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Kate Winslet Breaks One Fan's Heart Big Time!!

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kate winslet disappoints fans filming labor day

And we're not sure if it can go on… (badum psshhh)

According to one distressed fan, Kate Winslet totally snubbed a hundred fans waiting to get her acknowledgement when she arrived in their small town to shoot Labor Day.

Shanna Swan had been waiting in the rainy cold with her children and other fans (including a number of senior citizens) when the Cadillac finally pulled up with the Oscar winner.

And that's when everyone's pretty little bubble burst.

Shanna explains:

"Upon her arrival everyone was yelling 'Kate we love you!' and you could hear everyone gasping with excitement when her black Cadillac pulled up.

I could feel and hear the excitement of everyone around me saying 'OMG is that Kate? When is she coming' and there were lots of excited senior citizens. I witnessed several seniors asking the production staff if Kate would come and talk to fans and there were roughly 100 people waiting for her."

Unfortunately, Shanna says Kate never even looked at 'em:

"Everyone in town was really hurt, and I could hear people calling her name. After she took off, one lady right next to me specifically said, 'Wow. How rude was that?'

She was just plain nasty. Kate was only on set for a short time and jumped back in her Cadillac and took off, without even a wave or thank you or a smile for us. She left a really bitter taste in our mouth."

Yikes!! Kate better do some damage control for the town of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts ASAP!! Cuz they sound PISSED!!

They definitely didn't let her shade slide the way Celine Dion handled those My Heart Will Go On remarks! That's for sure!

[Image via WENN.]

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32 comments to “Kate Winslet Breaks One Fan's Heart Big Time!!”

  1. 1

    You can't expect people to always be in the mode to say hi to you. She was on her way in to work. Who is that damn desperate to meet this woman anyway? What difference will it make in their lives? Here's an idea when you want interaction go to signings and press events not wait for someone outside their job. It's stalker-ish. CREEPY! Personally I don't like Kate anymore because she left behind who she was and feels a little phony. She was more genuine and better looking when she was red headed and a little more full.

  2. 2

    Why should she do damage control? Because she wasn't a social ray of sunshine towards a bunch of strangers when she was going to work? I'm sure I would be considered the most unfriendly celebrity ever.

  3. 3

    According to Whining Shanna Swan herself, this all took place in the "rainy cold". So it was probably the "rainy cold" for Kate Winslet, too.

    Obviously the people of Shelburne Falls, MA aren't as smart as Ms Winslet who knows to quickly get out of the "rainy cold".

  4. 4

    Re: Adorable Kevy – Good point!!!

    Seriously, why do people think that celebrities are indebted to them to constantly re-tweet or take pictures while they are eating. They have designated times and places where they sign autographs, such as opening nights of their newest movies. They don't owe you 24/7 attention. The wold does not revolve around you

  5. beccarooroo says – reply to this


    The kinds of people who show up and stand in the rain just to say hi to someone they don't know just because they're a celeb are crazy anyway. She probably had a schedule to keep, for god's sake. If she stopped and talked to every nobody who came running up to her she'd have no life of her own. Get a grip weirdos, just feel lucky she even came to your shit town.

  6. winner says – reply to this


    kate winslet is great human being, some time every person is rood but it does mean she will be bad

  7. winner singh says – reply to this


    kate winslet

  8. 8

    who needs fans anyway ,,,i dont think a nice wave would of killed her but who knows then they may complain that she didnt talk ..

  9. 9

    Same thing happened to us years ago with Whoopie in S.F. No big thing, but it has changed my opinion about her for all these years.

  10. Resident says – reply to this


    Im in Shelburne Falls and no one has been heart broken. They are filming right now and she has been waving to people.

  11. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Um. Really? If this autograph seeker really subjected her children to standing in winding rain and cold to get a stupid autograph then she should have her children taken away. Kate Winslet is pure class. These people expect her to stand there and sign autographs in the rain? I'm sure the woman has a zillion appointments a day. I barely have time to stop by the grocery store for milk personally. Screw that.

  12. 12

    While a wave would have been nice of her, I totally understand why she didn't go over and say hi. She was probably on a tight schedule to get in and shoot her scenes and it's not like they would have been any happier if she had just said hi to a few of them and ignored the rest. It's hard for celebrities when there's a big crowd gathered and they have somewhere to be and people have to understand that.

  13. moviegoer says – reply to this


    Kate is still filming in MA today. She waved to the fans today and handed a little girl an autograph. Fans lined the streets to watch her film her scenes. She has in NO way been rude to anyone in this small town. Consider the source–Star magazine? Really?

  14. 14

    Boo hoo, an actress didn't wave at me, my life is over. Who cares??? Go back to work instead of standing in the rain to see a famous person.

  15. 15

    Well I am THEE SHANNA SWAN, friend just let me know that thee Perez Hilton blogged about my article and photos I sent to Star magazine.. well sadly its true I was a HUGE Kate fan, and after her time here I could careless about her… Shame on her is all I can say!!! Thanks for blogging about me Perez, I am like a mini celebrity here in the area now!!

  16. 16

    Re: Adorable Kevy – well Kevy, remember they wouldnt be famous without us, so a WAVE ISNT too much to askk for!!

