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HBO Pulls Game Of Thrones Episode With Beheaded GWB From DVD AND Streaming!

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After Game of Thrones show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss pointed out a prosthetic head on a spike that looks very much like former President George W. Bush during DVD commentary of Season 1, Episode 10, HBO FREAKED OUT, stating it was 'unacceptable, disrespectful and in very bad taste.'

And even though Weiss & Benioff have since apologized, claiming they meant nothing political or intentional by the prosthetic's unfortunate placement, HBO execs have decided to pull the episode from all future DVD sales AND have taken it off of their streaming HBO GO service.

If they had just left it alone, then the hilarious realization would have come and passed with barely any attention, but because HBO is taking such EXTREMES, they've only made the ridiculous issue more prevalent.

Way to shoot yourselves in the foot HBO! And we wouldn't be surprised if more people don't just start ripping off Game Of Thrones episodes online, rather than deal with your seemingly new, prudish standards.

When did someone suck out your sense of humor, HBO!? And its super reassuring to know that something so insignificant as a background prop can cause that much hysteria at the network…

Shame shame hame, lame lame lame.

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34 comments to “HBO Pulls Game Of Thrones Episode With Beheaded GWB From DVD AND Streaming!”

  1. Olive says – reply to this


    So what if they had made it look like a beheaded Perez? Bet your tune would change then. Hypocrite.

  2. Thebigboot says – reply to this


    Over reaction? No, you disrespectful little twat. If it had been Obama would you say they were overreacting? No wonder people hate you, Perez. You are an immature disrespectful moron.

  3. libturds r stupid says – reply to this


    You'd shit yourself and in your mothers lap if they put Obamas head on a spear. You liberals know how to spew the hate of all hats but when one of own is on the receiving end look out. Remember this libturds the KKK was born out of the democratic party.

  4. 4

    The hypocrisy is mind blowing. Had this been a show calling out gays or killing a character just because hes gay, you would be flipping your shit, demanding HBO pull it off and then praise them when they did. You do not stick a presidents head on a spike. NONE. Had this been obama people would be crying racism, calling out republicans and all hell would break loose. SHUT UP. It's not an overreaction. You're a hypocritical twat

  5. JKRIII says – reply to this


    yes absolute overreaction. To pull someone's hard word. From grips, to actors, to cameramen, sound mixers, and plenty of people who had no knowledge of the prop is utterly ridiculous. Guess what…..no one really cares about the fake head, but now raising such a huge stink about it just raises awareness of it to a tipping point of all news media picking up the story.

  6. Dave says – reply to this


    If I was an HBO subscriber, I'd cancel my subscription because of their overreaction!

  7. 7

    All of these idiots who immediately go to "if it was Obama" are flamming a*****s" Obama has nothing to do with this and that is just typical Republican BS. THey pulled it and they SHOULD pull it. It was disrespectful and inappropriate and I think they were correct in pulling it. But this "if it was Obama crap needs to cease." It is idiot statments like that that just spew hate and invalidate your opinion. It is wrong becasue it is wrong. And if you hate Perz so much, then stay off of his website twits.

  8. 8

    Hey, dumb "twats" and "hypocrites."

    1. Why they heck are you on this site if you hate him so much?
    2. Do any of you read anything else? Perez posted another article about this, and it makes so much sense. This isn't CBS, NBC, ABC…this is HBO. MY GOD, IT HAS TRUE BLOOD. GIRLS. all of that. Soooo much sex. All kinds of crazy stuff.
    Yes, they should apologize, but this is not, and I repeat, not something they should completely over-react to. I would completely understand if this was a network show. But not HBO.

    Please, please, please. I beg of you. GET OFF THIS SITE if you hate Perez so much! How do you know how he would act? He has gotten so much nicer and better since he made that effort a few years back.

    You all need to leave. It's not fun for people who actually like Perez (and don't make some smart as* comment.)

  9. 9

    Re: blondly7 – I don't hate Perez nor do I love him. He's simply a blogger that I read time to time. However, putting the head of a former President on a spear was most disrespectful no matter who the President may be. I applaud HBO for removing it.

