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Courtney Stodden Isn't Just Impersonating Cats Anymore! Check Out Her Tribute To Marilyn Monroe HERE!

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Well, if there's a silver lining to this, it's that it's not nearly as terrifying as her tribute to Hello Kitty!

Apparently now that Lindsay Lohan has moved on to pretending she's Elizabeth Taylor, Courtney Stodden has decided to fill the wannabe-Marilyn Monroe vacancy, and has released a brand new YouTube clip of herself she describes as a tribute to the iconic star!

Give it a watch (above)!

Yeah. Again, not so much a tribute as it is just her posing in various states of undress and her standard stripper heels!

But she does sort of attempt the Marilyn hair!

And to her credit, she looks a little more lucid than usual!

She even poses with a book as though she's reading it!

A MUCH better prop than a litter box, gurl! Well done!

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21 comments to “Courtney Stodden Isn't Just Impersonating Cats Anymore! Check Out Her Tribute To Marilyn Monroe HERE!”

  1. 1

    She is easily the single most beautiful and most talented individual who has ever lived, bar none!!!

    May she rest in peace.

  2. Ashley xo says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Wow do your research please.. She revolutionized the way sex was viewed- in the uptight 1950's sex was viewed as something dirty and shameful, Marilyn made it fun and funny, she could be sexy while still being proper enough to bring home to mother and it altered society in such a way to make the sexual revolution of the 1960's possible- She was the first woman EVER to get script and director approval in her films, the 2nd woman EVER (after Mary Pickford) to start her own production company. (Marilyn Monroe Productions, in 1956)..

  3. Ashley xo says – reply to this


    She was also an early advocate of civil rights. When a whites-only club refused to book African-American singer Ella Fitzgerald, one of MM's favorite singers, she personally called the club and told them if they booked Ella she would sit front row every night. She also headed the Committee For A Sane Nuclear Policy. She readily gave her time and money to numerous charities including the USO, The Milk Fund, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Arthritis Foundation, The March of Dimes, and many anonymous donations to orphanages. Would you like me to continue.. there are reasons she is one of the most famous women in the world and she was far more than an unstable, alcoholic, druggie whore– she had a horrible upbringing and life and went on to empower so many females, even if it was through her sexuality– you need to do your research before you bash an icon, you are just making yourself sound ignorant. And btw it is a proven fact she did not abuse illegal drugs she drank and was addicted to prescription pills HER DOCTOR was prescribing her (Nembutal, Seconal, and chloral hydrate for insomnia and anxiety) Again.. do your f*cking research.

  4. 4

    Why isn't this mess placed into a LOCKED Juvenile detention facility?

  5. 5

    Unlike normal people who have PAPER RESUMES, Courtney has a VIDEO RESUME….

  6. 6

    Darn! They cut the video off right before Courtney swallows two bottles of sleeping pills & washed them down with a fifth of vodka….

  7. 7

    More like a tribute to Pam Andserson….HOW IS THIS LEGAL?!? But then again it's just another sad Hollywood story of another mother pimping out her child…

  8. 8

    I wish she was half as hot as she thinks she is.

  9. 9

    Re: Omniscient Gal – Wow. Courtney Stodden isn't the biggest fucking idiot in this post anymore. Congrats!

  10. kendall says – reply to this


    you do realize that idiot is 'reading' a picture book….

  11. 11

    NO, just no

  12. 12

    Bravo to Ashley xo for setting the record straight on MM…she was truly a wonderful person and thanks to Ashley, more people will now realize just how great she was.

  13. 13


  14. molly says – reply to this


    so first off she has marilyn right, she like marilyn was, is a highly sexualized person, who was an outlet for men's perverted fantasizes that did nothing but degrade women. it is clear that courtney like marilyn have been brainwashed into thinking that these over sexualized choices and actions are their own doing when in fact they are victims.they think they have power when in truth these actions leave them feeling empty. if courtney stodden reads this, i would say please stop. get some therapy, divorce that pervert and find another way to love yourself and achieve success. sorry to say i won't be surprised if i hear she doing porn. that's what i thought when watching the vid. such a sad chid it breaks my heart to see such emptiness and insecurity in someone so young.

  15. be strong says – reply to this


    I can't wait until this girl turns 18. Her ancient husband puts her in all these provocative poses, for years now, and it's just not right. She”s just a child and presents like she has special needs. Two reasons he should not have been allowed to do it. Whether she is married or not, her parents should rescue her. They must know by now, they made a huge mistake. Isn't anyone else creeped out by this? It's like her older than dirt husband deliberately puts her in these positions to brag about banging a child. Disgusting

  16. 16

    Well, that was just sad. This "girl" is no more like Marilyn than my cat.

  17. 17

    Re: Ashley xo – I couldn't have said it all better myself. If more actresses looked as healthy as Marilyn did, weight wise, we'd be so much better off. I'd certainly rather watch a curvy actress than some anorexic bag of bones.

    Re: Omniscient Gal – You're a bloody idiot who did as little research as Perez does when he spouts off at the mouth. Marilyn was not a stupid person and while she never claimed to be a singer, the studios chose to market her that way. How anyone can say that the lead actress in "Some Like It Hot" was a bad actress is beyond me. Marilyn had a horrific life and regardless of how she died, she didn't deserve it nor is she deserving of your nasty comments which are patently untrue. Do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

  18. 18

    Not watching.

  19. SusieQ says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – I'd call you an asshole again, but too many other people here have said it better. Congrats, you've topped yourself again, oddly not unlike Courtney Stodden.

  20. Jessica says – reply to this


    More like she was channeling Anna Nicole Smith.

  21. phl0xX says – reply to this


    Skank alert!