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Lindsay Lohan Was NOT Drunk During Accident

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Lindsay Lohan not drunk during accident

Lindsay Lohan may have gotten another lucky break.

The actress crashed into an 18-wheeler on the PCH last week and on top of lying to cops about being the person driving, an open container of alcohol was found at the scene!

Fortunately, she wasn't under the influence at the time and passed a field sobriety test with flying colors. Once taken to the hospital for treatment, the popo determined that the Liz & Dick actress did not need a blood test to double check her BAC. A friend close to the star explains:

"Lindsay was given a portable breathalizer test along with several other field sobriety tests and she passed them all. She did everything that was asked of her and cooperated fully. This is why the cops didn't request a blood sample from Lindsay, as they concluded that she wasn't under the influence and didn't need to be given a blood test. Lindsay was shaken up obviously about the accident, but that is to be expected. The cops told her that she was lucky to be alive, and her seat belt absolutely saved her life."

At least she did one thing right and decided to click it before she got a ticket.

While we heard the water bottle of booze was found in her trunk, Sergeant Richard Lewis of the Santa Monica PD says otherwise. He told various sources that "no container was retrieved from the vehicle," but rather "found in the debris by the side of the road."

Even better! That means LiLo and her assistant managed to toss it out the window as they were switching seats. LOL!

Regardless of what really went down with that water bottle, it sounds like cops are giving her the benefit of the doubt and she'll only have to answer for lying about driving…if she doesn't successfully avoid that charge too.

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Was NOT Drunk During Accident”

  1. 1

    Obviously she was bringing it to drink her way through the day on that "made for Lifetime TV movie". Why would anyone hire her beside for free publicity. She'll need to do a lot of drinking to get through shooting that movie with a porn star. Lohan and a porn star… talk about stunt casting!

  2. 2

    every one rides around with their WATER bottle full of booze. In case you don't know this would be one of the largest "hints" that Hohan is an uncontrollable drunk. I used to do that myself, except I used 7UP or SPRITE bottles.

  3. CRG07 says – reply to this


    Simple solution, TAKE AWAY HER LICENSE

  4. jadieanna says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but ppl need to stop giving this low-life chances. She's never gonna learn she fucks up ever opportunity given her. She is nothing but a pathetic, narcissistic, selfish drug abusing drunk. It makes me sick how much talent she wasted.

  5. 5

    A water bottle full of booze? I'm not saying I can judge, that's a wonderful way to sneak a drink into a place its not allowed and I've done it before but to be driving to work and randomly have it in your car? Yeah, that suggests she still has a lot of problems.

  6. 6

    Nobody said she was drunk at the time, Perez. Another misleading title. And, frankly, as "hurtful" as your comments when you were a "bully."

  7. KatieD says – reply to this


    Everytime I see Lindsay at the club, she is downing shots like there is no tomorrow. She even pushed me for no reason once! She may not have been drunk… lucky for her… but she was definitely going to down it later! Bitch cray cray

  8. NYJ says – reply to this


    Re: jadieanna

    She's already banned from driving…that's part of the charges

  9. 9

    Though i don't agree with the decisions she has made i def think you. perez, need to stop bullying someone who is supposedly trying to build her life back together. You are part of the reason why people with addiction relapse. I know from personal experience. The best thing you can do is pay her no attention since you are obviously not supportive of her

  10. john says – reply to this


    She need to go back to her old-self as i mean looking great and she had no reason to get plastic surgery . she look better with out all this stuff. and get herself in a good area. that's my opinion. but idk who knows what next
    i love you lindsay lohan .

  11. Rigby says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but since when is alcohol the only means to be driving under the influence?

  12. 12

    just another year or so until she joins the 27 club and we can get on without her sorry ass

  13. 13

    The cops also said that the reports of lying to police were untrue as well. You're obviously just annoyed that you reported gossip instead of the facts.

  14. James says – reply to this


    Re: msubabe01 – Can't stand Lohan but I agree with this comment. Perez is the real bad guy here.

  15. 15

    She wasn't she was hopped up on painkillers, there a difference. & Sad to think she drives like shit & lies her face off sober. LOOOO SSSERRRRR!

  16. mike mc cullough says – reply to this


    Time for all you news hounds to move on & leave Lidsay Lohan alone like find another pigeon to chirp at she's alright and just trying so Lay Off Her, Lindsay You Rock Girl, Don't pay any attention to those morons

  17. portland oregon attorn says – reply to this


    Great attorney information. Thanks for submitting this. I will check back to see updates . Any experience with a DUI Attorney?