  10. 10

    You are such a hypocrite. If this were Obama you would be going nuts. You KNOW you would. It's fine to feel one way or the other about this situation, but to say you would be fine if this were Obama and that people were overreacting is ridiculous. You are in total denial.

  11. 11

    Re: blondly7
    …"ou all need to leave. It's not fun for people who actually like Perez…"
    Have you seen the low number of comments on this site?
    Mario is lucky to get a dozen comments, on any thread nowadays.
    He has an agenda.
    It's his site to run it the way he wants…"FORWARD"…off the cliff.
    He has other income sources…good for him.
    There's plenty of other gossip sites. The world goes on.
    No big woop.

  12. 12

    Applauding HBO!! About time that a media organization stand up for what's right - respectful to the office of the president - no matter the party - I don't want to see any political figure's head on a stick. Bullcrap that no one noticed before it was brought to their attention - I don't watch Game of Thrones and now I never will.

  13. 13

    I can't believe this! While I think it was definitely in poor taste to put the head of a former president on a spear, pulling THE SEASON FINALE off of all future DVD's and streaming is not only STUPID, but a slap in the face to all of the writers, camera crew, and actors who worked so hard to put that finale together. And how in the world do they expect to pick up new fans to the show if they aren't going to allow anyone to see the freaking finale? That may work in those 'of the week' CBS shows, but not in a heavily serialized show like this. Bad, bad move, HBO, and I think it's very disrespectful to your subscribers.

    I guess I'm lucky I got the season on DVD earlier this year with it's finale in tact. Unbelievable. It was an immature prank and should NOT take precedence over keeping the integrity of the show and its hard-working crew.

  14. 14

    Re: Ohiogirl – Well it sure doesn't take much to control you, does it?

  15. 15

    Honestly, as much as it was a stupid move, this is definitely overreacting. The apology was enough and it should have been left at that, but pulling an entire episode off a dvd? That's insane.

  16. 16

    Re: JKRIII – why the fuck should the production feel entitled to pul a stunt like this ON HBO'S behalf? They had zero right to speak for the network and by slipping this in, that is exactly wht they did. HBO has EVERY FUCKING RIGHT to be pissed as they should be.

  17. 17

    Re: FrankieLA – You are a fucking moron!

  18. 18

    George W. Bush is definitely not my favorite former president but this was in bad taste. I LOVE the television show and the books but using his face was disrespectful to him and to the office he held. It is disappointing to me that you find this amusing. I stopped coming to the site for a while because I thought it became too rude but came back and have been proud of your turn around. Set an example! Death is nothing to make fun of!

  19. Hypocrite says – reply to this


    Perez….I have been a reader of your blog for YEARS. I am positive you would be outraged if it were an actor/actress you were friends with, or beloved Obama or Hillary.

    You're a hypocrite. It's disrespectful and you know it. You are turning off your republican fans.

    What's that? You don't care about those fans? Isn't it you who preaches about the beautify of "free speech" when it benefits you?

    Well now I am exercising mine.

  20. SusieQ says – reply to this


    Re: FrankieLA – You are sooooo right. Instead of saying - it's wrong, just wrong, they pull that shit which makes them look like first graders. This has been their MO all along. They can't just hate something for what it is. They have to say - if it had been Obama…ad infinitum. I'm not even an Obama supporter and I'm sick of them. I couldn't even tell whose head it was. It looked like the character's head it was supposed to be. SMH

  21. SusieQ says – reply to this


    BTW - it's hypocrit - H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T.

  22. 22

    ive watched that seen several times and never once noticed it
    im not a george bush fan..i think what hes done to our country is unforgivable, that being said, he was our president and should be shown some respect.

  23. 23

    Remove the entire ep?? What idiots. Edit the fucking shot, CGI alter it, whatever! Ep 10 of that season is CRUCIAL and that scene was an important character moment for two of the key characters. Three actually. So cutting it will make what follows nonsensical.

  24. 24

    they should of waited till after it was shown… who cares noone likes u bush anyways

  25. 25

    You are a bully, Mario. You are a bully because you bash celebrities and politicians who disagree with your beliefs! I bet if this was Obama's head, you'll be going crazy as usual! You're a hypocrite!

  26. 26

    you FREAKED OUT about fox airing a factual commercials about obama but you see nothing wrong with this wtf?

