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Bristol Palin Sued Over Bullsh*t Fight!

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Whomp whomp, Bristy! Whomp whomp indeed….

Remember when Bristol Palin got into a heated exchange with Talent Manager Stephen Hanks after gyrating on a mechanical bull at LA’s famous Saddle Ranch bar?

Well, Stephen sure does! And he is pissed that footage of the incident is being used on Bristol’s upcoming Lifetime reality show Life’s A Tripp - without his permission - AND that Bristol claimed the verbal fight was a major reason for her move back to Alaska…

So he’s slapping that a** with a defamation lawsuit!

The lawsuit states:

"Bristol Palin's conduct was outrageous… Bristol Palin first accused Plaintiff of 'being a homosexual' in a degrading manner in front of others … she then in a magazine article blamed Plaintiff for her decision to leave Los Angeles for Alaska even though she had purchased her home in Alaska … more than two months before the encounter."

Hanks filed the suit in Federal court because he’s asking for AT LEAST $75,000.

While we do think Americans are too sue-crazed and perhaps Mr. Hanks should just deal with his emotional distress sans legal action, we will say this:

Hey Bristol, honey, maybe you should learn to keep your ignorant mouth shut and focus on your family… cause you can’t defame someone if you don’t spout silly things for all the world to hear!

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47 comments to “Bristol Palin Sued Over Bullsh*t Fight!”

  1. Tiffany says – reply to this


    But it isn't ignorant for him to have PROUDLY called her mother a whore?

    Thought the bullying was over Perez? I guess it's ever the rage, along with hypocrisy.

  2. 2

    Good. I salute all people who bring any type of hardship to this horrible family. The Palins make George Bush look… cool.

  3. 3

    Didn't he start it all. Nothing would have occured if he wasn't trying to get on camera.

    Now he's suing? What a pu$$y

  4. Josh says – reply to this


    If you watch the video you see that this guy starts the fight by calling her mom a whore and bristol names first before bristol even steps in to defend her mom and herself…its really annoying to read posts like this that show no real research was done and that your own opinions and agenda change the story

  5. 5

    "Keep your ignorant mouth shut"? Um, sorry Perez, but why is it that you can voice your opinions but when she voices hers, you tell her to keep her ignorant mouth shut?

  6. 6

    Re: JoshRe: big_momma – What you see on video is all edited. Nothing is spontaneous on reality tv. They wanted a fight, so they made sure they got one. Goad some dumb ass and then start the cameras - it was all set up and edited to look like he started it. Is he an asshole for saying what he did? Yes. But that does not give her the right to air it.

  7. SaraMn123 says – reply to this


    Actually, to file in federal court he has to be suing for OVER 75K, not at least. If he tries suing for 75K even, he would get dismissed.

  8. christine says – reply to this


    Didnt all of this happen in Scottsdale, not LA?

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gawd is Bristol FUGLY…She was kinda really lucky to have f*cked that Levi dude…He was WAY above her sexy/hot score, which, in her case, was in the NEGATIVE range ! Woof !

  10. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    i bet if it was rihanna, or katy perry or your precious angelina you'd be all up in arms that someone DARED to sue them over something so silly…..and you called her ignorant…..you are the ignorant one you biased prick.

  11. Nick says – reply to this


    I saw the footage. Mr. Hanks started the fight with Bristol, saying that "Her mother should be dead, Whore. etc." He was being a complete asshole and all Bristol did was defend herself.

