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Disney Earns Some John Carter Money Back!

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Walt Disney Studios' John Carter, which flopped harder than a kid full-sprint jumping onto a dry Slip n' Slide, actually sits in the top slot for home video sales.

The movie lost well over $100 million in theaters, and what's worse is that Disney wanted it to become their next big franchise, spanning sequels, toys, video games and theme park rides.

It seems that while it might have at first been written off, the average home video viewer wanted to give it a chance… and it must've been good enough to deserve a recommendation to friends.

It sold the most Blu-rays and the most overall discs, beating out #2 Act of Valor (which did similarly poorly in theaters) and #3 Safe House (which did better in theaters, probably due to Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds).

We wonder how many home sales and rentals it'll take for them to make back their money. Probably hundreds of millions more than they'll ever get.

Which is sad, because that means no franchise. Cause we'd ride a John Carter ride. Well, more like we'd ride John Carter (Taylor Kitsch.)


[Image via John Carter/Disney.]

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35 comments to “Disney Earns Some John Carter Money Back!”

  1. 1

    This movie was awful beyond words.

  2. JulieMars says – reply to this


    John Carter is an amazing aciton film with a great plot. If you know anything about literature you would know that this epic film is based on novels written by Edgar Rice Borroughs who also wrote Tarzan. John Carter was written in 1917! The story is better than most of the crap that's out there like Green Lantern, Green Hornet, and other action films. The reason John Carter flopped is because the general public is plain stupid. Lemmings only seeing movies with A listers like Brangelina. Lemmings.

  3. RRC says – reply to this


    I can tell you exactly why the the discs are making more money… because the trailers they have been running for the DVD/BlueRay have been far better than the trailers they ran when the movie was in theaters. It makes it look like a completely different movie. IMO the marketing team should be partly to blame for the movie flopping in theaters. When it was in theaters I had no idea what this movie was about, hence no interest for me. The trailers they're showing now make the movie look far more interesting and I'm more inclined to watch it now.

  4. joe p says – reply to this


    this movie is an under-appreciated classic like Wizard of Oz, Fight Club and Bladerunner. All those movies bombed in theatres but eventually found success at home media.

  5. me says – reply to this


    The title is what killed this movie. Most people never heard of it they thought it was a biography about someone they never heard of.

  6. Firefighter001 says – reply to this


    John Carter was Great and a fun Movie . our moderen day "Sinbad movie" for those of us that remember. Sword,Adventure,and Romance AH! got love it.

  7. dylan says – reply to this


    Re: sniffle24
    you suck. This movie was awesome. and again: you suck.

  8. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: sniffle24 – I don't think you even saw the movie–it cost so much because the CGI was done in incredible detail, and the film really transports you to another world. You do have to pay attention, and not everything is spelled out in the first five minutes like so many U.S. movies made for a simple-minded audience.

  9. Mike Carlock says – reply to this


    Re: sniffle24 – Beyond words? Maybe you just need to go back to school and learn a few more of them. Did you actually see the movie or is this short pithy comment of yours just mean, "First!"

  10. Jan Austin says – reply to this


    John Carter was an exceptional movie and journey and one I wanted to go back to time and time again. If Disney had marketed and advertised this movie correctly, if people had known what John Carter was about, this movie would have had box office success! Thankfully, I didn't listen to negative reviews and went to see this movie! Now it is Number 1 in DVD sales!! Everyone give John Carter a chance on DVD. Buy the DVD and you too will soon want to go Back to Barsoom with thousands and thousands of fans from all over the world!

  11. Maegan says – reply to this


    Great, fun movie. Glad to see it's finally getting the recognition it deserves. Maybe Disney will figure out that there is an audience for a John Carter (of Mars) movie franchise.

  12. Bryan says – reply to this


    John Carter was indeed a great movie and its nice to know that someone who is influential in blogging on Hollywood recognizes it. But you said that you doubt that there would be enough in DVD and Blu-ray movie sales to justify a sequel. As I understand it, Disney has green lit a sequel to Tron: Legacy based largely on DVD sales, so I think it quite possible that with a new Studio head who knows what he's doing, that John Carter:Gods of Mars and John Carter: Warlord of Mars may yet be made. Plus, a lot of CGI modeling has already been done and the budget for the next films would be considerably less and should do much better in theatres.

  13. pm says – reply to this


    I saw John Carter three times at the theater, which is something I rarely do. It brought me back to when I was a kid watching the old school B flick style adventure movies that Hollywood used to make, but sadly no longer do now. I really think that if any film deserves a sequel it is this one. When I went to buy my Blu-ray at Best Buy, it was the last one on the shelf, so I knew that the sales were going to be huge. It was Disney that allowed for such poor marketing, I bet if they would have down the marketing correctly, it would have been a massive hit. Hopefully more people will give it a try and fall in love with it. I want a sequel!

  14. Scott Dutton says – reply to this


    There's actually a pretty big story behind Disney execs intentional mismanagement of this film's release. Michael Sellers has been looking into this and has a story to tell:

    And if you're looking for more John Carter:

  15. mrs. g says – reply to this


    I'm so glad John carter is finally getting some love. I seriously hope for a sequel. I've been watching my dvd all week and I'm now nearly obsessed with kitsch. Please go ser this movie, you won't be disappointed!

  16. Brad Blake says – reply to this


    I loved John Carter, the movie, and think its the kind of movie that I'll enjoy over and over for the rest of my life. It's that good. Sure hope Disney sees the light and it's green, as in greenlighting those sequels!!!

