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F(x) Zaps Our Heart With An Electric Shock!

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We love love LOVE us some K-Pop sweetness! And f(x) is DRIPPING with honey tunes and bouncing with killer b-b-beats!

The colorful South Korean girl-group - who are sometimes referred to as the function girls (get the math joke?!) - blast us into a dreamy, futuristic landscape where each member gets to belt AND take center stage.

Girls be all about the equal footing! Get electrified with f(x) (above)!

Hearts ALL OVER this jam!

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40 comments to “F(x) Zaps Our Heart With An Electric Shock!”

  1. Guest says – reply to this


    I love f(x)~ KRYSTAL!!♥

  2. Altman says – reply to this


    Ha ha this f(x) is amazing! I love the blond girl named Victoria.

  3. minix00 says – reply to this


    f(x) is taking over the game. The best girl group

  4. Zip says – reply to this


    A solid, and great production even, the problem though, is that there really isn't a good hook, and no melody here? The video looks fabulous, but the weak chorus hurts the effort.

  5. Kelli says – reply to this


    I LOVE AMBER!!!!!! <3333

  6. 6

    f(x) daebakkkkkkkkkkk! <3 victoria and amber unnie! :)

  7. Zip says – reply to this


    To be fair though, their song and video bests Cheryl Cole's new songs and her new video, although all could be better all-around.

  8. 8

    their are the rumors that this group is copying 2ne1 with fashion style and song style. watching this video i think their right. they are completely copying. there clothes, the video. its like 2ne1 with a fifth member. girls need to get original. they have the potential.

  9. minix00 says – reply to this


    @T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E 2ne1 doesnt own any style. f(x) has had this look since they debuted, watch Nu ABO. Both groups have a edgy image and 4minute has had similar outfits too. If anyone needs to be original it's 2ne1. All they do is copy the Western scene and sing Black Eyed Peas songs

  10. eson22 says – reply to this


    do people pay you to blog this crap?

  11. gcl says – reply to this


    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – you must be really new to either k-pop or f(x) if you think they are copying 2ne1. as a fan of both groups i can assure you they both have their very own styles. if you watch all the things the've worn since debuting you'll see what i mean. maybe because they are some of the few groups that don't go for the cutesy/overly sexy image that people may compare them but they have their own style be it in clothing or music. 2ne1 is more into hip-hop while f(x) its a dance pop group. you should search more of f(x)'s song to see what i mean. nobody is copying anyone.

  12. 12

    Re: gcl – I'm sure that SM entertainment has a manager who is paying Perez to promote them for some universal coverage.

  13. Katt says – reply to this


    Jerry Garcia is rolling in his grave.

  14. Ingrid Arias says – reply to this


    live the f (x)

  15. Kyber says – reply to this


    I love the song. Love meh girls. But I wish the whole box concept would leave. Also just because someone sings with auto-tune and dance with unique outfits doesn't mean they are copying 2ne1. Also mostly likely they do pay him to blog this. But don't sound like a hater dude. Don't like it don't read. :)

  16. kris says – reply to this


    definitely zapped my heart. i need to learn more about this group. they seem amazing. amazing dance and amazing song

  17. emmayu says – reply to this


    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – i never heard this rumor and well if its a rumor then its not the truth. FX had this style since debut and they are great singer but they really do focus on the dance, which 2ne1 does not do. fx and 2ne1 songs are completely different in style. i dont see how this video is like 2ne1 nor the clothes. sorry fx style is a little more girly than 2ne1 and not as bizzare. although i do like 2ne1 outfits sometimes its too WTF. yea so both group has their own distinct color. dont compare

  18. Ishara says – reply to this


    Lolz, love the AC/DC shirt!

  19. Crazy says – reply to this


    <3 I love them

  20. love-f(amber) says – reply to this


    Don't blame f(x) for "copying" 2ne1… blame their stylists…
    i dont think they're copying 2ne1 in anyway!

  21. Am Am says – reply to this


    Awwww F(x)♥
    Amber ♥ Victoria ♥ Krystal ♥ Luna ♥ Sulli
    Electric, Electric Shock ♥
    Kryber ♥

  22. Yuri1020 says – reply to this


    F(X) is distinctive in their fashion and sound. They are not clones. Totally love this comeback album from my F(X) girls … and Amber sings, love her voice!

  23. vick says – reply to this


    I love f(x)~ f(x) is amazing! Victoria.
    is my sweet heart!

  24. lynn says – reply to this


    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this grouppppppp sooooooooooooo mach !!!!! They are the NO.1 in my heart!!!! This time F(x) will win more much love and support from the world!! THank you for introducing!!

  25. karen19 says – reply to this


    interesting group. the dance is fantastic and different from what i have seen from other kpop groups. they seem great. the two girls with the bangs are really pretty

  26. JoP says – reply to this


    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – seriously! I don't find any common between the groups at all. This is a dancing- singing group and 2ne1 is a singing group only. YG's style is mainly street, club style like big bang. And f(x)'s is colorful, funky. The only thing the two somehow have in common is that their concept is not sexy nor cute nor gentle. 2NE1 is totally bad ass XDDDD and f(x)'s is totally fun and futuristic XDDDDDD. That's all, besides, f(x)'s only debuted after 2ne1 by a few months, their concept has been chosen before that. Even though I don't like it that much but I have to agree that their style is inspired by shinee, they are like twins, many people say that f(x) is the girl version of shinee. So please don't try to make the girls look bad. They have their only concept and style and all. 2NE1 AND F(X) FTW, DAEBAK, JIANG!!!!

  27. dan says – reply to this


    Krystal is the cutest one in the video!!! I love how all of the members take the spotlight at some point, there isn't anything more addictive than this song and their comeback stages are amazing!

  28. x says – reply to this


    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – they've never worn anything usual except on hot summer stages…they're not copying anything people can wear what they like.

  29. amber's wifey ♥ says – reply to this


    i don't want kpop to get so famous…. T_T

  30. ccs says – reply to this


    No way!! howcome !!???how about other k-pop groups!!?? i thinkfx just soso…they are not the best!!!!!0

  31. peter says – reply to this


    Re: Jumperchu – Nope you are NOT sure!!

  32. peter says – reply to this


    Well F(X) is the most viewed Music Video on Youtube this week! and wait til you see them on Youtube 100 next week if not the TOP 5….hahaha!

  33. lebawse says – reply to this


    Shout out to SHINee ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ lolololol.

    Ok I'll go..

  34. SQVictoria says – reply to this


    I love Victoria. I love f(x). (I love Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal,too) keke^^

  35. Diana Leon says – reply to this



  36. loveAMBER says – reply to this


    f(x) 4ever :) Victoria is so pretty in this vid!

  37. Jasmin says – reply to this


    Re: minix00
    I think it's still different though . . .
    Lots of different groups have flashy outfits .
    The song is actually pretty different from 2NE1's cool , American style . o__o
    And it's not even f(x)'s fault . Blame the stylists and song composer / producer whatever
    They will never be able to copy 2NE1 O_o

  38. Jasmin says – reply to this


    Re: minix00
    Sorry that was to the other guy "T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E"

  39. key's bitch says – reply to this


    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – Clearly, you don't know that much about k-pop. I'm a fan of both f(x) & 2ne1. They're two completely different groups. In dance, music and fashion. Pretty much everything. Just because it's an electro-pop song and very colourful, doesnt mean It's like 2NE1. It's very much in the typical f(x) style. You should do aome more research.

  40. 1234 says – reply to this


    Re: eson22 – Go to hell jackass