  12. 12

    Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/ Mario Lying Cyber Bully Hypocrite/

  13. 13

    Re: CaliCoyote – but he is in the right cause he is gay

  14. 14

    Re: TiffanyRe: CaliCoyote – but he is in the right cause he is gay

  15. 15

    Re: big_mommaRe: CaliCoyote – but he is in the right cause he is gay

  16. 16

    Re: JoshRe: CaliCoyote – but he is in the right cause he is gay

  17. 17

    Re: Meggie246524Re: CaliCoyote – but he is in the right cause he is gay

  18. 18

    Re: NickRe: CaliCoyote – but he is in the right cause he is gay

  19. 19

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH!Re: CaliCoyote – but he is in the right cause he is gay

  20. The One says – reply to this


    You guys are a bunch of dumbasses. It is reality TV. Not everything is shown and things are edited

  21. 21

    Re: Nick – Did you see the entire footage and notes about what happened earlier - like crew sent in ahead of time to stir things up - or did you just see the edited version that they wanted you to see?

  22. The One says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I am with you 100 %. People on here believe anything and everything they hear and see.

  23. 23

    Poor Mario, still the little bully bitch I see. Apparently what he said was ok? Cool, so when someone sees you and your ma, they can say the same thing

  24. Rossi says – reply to this


    I wish someone would just slaughter this entire loser clan.

  25. RandomAlaskanDood says – reply to this


    Hope he gets more and breaks that twats bank! Bristol does not DESERVE one fucking minute of Fame. Nobody wants to see this woman! Her mother Sarah Palin is a FAILED politician, they used her to try to get votes against Obama. Too bad Sarah Palins Religious and Political Beliefs FUCKED her Running Mate John McCain hardcore. Sarah's a nut, Bristol is a HarLOT and a BULLy, Willow is a pill addict and a BULLY, THAT HUSBAND OF HERS can be found in local parks cruising guys. Don't believe me go to his local hang out, have at least an 8 Ball of Coke or more. Offer him a drink, rub your nose as if you wanna get the point across you have nose candy and eye him to the bathroom, go to bathroom, he'll follow, go to the one in the far back wait for him then close door, rip out cock and sprinkle coke on it, and Todd will snort it and blow you in one shot. He loves it even more so when you pack coke in the foreskin and he snorts as much as he can and sucks the rest off.

  26. 26

    Re: byte me – ] but he is in the right cause he is gay

  27. 27

    First off, her mother IS a whore - a fame/media whore. Bristol Palin is one of the most disgusting people, her entire family is just vile white trash. If she had any class at all, she would have just ignored the guy. It's a reality show, she's willingly put into situations where someone may say something to her or not like her. They need something to keep people watching. What she said to him about being gay was just uncalled for, plain and simple. It's far worst than what he said. Also, I thought a large part of the lawsuit had to do with the fact that he didn't sign something giving them permission to use the footage with him in it. If they don't have a release from him, yet showed the footage with him in it, they deserve to be sued. It's standard operating procedure to do that.

  28. pusi waters says – reply to this


    What would be a degrading manner saying someone is a homosexual ???
    Does someone have very low self esteem ?
    Is Steve a homo? does he put men in his mouth ? could she kick the shit out of him, with one arm tied behind her back ?
    Guess we need to tune into Life's a Trip

  29. 29

    Re: ickynicky – So you call a teenager's mother a whore, then lecture that teenager on how she should've handled the situation with class. The irony here is laughable.

  30. Brandi says – reply to this


    I totally agree with you Tiffany. That guy deserved to be humiliated once he opened his mouth to her and humilated her and then talked about her mother. If you cant take it, dont dish it out. And as far as this bullying shit, I stopped reading Perez articles bc of his hypocrisy and after awhile it seems he stopped but obviously it hasnt. Not sure if Perez actually saw the video of the encounter but if he did and still stands by his words makes him a total hypocrit.

  31. Brandt Hardin says – reply to this


    Like mother, like daughter. Bristol is selling herself in any form or fashion just like Sarah, to make that money. She pays a ghost-writer to slap together blog entries on hot-button issues to shamelessly promote herself. Talk about some successful capitalists- all body and no brains. See how far they’re willing to go for the cash at

  32. 32

    that fight is like the highlight of the whole series, it's like all they show when they play the previews

  33. 33

    This "man" is a joke!! MAN UP! You started it and degrading her mother. I would have slapped your face..hard! No man should talk about women this way. You're a disgusting pig and ass!