  17. 17

    For all of you HATING on me for my experience and opinion on Kate Winslet, shut it, cause they wouldn't be famous if it weren't for fans like me and I don't think a WAVE that takes NO EFFORT at all is too much to ask for when she shuts down all of our only stores and banks in a super small town…. Obviously you all wish you were the one witnessing her rudeness!!

  18. 18

    Re: crissybarrows – Oh it was not a work day, booo hooo maybe you should be at work and not on the computer throwing digs, UGLY

  19. Shelburne resident says – reply to this


    Hey jerks knocking her about her kids, it weren't raining when Kate was on set and it was sunny, I was right next to Shanna who was there maybe an hour… So quit believing all u see in writing…

  20. SHELBURNE FALLS GIRL says – reply to this


    Really pissing me off that people are lying and saying whatever they want, SHANNA did not say all these things and the weather was good weather of they wouldn't of filmed that day…. Quit believing all you read and for you mean people knocking a mother who you don't know u should be ashamed cause it was a nice day and several people were out taking their kids for a walk. Really shouldn't believe these sources for sure!

  21. MelissaC says – reply to this


    Really?? Kate Winslet doesn't owe Shelburne anything. Can you imagine what it would be like to do your job and have hundreds of people expect you to stop doing your job just to wave at them? Really? And actually, my very best friend actually witnessed today Kate (after ending her day of work) get in an SUV, roll down her window and wave to all of her fans, on her way by. What more do you people want?

  22. LAMEASS says – reply to this


    This is the most ridiculous shit Ive seen all day! First I thought I was reading a novel with all the descriptions…"you could feel and hear everyone Gasping with excitement.." lol. Yes its cool to live in a small town and have celebrities filming but give her a break! How annoying it must be to have all these people staring, yelling, and judging you when your simply trying to work. She doesnt have to have to "on" all the time. Im sure if she did just wave back you would still have something bad to say just for the sake of complaining of becoming a " mini celebrity" Good luck with that.

  23. LAMEASS says – reply to this


    And since the person who this is all coming from feels the need to comment back on the commenters and call them 'ugly' Im sure shes a pretty mature person and this story is newsworthy! haha. Id really rather not have whoever this is be the "voice" of Shelburne Falls, were not all Assholes!

  24. JacinTa says – reply to this


    As a witness to today's Labor Day shoot in Shelburne Falls, I can attest to the kindness of Kate Winslet. She waved to me and a friend of mine when she got out of her black cadillac today and was kind enough to give an autograph to a young friend of mine who was watching the filming with her father.I have no idea who Shanna Swan is, but I can tell you she sounds like a lot of the entitled Shelburne Falls residents I encounter at work in the village.

  25. 25

    Really all of you need to shut up about me, All i ever said was how rude it was not to at least wave to people that day… obviously you all need to smarten up because these are called GOSSIP magazines and sites for a reason.. cause they lie and just about everything is on this… down to the weather during the shoot… I NEVER MADE any of these comments so go get a life and stop attacking someone you dont know PERIOD END OF STORY

  26. GeorgieP says – reply to this


    This has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever read! Why is this girl speaking for an entire town, who is she? Lol "mini celebrity" I'm glad she got her 15 minutes of fame. Shanna better start looking for some new drama now that Kate W is done filming.

  27. GeorgieP says – reply to this


    Re: jakeluxmama – If these gossip magazines lie about everything, then why did you call them in the first place? To sell pictures and to tell a lie! And you may have had a bad experience with your childhood idol, but lots of us had very pleasant experiences with Kate. She was here to do her job not to make your dreams come true of meeting her. And yes she still will be an actress with or without fans like you. So next time you want to be the voice for an entire town, Don't!

  28. Krystle says – reply to this


    Kate may have come off rude and what not however, the female shanna swan writing this little chunk of bashing is nobody to listen to as I was there at that very moment when Kate arrived wasn't rainy when they were shooting seniors weren't ranting and never did I heat anyone yelling it was more like pure silence and people in "awh" as it's not often celebrities visit our home town. Shanna is dramatic and not liked by many in our town, someone who have so much time on there hands to bash celeberties is to me personally immature and looking for attention themselves.

  29. Krystle says – reply to this


    One last thing to everyone on here reading this, Shelburne is not full of twisted people like shanna, she's giving our community a horrible reputation. It's a wonderful small town full of very friendly people. Many of us were and are excited to see this big ever happening right in our small town!!! so thank you shanna for sounding like a childish fool and making the world think poorly about our community, shame on you.

  30. Beethechange says – reply to this


    Shes ugly and still pudgy

  31. theyrenormal says – reply to this


    This made news in Brazil, but I had to check to see if they had translated it correctly. She wasn't rude, she just opted to concentrate on her job. It reminds me of an episode in a small city near Rio, when there was a big landslide. Instead of acknowledging people's pain, some were upset when famous journalists refused to sign autographs. Hey, come on! They're like us! They eat, digest, ***, get pissed, etc. What's the point in asking autographs or take pictures with people who've never seen you b4?

  32. 32

    When celebrities get too self important to be bothered with their fans is when I can't be bothered to go see their movies.