? she looks great for her age, desperate? how? she's selling major stadiums and arenas (and most of the concerts are on the US… so..not only the europeans care about her you know.. it's already been done? does everything has to be UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL?? hey Adele the nice voice has been done already, Justin Bieber the cute teen has been done already… fuck off and enjoy, and if you simply dont like her figure or her persona, why dont you just look away and keep your negativity and instead spread positivity on other posts of celebrities you do like

  48. Portishead says – reply to this


    Re: SaintThomas92
    This site wouldn't exist if all you saw were positive comments about celebrities. Not only that, it would be fuckin' boring. I like reading the negative comments. It counterbalances the kiss-ass comments and gives me hope for the human race that we're all not some shallow celebrity worshipers, which isn't any more healthy than being a celebrity trash-talker. Everyone has a right to dislike a certain celebrity. It only takes a few minutes out of someone's day to make a comment on here and move on.

  49. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    And, as always, HagDonna has seen more ceilings than MichaelAngelo…but not lately ! ;) Hag is a Hag !

  50. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    Re: Portishead – sure, funny you say you have hope in human race that we're not all celebrity worshippers…. yet you come and read celebrity news! wether it is to trash or not, you pay attention to them, it's not bad, it's human nature to be curious and sometimes a busybody, but I dont see trashing them any better than "worshiping them" (which is not necessarily what you by giving a compliment), I guess you have to be very bitter in life to see light in negativity and finding hope in trashing others… also I've been coming to this site for more than a year and the negative comments are not what keep bringing me back, is the funny news, so you dont have to trash to keep this site going… just saying, not even 50% of the ppl who come in everyday have an account nor they comment on the posts

  51. Portishead says – reply to this


    Re: SaintThomas92
    "sure, funny you say you have hope in human race that we're not all celebrity worshippers…. yet you come and read celebrity news!"
    Reading celebrity news isn't the same thing as being a celebrity worshiper. I read political news as well, but it doesn't mean I worship politicians.
    "but I dont see trashing them any better than "worshiping them"
    I never said it was. Actually I already mentioned that in my comment that being one isn't more healthy than the other. You did read that, right?
    "I guess you have to be very bitter in life to see light in negativity and finding hope in trashing others…"
    You guessed wrong. I happen to be very happy in life. I just have a different perspective in life, as do others. But isn't calling someone "bitter in life" or telling them to "fuck off" a little bit negative? Or those fanboy comments from others telling people who trash Madonna that "people like u need to be punched in the throat with an open fist?"
    "so you dont have to trash to keep this site going"
    I've been coming on here on and off for about 4 or 5 years, and you can't but notice ever since Perez decided he wanted to be a nice guy, and started getting paid by celebrities, that his readership has went down. Four years ago, this posting alone would have had about 5 times as many comments.

  52. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    Re: Portishead – you say it isn't any healthier, yet you say it gives you hope??! maybe what's not healthy is that perspective of life, also I never called you bitter, I stated you might be given that you get hope from reading people trashing other people… also I never said I defend those who resort to bullying or violence to defend an artist, they're as bad as those who trash, bullying is bullying no matter what direction it comes from. if you let me give you an advice, you seem like a strong person, but not everyone may be as strong as you are, and words are as strong as you let them be, have that in mind next time you defend bullying/trashing/however you wanna call it

  53. 53

    desperately seeking Madonna…wow, she must be so upset that these younger superstars like Gaga, Rihanna and Perry have outshone her. She is so desperate that all she has left to do is show her (yuck) body. …a trick that was soo 90s!

  54. Portishead says – reply to this


    Re: SaintThomas92
    "maybe what's not healthy is that perspective of life"
    It's kept me alive and healthy for all these years, so what's your point?
    "also I never called you bitter, I stated you might be given that you get hope from reading people trashing other people"
    I get hope that not everyone is so celebrity obsessed in this world that they don't think everything someone does is automatically great. I have hope that everyone is honest in their opinions about someone, especially when said celebrity is a making a fool out of themselves, and just don't say "nice things" just to be nice.
    "f you let me give you an advice,"
    Trust me! I don't need your advice.
    "have that in mind next time you defend bullying/trashing/however you wanna call it "
    Bullying? Oh, yes, the buzzword of the '10s. Everything now is bullying. Except the recipient of this "bullying," which would be Madonna, is probably not even reading this. But if you want to just read nice things void of trashing/bullying/however you want to call it, visit the Disney channel. It's pretty hypocritical on your part to visit this site when its reputation is known for the things you stand so against. But of course, you're speaking from a fanboy perspective, upset that the "hatred" is directed toward Madonna, and probably couldn't care less if these same comments were directed toward someone else.

  55. prometheus baal says – reply to this


    I thought that washed up singers started to get naked when their careers touched rock bottom. Like Lindsay. Madonna should've started in the mid 90's, not call it "art" and charge by the hour. Now is just another symptom of menopause, and therefore completely irrelevant.

  56. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    Re: Portishead – ok I couldnt even finish reading your last post… you're just like my little brother, everything is "NO NO NO NO!!" wow you're really annoying… and well since trashing gives you hope, you're SAD

  57. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    Re: SaintThomas92 – sorry it wasn't for you LOL it was for the sad Re: Portishead

  58. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    Re: SaintThomas92 – fuck I hate my laggin' laptop….

  59. Portishead says – reply to this


    Re: SaintThomas92
    So I'm annoying and sad, says the annoying little twat. For someone who doesn't like trashing, you're sure full of it. You're also full of shit. You're the one trying to argue a point you simply can't win. Face it, you're arguing a moot point. Complaining about negativity on Perez Hilton is like complaining about preaching in church. Your smug and self-righteous indignation isn't going to stop anyone from being negative on here either. So suck it up or stay off the site and visit some place a little more "happy" for your liking.

  60. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    Re: Portishead – LOL I also complain about preaching in church, yet 2 wrongs dont make 1 right :) if we didnt complain about what we feel is wrong we would still be in the dark ages, anyway sad ppl will always be there

  61. Portishead says – reply to this


    Re: SaintThomas92
    Maybe that's your problem…you complain too much. The Dark Ages reference made no sense in context to what we're discussing. Comparing complaining about negative feedback on PH to complaining about basic human rights and injustices throughout the centuries…yeah, that's really going to get us even more progressive once Perez Hilton becomes "negative free.." Thanks for that, Einstein! Perhaps we should start a movement for dimwit Madonna Stans who complain about negative comments about her…we'll really be moving forward then. Seriously..you can't make stupidity like yours up.

  62. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    Re: Portishead – while I was reading I couldnt believe how stupid you are! taking my dark ages refference only as if i meant to Perezhilton…. do you know what taking inspiration from means?? it's a retorical question, dont answer, if you're stupid enough that you can only trash and do nothing better with your life, that's sad, but dont pretend we are the problem when you are the one who needs help now… and this aint bullying, I'm just letting it all out for your good, so that you realise you need help :) have a good life and stop talking shit