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ANOTHER Miss USA Contestant Claims Pageant Was Fixed!

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Sheena Monnin gets support from anonymous contestant

Miss Pennsylvania is finally getting some much needed support.

Sheena Monnin made headlines when she resigned from her beauty queen position within the Miss Universe Organization because she heard that the top five finalists at the Miss USA Pageant were predetermined.

Unfortunately, she doesn't really have any evidence to support her claims because Miss Florida — the contestant who actually saw the list of finalists before the competition began — has said she was just joking.

Even with a lawsuit from Donald Trump, Sheena isn't back down, but at least another contestant coming forward to support her claims. Well, sort of.

A contestant who wants to remain anonymous said this:

“I saw Florida backstage and she was very, very flustered and upset…at that point she was able to reveal to me at least four of the five names who went on to be the top girls. She couldn’t remember the fifth because she was so upset. Several of the girls then started hearing through the grapevine about a list; a lot of people were upset.”

Hmm…maybe these girls need to get together and agree to show a little solidarity. It's a lot easier to disregard one contestant's allegation of fraud than it would be if they ALL came forward with allegations.

Everyone else involved in the pageant is vehemently denying any foul play. Celebrity judges like Joe Jonas and Rob Kardashian have made statements in support of Miss Universe on Twitter, while the accounting firm that tabulates the pageant results said:

"Neither the Miss Universe Organization, Donald Trump, NBC, the eight celebrity judges, nor any of the contestants could have known who the final five Miss USA finalists were before the evening gown competition was completed and the tabulation was verified by Ernst & Young during the live broadcast.”

Sheena Monnin is going to need all the help she can get to continue her quest for the truth, as well as defend herself against a defamation lawsuit. We don't think the support of an anonymous contestant is going to cut it either.

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “ANOTHER Miss USA Contestant Claims Pageant Was Fixed!”

  1. 1

    Donald "Draft-Dodging Coward" Trump is PURE SLEAZE…

  2. 2

    boy oh boy unless the list was numbered 1-5 with the names in the order of who won it could be any list … i mean why would they know someone whos going to win could be a list of people they wanted to go out with , some idiot cleaner at the back scribbling to amuse himself ..

  3. 3

    Well, if Rob Kardashian says it's all honest, then it must be. He comes from a long line of honest, trustworthy people. Hahahaha! I can't wait for all this bad karma to bite Miss Florida in the ass.

  4. 4

    I think its already strange and highly suspect when the JUDGES generally are all already associated with and/or tied to or employees of the owner of the pageant. Arsenio Hall? Um, didn't he just win Trump's Apprentice? Miss UNIVERSE? Isn't she someone with direct loyalties to the owner - Trump - of the very pageant which once crowned her? Just to name a couple of examples. In fact, Arsenio Hall looked to be about as amused to be a judge as if he were phoning it in from prison. And wasn't Trump's own wife one year a judge? So already the judging can be stocked in favor of whatever Mr. Trump may have previous expressed as his wishes or favor. That angle alone ought to be looked into more closely.

  5. Spencer Siamese says – reply to this


    A rigged competition is a 'Fake' competition, right? well her Breast are FAKE & her Tan is FAKE, her smile proably fake, her personality? sadley thats All american Home Grown!
    since ready for Dec 21st, 2012!

  6. CC says – reply to this


    If anyone hasn't noticed, Miss. Pennsylvania is ugly as fuck anyways…SORRY :) not sorry.

  7. 7

    I see very promising Porn Careers ahead for 90% of Donald's beauty contestants….

  8. 8

    Okra Panfry's Bucket-O-Wings says,,, some horseshit

    honey you need to take some MORE yellows or blues washed down with that first pint of the day.

  9. 9

    Donald Trump is a bully.

  10. Mary says – reply to this


    I can't get past the camel toe and the fact that she should have let a drag queen do her make up for a more natural look.

  11. 11

    I really don't believe that any pageants, especially the ones that are well known are all fair and square, something is always going on behind door.

  12. 12

    Re: Princess-peach – i think so too. dont think much of this shit doesnt have skeletones in there closets

  13. 13

    …shit !, is that a real person ?….they should have a pageant with no surgery or makeup allowed…..then we'll see whos really purdy….

  14. beardwaatcher says – reply to this


    Fake?? No way! That's like saying the Celebrity Apprentice, WWE Smackdown, Househunters, The Bachelorette, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and that thing on top of Trump's head are all fake!!! They're all totally super real!!! That's why they call them reality shows! If they were fake they'd call them unreality shows! We have to believe in reality because it's all we have left!