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Internet Shake-Up? Because .Com Was Just Too Easy!

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Belieber ICANN Domain Name

Good news, JB Nation — .belieber is still available!!

ICANN — or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, for the six of you who were wondering — released their new list of top-level domain names today.

So how will this affect us?

Now, for example, instead of buying your next Fifty Shades of Grey approved anal accessory from www.succulantsuppositories.com you can now just head on over to www.succulantsupporitories.adult!!


We know what you’re thinking — “How does this make our life easier?”

We’re honestly not sure it does!!

Big corporations like Amazon and American Express shelled out $185k per domain extension for .amazon and .americanexpress because it makes their sites exponentially more secure.

It’s all binary mumbojumbo to us but — apparently — when you control the interwebs from that high of a level, your website becomes absolutely impenetrable to hacking, phishing, and even spam!

Whatever you say, Internet scientists!

We’re just here for the Christina Hendricks pictures!!

[Image via WENN.]

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