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Dina Lohan Comments On Lindsay Lohan's Unconscious Scare!

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lindsay lohan dina lohan unconscious

Everyone was SCARED CRAZY when news hit of Lindsay Lohan's unconscious body found in a Marina Del Rey hotel.

But as it turns out, she was just super tired! Liz & Dick crew could bang on that door all that wanted, but her body needed that rest!

Still.. it's pretty alarming when we hear someone as troubled as Lindsay won't wake up to knocks or banging!

So what does her mother think about it??

Dina Lohan thinks she's just fabulous and working hard for the movie, saying:

"Lindsay's okay. She worked until 6:15am and wrapped, then went home to sleep. She's working so hard and just wants it to be perfect."

Well we understand that, but…

We hope she DOES get the chance to rest up sooner than later. She wants to put QUALITY in the film!

[Image via WENN.]

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32 comments to “Dina Lohan Comments On Lindsay Lohan's Unconscious Scare!”

  1. red says – reply to this


    Whatever…so tired of hearing about her screw ups and cover ups

  2. jess says – reply to this


    of course she didn't go to the hospital. they would drug test her there..and thats a violation of her probabtion. she may be messed up..but a true addict knows how to cover their tracks pretty well..ahem lindsay.

  3. 3

    She pulled this same shiz on the set of Herbie. She doesn't feel like working so she tries to call in sick. The producers wont have it and demand a doctor's assessment or hospitalization. She WONT be bothered with answering the door for the maid. She wasn't counting on the production crew calling 911…they're not stupid and take no chances. Besides, more publicity for a shitty movie of the week that no one would otherwise watch.

  4. 4

    Unless the headline ends with…"and then she died." it's really not worth reading.

  5. 5

    She takes trazadone or ambien to sleep soundly as she has insomnia sometimes.

  6. 6

    Dina says lez be friends

  7. 7

    Such BS. If you want the truth, talk to people who work on the movie, not anyone associated with her. Exhaustion always equals drugs. ALWAYS. Furthermore, she apparently wasn't filming for as long as her rep claims and there are people who saw her out partying last night. Funny how first her rep said she was working until 8 am and then Dina says 6:15 and then someone else associated with her says 4 am. From what I heard, they were done filming by 2 am and then she was out partying until 8 am. I was also told that if she could manage to get her lines right, they would have been done much sooner. She basically has no consideration for anyone else who is in or working on the movie.

  8. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She did manage to GET HER LINES right…but the lines wore off, eventually…and, after pulling her all-nighter, all she wanted to do wa sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep….zzzzzzzz

  9. 9

    Of course she did! Almost as big of a media whore as That Kartrashian pig.

  10. BlackOrchid says – reply to this


    I don't get why you keep reporting that her 'unconcious body' had been found. That is completely false from what I've read everywhere else. She was 'unresponsive' because she didn't respond to the knock on the door. sheesh

  11. 11

    Re: jess – right because paramadics have never seen someone high and wouldn't know if she were high or not. comments like yours only make you look stupid.

  12. 12

    Re: ickynicky – is that why the producer has been saying how well she's doing on the movie?

  13. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    DRUGS !

  14. 14

    Re: ickynicky – Who did you hear this from? Where was she partying and what time?

  15. Dia Zerva says – reply to this


    the most interested person in seeing lindsay dead so she can make as much money as possible from her death is dina lohan

  16. Jacqui says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – what a ridiculous statement. Exhaustion can result for a whole range of reasons. But you do seem very informed on all subjects, you must be right. Then again, I don't think so!

  17. Steph says – reply to this


    Dina Lohan is a whore skank and ruined her daughter. She was whoring all over New York when Lindsay was a young girl on a soap and then whored her way through Hollywood when they moved there. The only bigger whore is Kris Jenner.

    The sad thing is Lindsay actually is talented whike chief whore sister Kim Kardashian has no talent or brains.

  18. 18

    "But as it turns out, she was just super tired!" yeah , that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

  19. 19

    Re: Bobodo – so do I,,,it does NOT knock you out. unless of course your taking 8 or 10 times the normal amount.