  17. Kathy L. says – reply to this


    John Carter was awesome in 3D, at the theatre…and lots of fun to watch over and over again on Blu Ray…the bonus features are fun, and informative…one of them, "360 Degrees of John Carter" gives you a glimpse of what went into making this awesome flick…we want a sequel….Sak !!!

  18. 18

    I hope they get some money back. I'd love a sequel, although I highly doubt that will happen. I seriously loved this film.

  19. Kenneth Jordan says – reply to this


    "John Carter" is a fun and entertaining movie and a perfect reflection of an interplanetary romance science fiction story!

    I am hoping that Disney recognizes that there is a huge audience for this potential franchise and that "John Carter's" failure at the box office is due more to Disney's horrendously bad marketing than anything else.

  20. Dr._Pilz says – reply to this


    The movie was great. If the movie was originally advertised as the epic story it really is, then Disney would have made more of an impact at the box office. The movie was seriously undersold because John Carter doesn't just fight white apes. He gets transported to Mars, gets in the middle of a fight between two civilizations orchestrated by the thurns, and he falls in love with a princess. There is so much more to this movie than what it was marketed as.

  21. KB says – reply to this


    Haha this is such a pointless review, all you talk about is how is flopped, you didn't even discuss the actual film….. Probably because you didnt even see it. This "sniffle24" obviously didnt see it either. Anyways, I thought John Carter was fantastic. It gave us something different because of the unique story line, visuals, action scenes, just everything really. Not to mention the chemistry between John and Dejah. This is a very under appreciated movie but I'm glad it's getting some positive recognition because of video sales.

  22. Ned says – reply to this


    John Carter is not a flop, but a classic! Director Andrew Stanton is a genius. Take me back to Barsoom!

  23. Dillon D says – reply to this


    Ive been constantly stumped by the harsh reviews this movie's gotten. I saw this in the theaters 3 times and for me, i RARELY see a movie more than once

  24. telatech says – reply to this


    Loved the movie, I wish it was better advertised when was showing in cinemas. I bought the bluray and watched it 4 times.

  25. 25

    John Carter is the best live action movie Disney had ever made, and Disney has managed to screw up two great movies, this and Prince of Persia. John Carter never got a chance, a chance that it deserved.

  26. Chris says – reply to this


    Some of these critics don't know great movies when they see them,or did they even see it ! Just read a University Professors views on the film at He gets it and so do the people that saw it.Why didn't the critics?

  27. diegomom50 says – reply to this


    I was lucky enough to see it in IMAX. I went not knowing anything about it, not the souce material Princess of Mars, or Edgar Rice Burroughs. , I left the theater a fan. I loved the score by Michael Giacchino and the CGI was flawless that to the artist at Pixar. I am glad that people are not getting to see this movie and find out how enjoyable it is. Give it chance its not what the media and critics said.

  28. nathan says – reply to this


    John Carter rocked! I bought 2 blu-rays. Best sci-fi movie ive seen in a while. AWFUL marketing and insane critics killed it, and its a shame. WE WANT A SEQUEL!

  29. Jeffrey T Fouberg says – reply to this


    I loved this movie, saw it six times in the theater. I preorderd the 4 disc Blu Ray and have received it and watched it again. I never tire of this movie. Each viewing is fresh and I see something different each time. The history of this story and how it influenced the science fiction of this past ear is amazing. Superman, Flash Gordon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar all owe their existence to Edgar Rice Burroughs A Princess of Mars. John Carter was a good adaptation of the story and Princess Dejah Thoris' character was excellent. Taylor Kitsch was great as John Carter and the CGI was generally seamless in the movie. I would rate this movie a 10 out of 10. I liked it better than LOTR. Great movie, I cannot say enough about it.

  30. 30

    Sorry that some of the JC fans gave you a hard time. Most of us are very passionate about this picture and get testy if anyone says anything negative. I for one am glad that at least you stepped up a little and gave the film a half hearted bit of positive ink. Although I too wonder if you actually saw it. It is a fun film and most who have seen it agree. It did nearly 300 mil in theaters so I don't feel that it "flopped" as badly as some think. I don't know what it will take in DVD sales to reach the "get even point" but as passionate as the fans have become over this movie, I would not be surprised to see it make what is needed. A smart exec. at Disney could make big bucks on a franchise it they just take a look at the interest the film has garnered since it hit the theaters in March. Interest that is growing by leaps and bounds. Or saks and saks as Tars Tarkas would say.

  31. 31

    John Carteris an amazing movie, full of classic adventure, romance and impressive VFX. For those who say the words Star Wars and Avatar ripp off…learn to read first. Stanton adapted Burroughs "A princess of Mars"….and credited the authour, instead of "borrowing". Taylor and Lynn….and James Purefoy offer endless eye candy. Hope US people give the film a well deserved chance…and we get a sequel. We still live!

  32. Joerg says – reply to this


    You wonder wrong. It's Disney managers doing dirty business with the franchise. No managers would ever tell 4 days after having sold a product that it's not selling and it's bad and they are losing money and other nonsense like that.
    Disney didn't lose any money on John Carter. But Disney managers stole and keep stealing money out of it, faking everything to make it look like a flop so they can evade taxes, steal money from investors,actors,director,producers and so on.

  33. Scott says – reply to this


    Wow, 1 bad review and 31 good ones (so far). Sounds like what the film saw in the theater, 1 bad critic review for ever 31 good ones from people that actually saw the movie. I myself actually enjoyed this movie. Never understood the bad press for one of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

  34. April says – reply to this


    Besides, if Disney was smart, they would realize Princess Dejah is the coolest
    Kick ass Disney princess ever! They should absolutely weep for the product revenue

  35. BBear says – reply to this


    Loved this film,don't care what the critics say. Awesome movie!!!