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Britney Spears Confronted With Former Duet Partner At The San Fran X Factor Auditions!

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Anyone who STILL has any reservations about Britney Spears' ability as a judge on X Factor can SIT DOWN, because after this INSANE situation, we can safely assert that she is back, and as confident and genuine as ever!

During yesterday's audition round in San Francisco, the pop star was treated to a jarring blast from the past when Don Phillips, who was featured on the duet I Will Still Love You from her debut album …Baby One More Time, took to the stage as a contestant, and the reunion turned emotional when he used the opportunity to come out to her as a gay man!

A source explains:

"You could see that Britney recognized him straight away. She got this huge smile on her face and her eyes lit up. It was so sweet. When he started crying and saying he thought he'd never see her again and that he'd had a lot to deal with, Britney was comforting him to calm him. She's been through a lot in those 10 years, too, so it must have been a shock for her to see him. You could tell she was emotional and she really felt for him especially when he was crying, but she also stayed calm. She handled it unbelievably well and really stepped up to the situation. It was probably the most personal and emotional situation for her that's happened so far on X Factor, and she took it totally in stride in front of a live audience of thousands."


Unfortunately, however, for Don, by all accounts his audition didn't go too well, and even while telling him he wouldn't be a good fit for the show, our Brit STILL managed to stay composed, articulate, and direct without being cruel!

Yeesh! That sounds seriously INTENSE!

And in such a public forum!

We don't think many could have handled that kind of situation well, so the fact that she did so with such grace and poise is a HUGE indicator that this could be a much better fit for her than anyone could have anticipated!

Well done, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Britney Spears Confronted With Former Duet Partner At The San Fran X Factor Auditions!”

  1. Grinder says – reply to this


    Why the questions all of the time? How many years must it take?

  2. 2

    There is no way the producers of this show would spring any surprises on Britney. This is reality tv - very little is real, and almost none of it is spontaneous. Does anyone really believe that Britney was not prepped for this particular contestant?

  3. Xenu says – reply to this


    This and the fact Gene Simmons Daughter is auditioning as well. Simon is pulling out all the stops for these staged publicity events. Next Up, Demi and Niall make out on the Judges table.

  4. 4

    ooooh she's giving some circus era fierceness with that short curly doo :) haha i loves her

  5. 5

    You left out the part where Don Philip told Britney that he didn't think she would be okay with him being gay back in the day. Clearly Britney had some hang ups with homosexuality early in her career. And before people bring up the fact that she has gay dancers and "friends", keep in mind this is the same woman who tried to decieve everything into thinking she was a virgin and that people should wait until marriage for sex.

    The saddest part is that Britney threw this guy under the bus. She was acting 'uncomfortable' like the other judges over his public mental breakdown. She didn't even bother to get up and hug him, instead she coldly told him he wasn't X Factor material.

  6. 6

    Clearly her family, boyfriend and the media are trying to manufacture a happy ending Cinderella story for Britney. Britney was totally prepared and rehearsed for this contestant. They're trying to make her look like the tough and confident judge so America forgets about her past and thinks: "Awww. Britney has come so far!" The most blatent manufacturing came from Jamie Lynn Spears' convieniantely timed "I Look Up To You" song about Britney. I was expecting Jamie Lynn to hold up a "watch X Factor" sign at the end of the song. Even Britney's boyfriend Jason Trawick is in on it. He's uploading videos on Viddy to fool America into thinking Britney is comedic and spontaneous. Nevermind that she had no personality for the past 5 years and could barely get through an interview.

  7. don'tbelieveperez says – reply to this


    i wouldn't believe a word the media says about her - britney's on medication and while she is on the mend, she no longer has the brilliance as a dancer (or singer). Instead what you see is all publicity stunt hoping to change the world's opinion about this white trash barbie doll. good luck in believing those lies !

  8. 8

    Is it me or does she kind of look like a mess all the time……I hope she can handle this until the end. Don't they do live shows too?

  9. 9

    She look's 50 and always looks like she needs a shower.

  10. 10

    * Dead Eyes * o.o if anyone really cared about her - they would take her far away and keep things normal.

  11. 11

    There is so much sadness in her eyes. I honestly think she needs some deep psychological healing.

  12. Barbie says – reply to this


    Re: britneycopiesxtina
    I'm sorry, were you there? Because everything you just said was complete hogwash.

  13. strawberry says – reply to this


    I was in the audience for this audition. This Don Philip guy was being incredibly inappropriate, and was extremely vague when the judges tried to ask him questions about what he's been doing for the past 10 years. I think Britney would have been more receptive to him if he gave some straight forward answers to the judges' questions instead of standing up there stammering and blubbering about his personal issues. For that matter, when he sang he just was not on the ball. Britney was right for saying no to Don, none of it was meant to be impersonal or rude. He just wasn't right for the show.

  14. Jordan says – reply to this


    Re: britneycopiesxtina
    Another pressed X-tina fan! lolz! Can't blame you though! X-factor rating will >> the Voice. Jealousy is expected.

  15. 15

    Re: britneycopiesxtina – wow, someone's a bitter birtha. no one cares what you think boo.

  16. Den says – reply to this


    I want nothing more than for Britney to be an amazing judge, but after seeing her live on Saturday she was just plain…bizarre. She's straight up afraid of the audience, and said no more than one sentence to each contestant. I think she's a robot.

  17. Sara says – reply to this


    Sounds like a staged scenario to make Brit look good and to get PR for the show. Not buying it.

  18. James says – reply to this


    isn't this just what happened with Christina Aguilera and Tony Lucca on "The Voice" … they seriously need to give up with the competing with one another, its so sad. no-one on the Voice has yet to say anything about the xfactor yet they keep bringing them up! Also, britney looks awful here! wow!

  19. cb621 says – reply to this


    I was there yesterday and this did not seemed staged at all. The media does seem to be playing it up like she had this great reunion and it was heartfelt, but the whole thing was just weird. The guy was really awkward and tried to go around saying that he was gay. LA had to ask him what he was hiding, before he came out to them. The judges even commented how uncomfortable Britney was as well as everyone else there. She was shaken up thats for sure. I dont blame her for not going up and giving that guy a hug, the audience was all yelling "stalker" at him.

  20. Andrew Pearce says – reply to this


    Who wrote this nonsense? I was there in the audience and this situation was incredibly awkward but Britney just sat there and didn't say anything. Simon and LA talked to this nut. This is someone's attempt to turn this into good PR for Britney who was distant throughout the show. She seemed like she was "phoning it in" and I doubt she will be back next year. She turned to look at the audience once during the 3 hour taping, The other judges were having photos taken and shaking hands during the breaks.

  21. prg says – reply to this


    hmmmmmmmmm a old friend comes to audtion when u are judge of a talent show where have i seen that?? oh yes, tony lucca and xtina in the voice.

  22. 22

    Re: cb621 – REALLY!? This was COMPLETELY staged. This guy was so damn weird and awkward. They let the "audition" go on for like 10 minutes and he was a total wack job. I couldn't get over how weird it was. He was going on this rant and digression on "finding himself" but couldn't answer the real question Simon was asking. I'm surprised Britney didn't diva her way off the stage because she was creeped out.

  23. 23

    I gotta agree with rosebud