  27. hhh says – reply to this


    Re: SusieQ – No it's hypocrite. Did you not notice the squiggly red line that informs you of a spelling error beneath the word hypocrit when you typed it?

    Also I have to laugh at all the 'if it was Obama' people. Yeah maybe Perez would have behaved differently, but not all Democrat supporters are the same. Believe it or not some people see this to be in poor taste regardless of which party the person in question is associated with. Why do some people always have to try WAY too hard to constantly make an issue 'democrats vs. republicans'? And did it ever occur to any of you that some of the people who don't really care that its Bushs head would equally not care if it was Obama? I understand why it has upset some people and why some believe it to be poor taste, but I personally am one of the people that think this is a storm in a tea cup. I can assure I'd feel the exact same if it was Obamas head. Now watch everyone accuse me of being a Democrat and that I'm just saying I wouldn't care but really I would. No, I assure you, I wouldn't. No one would care if it was anyone elses head but because it's a president it's all 'oh no shock horror what an outrage!!'. Meanwhile the U.S army is killing people elsewhere in the world in wars based on lies, but everyone thinks an episode of Game of Thrones is the big issue.

  28. hhh says – reply to this


    Yes it was a political statement, so is any comment on politics, like all the comments left here on this story. It is ok for you people to give your thoughts on politics but not the Game of Thrones people? I've read this site alot and seen comments left by people like Re: NookiesWA – calling Obama things like monkey, nookies has even called for the death of gays in the past. Now we're supposed to legitimately listen to the concerns of people like that over this issue? Funny how they can spew so much hate then get up in arms over this and accuse everyone else of being a bad person and a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is spewing racist and homophobic shit then trying to get all upset when someone does something you disagree with.

  29. Mateovon says – reply to this


    Wow. A lot of morons here. I have to say I think its hilarious. I hear "he was president, show him respect." He didn't show MY country any respect while In office, why the fuck would I show him any in return? If Obamas head was on the stake, i wouldnt give two shits either, but he hasnt destroyed this country like Bush has, he inherited Bush's massive debt and we realistically expect this this man to turn it all around in 4 years? Society is fucked. So, yes, this is one giant clusterfuck of over reaction from HBO, they lost a ton of my respect. They seriously can't edit the episode? They have to throw the whole FINALE In the shitter? Please.

  30. Jaded says – reply to this


    Personally, I don't care whose head it was. It wasn't the real persons head so take a chill. Quite frankly if it was Obama's head I'm sure he would have found it funny. It's called a sense of humor. Try one they're nice.
    Regardless, I watch the show and so do my friends and not a one of us even remotely noticed the damn thing until it got all this press. If no one would have mentioned it it would have gone the way of the dodo bird.

  31. 31

    So…. it was no big deal a week or two ago to ANY republican when that crazy church had a noose around Obama's neck, strung up, and burned on the front lawn of their place of worship. THAT was cool. But anyone says anything about Bush or any one of the republicans who have ruined our country… we're supposed to be up in arms when some symbol of it shows up in a TV show? And somehow it's liberals being too sensitive????? WOW!!!!!!!!!

  32. unimportant says – reply to this


    he was a former president of the United States. why the HELL would that be okay? it's disrespectful. and yes all you Obama supporters would be fucking pissed if it was Obama's head. But they would NEVER do that because they would be called racist. shut the hell up and realize that what they did was wrong, disrespectful, and that episode deserved to be pulled. Don't even TRY to give me that "they're overreacting" BULLSHIT because it was a dumb ass idea to begin with. Stupid democratic assholes.

  33. cici says – reply to this


    I am aghast at the idiocy here. it was not bush's head, just a likeness of it. get over it. because if we are going towards "disrespect" hbo style then they would have to pull almost every single show on there for being disrespectful to women and men alike
    get over it you conservative pricks. if you don't like it don't watch it

  34. 34

    Has the world gone insane. I watched the episode and never for one second thought anything about the heads. When they said it looked like GB I had to review it once again. OMG overracting much world? No way did it look like GW. It was a profile shot too, which could have looked like anyone. I am sure Mr. President is laughing this one off. It should not have even been a controvesy. So silly.