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Gay Mormon With Wife & Kids Outs Himself On Blog!

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Gay Mormon Josh And Lolly Weed

This is an interesting story!!

Josh Weed, a marriage counselor from Washington, just used his blog to come out of the closet.

It takes strength and courage for anybody to out themselves in a society that still hasn’t given equality to all but Josh’s tale is especially complicated.

Let him tell you in his own words. He admitted:

“I am gay. I am Mormon. I am married to a woman. I am happy every single day.”

Woo!! Get it, guy!

(We wonder whether that SYTYCD guy helped pave the way?!)

Look, we're not fans of the Mormon religion refusing to condone same-sex marriage. We think it stinks. However, we think it's WONDERFUL that Josh lives the life that makes him happy.

He is gay. He loves his wife Lolly Weed. And he devoutly embraces the Mormon faith.

We're excited Josh found a lifestyle that suits him, harms no-one, and puts a smile on his face!

All we want is for everyone to have the same opportunity, regardless of who they choose to marry or what faith they want to accept!!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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