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Paradise Found? Prometheus Sequel Named

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Charlize Theron Prometheus Still, Paradise Sequel


If you haven’t seen Prometheus, we sincerely recommend you bookmark this page and go watch it immediately!!

We don’t mind waiting.

Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott came clean recently about his intentions for a sequel.

The sci-fi hit that was equal parts action and philosophy AND it slaughtered so many of its main characters, we were honestly curious how he could approach it.

Worry not! The 74 year-old director has a plan.

He said:

"From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel… I really don't want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Noomi Rapace's character Dr Elizabeth Shaw] saying, 'I don't want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from'.”

Okay, but why name it Paradise?

He said:

"I'd love to explore where [Dr Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise cannot be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous."

We wish some other actors from the original could return but barring flashbacks, resurrections, or the emergence of identical twins — Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, and Guy Pearce will watch from the sidelines!!

Do U think Scott can pull a sequel off with just Noomi Rapace and robo-pal Michael Fassbender??

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Paradise Found? Prometheus Sequel Named”

  1. 1

    Too much has been released via the internet about the movie. No surprises. Why bother with wondering about the sequel then the first movie plot and ending are already revealed?

  2. jt99 says – reply to this


    wow 74 and still a director. I'm bowing down to the guy

  3. 3

    The movie was a HUGE BORE…don't waste your money or time on it. When I posted on FB that I went to see it and was disappointed, I got 4 comments all agreeing that it sucked. RPX & 3D didn't help either. Sorry.

  4. Zip says – reply to this


    Yes, this is good news, he should start filming it already.

  5. Zip says – reply to this


    Re: JackInMaine – : You know, I did see some extended clips of the film on Charlie Rose and it played badly?

  6. Bob says – reply to this


    For those of you who think Prometheus was terrible, perhaps this will open your mind:

  7. 7

    Prometheus is an intelligent movie for thinking people - not for dumbasses that just want lots of mindless action. There is a question among people that Charlize Theron's character was also an android so who knows, she may come back in SOME way… Prometheus gets better with repeat viewings - always discovering new gems.

  8. Hambone's Dad says – reply to this


    Why would he be able to pull off a sequel with Rapace and Fassbender when he couldn't even get the first one right? Worst movie since Phantom Menace.

  9. Hugo says – reply to this


    I think my friend Scott has an AVATAR-OVERDOSE. But on the back of my mind I know this great director must have something as amazing as Prometeus going on there. One doubt I have for Mr. Scott: How the heck is it Prometeus Saga with Alien Saga ??
    Hope billions of green reasons don't mess the whole idea behind Alien.

  10. Florian says – reply to this


    Re: JackInMaine – Well, you have 5 bad reviews in total, kudos to you :)

  11. Craig says – reply to this


    Charlize Theron could return, if they reveal that she is in fact an android or a clone, as many suspect.