  20. artgrrrl says – reply to this


    Please put on your harshness mitigation earmuffs, because I must say this:
    I know there is a special pouch in the ninth circle of hell (which our Dante has let us know is for the treacherous), but I wish there was a special prison here on Earth for mothers like Dina Lohan.

    Because, you know, narcissistic mothers eat their young. And Lindsey Lohan, with all her revlolving door, car-wrecking, untreated addiction, acting out, flailing out, self-brutalizing, talent-smothering b——t is more covered in this specific kind of bite mark than any young actor we have seen in the last 40 years. My God, she looks like a 45 year old porn star trying to fight her way out of retirement.

    With every new headline, I fear more for her survival. Jodie Foster said in an interview a couple of years ago, "My question about Lindsey is, where is her mother?" The location of this dying-in-slow-motion young woman's mother is revealed every other week by paparazzi flashbulbs: she is hovering next to Lindsey like the vampire she is, sucking the fame, life and vitality out of her daughter's brilliant talent. Lindsey is literally getting paler and frailer, while Dina seems to be more color-saturated and energetic with every news cycle. If Lindsey finally dies of her addictions and very obvious untreated childhood trauma, I will not be surprised to see Dina levitate on national television that day. Surrounded by all her ostensible tears.

  21. artgrrrl says – reply to this



    In this photo, the grotesque dynamic is plain to behold: Lindsey pale, zonked, slightly disoriented, defeated in that subtle, unvoiced way…just vaguely happy that her mother is WITH her; Dina thrilled and smiling, latched on like the life-sucking vampire she is, energized to once again find herself in the spotlight of Lindsey's famous disaster.

    Mothers who ACTUALLY love their children are not in a state of conspicuous ecstasy when those children crash and burn in increasingly dangerous ways. If only there were some legal way to rescue Lindsey from this life force-stealing crazy person—some kind of CPS for developmentally arrested famous young adults. Dina looks like she's on Spring Break in this photo…"Oh, it's all so hilarious, exciting and fun!! My daughter is dying, but I don't notice ’cause the shiny lights on me are so so bright!!!"

  22. 22

    mothers state of delusions seems way to much to deal oh yes everything is super duper …HELLO!!! EARTH TO EARTHLING

  23. 23

    This does it, really, right? No one will touch her after she's finished with, assuming she even finishes, this picture. I mean unless the TV movie is Masterpiece Theater and she blows everyone away and wins Golden Globes and Emmy's… but even then: a car crash, lying to cops, booze in the car, and now she is found unconscious (regardless of the reason). Forget the proposed film with Brett Ellis. He's probably already writing her off as I write.

    Should she not die in the next six months, I suggest small parts in indie films. Then maybe once she's got her shit together, again assuming she ever does, tackle the lead in something. Jumping into the role of Liz Taylor was not the smartest thing to do, in my opinion. But I digress… She's using up her nine lives and it's only a matter of time.

  24. 24

    Oh and as far as mom goes… she knows once Lindsay is dead she'll cash in all the more on her… so of course this is "nothing serious"! Nope, just a little bit closer to the pay day, right mommy??

  25. 25

    Re: artgrrrl – get help.

  26. Rossi says – reply to this


    Whitney's calling her girl home.

  27. 27

    Re: highboo – You are a Sick person ! What a horrible thing to say about ANYONE ! Get Help !

  28. 28

    The Movie will be watched . Lindsay will do wonderful at the part and the rest of you Haters will have nothing good to say as always . Dina is no different than any other Mother with kids in the biz Haters just like to Hate .

  29. 29

    Re: beccker – so do you think the producers are going to say she is doing horribly in the movie? damn, comments like that really make you look stupid.

  30. 30

    …when the inevitable does happen im gonna party like its 1999, and yer all invited….

  31. 31

    Dina is no different than any other Mother with kids in the biz Haters just like to Hate .
    Funniest post of the week!
    Dina is a leech.

  32. beardwatcher says – reply to this


    Are Dina and LIndsey lovers?