  34. Midwest_Warrior says – reply to this


    Perez… perhaps you should keep your ignorant mouth shut…. oh wait! If someone said that to you it would be bullying!!! Hypocrite!

  35. bellagrazi says – reply to this


    Are you effing kidding me?! Look, I know you're gay and you don't like Bristol's stance on gay marriage, but what that guy did was beyond the pale. The guy verbally attacked Bristol in that bar. If he had minded his effing business, his insane rant wouldn't be featured on Bristol's reality series. This lawsuit is going nowhere. (ask Joe McGinniss) He needs to STFU and fade away. And you need to take your gay goggles off. The guy was wrong in doing what he did. Period. He owes Bristol Palin an apology. A sincere one. Not like the bs one from last time to save his career. Bristol crushed him in that exchange. That's why he doesn't want it to air on national television. Next time he will think twice about going up against a Palin.

  36. Youknowit91 says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez but this guy deserves it. It was bullshit that he even attacked her like that, and especially with the words he used? He called her mother a whore and called her an f-ing bitch and you think she should keep HER mouth shut when she used proper language. Hm. stop being such a liberal asshole and look at the facts. This man has issues.

  37. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    @ rosebud….so i guess you have inside info and know exactly what went on behind the scene and he must be completely innocent of all wrong doing, cause of course Bristol can never ever be the one who's right…..rolling my effing eyes….give me a break idiot

  38. 38

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – I am not saying he is innocent of all wrong doing, all I am saying is that this was for a reality show, and in a reality show there is a lot of preparation and set up. They needed some action for ratings, so they go to a bar find some dumb shmuck, push his buttons, and they get the action they are looking for. But if they did not get his permission to air it, then they are in the wrong.

  39. 39

    Isn't a big part of the lawsuit about the show using his image/likeness without consent? One of the claims is that he never signed a release or knew he was being filmed, and now the show is making money from use of that footage. More than just defamation (which probably won't hold up)

  40. 40


  41. Me says – reply to this


    For anyone who says that it was edited and this guy did nothing wrong, look it up. The video that was released was put out by someone using their phone to tape it. The guy was a douche and got his ass handed to him. Instead of suing, he should use this as an example as to why you don't start something if you can't finish it.

  42. ME says – reply to this


    She should keep HER ignorant mouth shut? What about this asshole? He is the one who attacked her! I hope she counter sues and wins all of his rhinestone encrusted handbags and "Hope and Change" ass-less chaps in the suit!

  43. Ashlynn says – reply to this


    Love You Perez, but I got to say Steven is the one who started it by shouting out derrogatory comments and then a couple of his friends joined in. I don't think anything would have happened if he had just kept his opinion to himself. I do find it odd that he and his friends would choose to initiate a confrontational exchange toward a young worman who has not done anything to them, but has a different belief system. Tolerance works both ways. I also find it a bit disturbing he wanted to pick on a girl who is barely out of her teenage years and he is 47? He is a big boy and should act like it!!

  44. Mario says – reply to this


    This young woman is a victim….God will punish that piece of s..t for calling Mrs Sarah Palin ….a whore…she must die etcc.
    This man is a sicko…he's a frustated gay guy with no life.
    Bristol ….keep the faith….GOD is watching.

  45. Briana says – reply to this


    I don't understand why the gay community hates the Palin family.
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion.Bristol made clear that the marriage must be between a man and a woman….YES YES YES…..
    All these politicians that they passed the law on the gay marriage …..hell is waiting for them.If you want to be gay,,,,,be gay …..as long you don't force me or others to follow your ways.America the beautiful is going down the drain …..for sure. Everything is changing ….and for the worst.

  46. Yvette says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Hating this beautiful family is a crime.Be nice , don't trash the Palins.

  47. Briana says – reply to this


    My reply was meant for #40 captain Mike.