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Wounded Bystander Blames Drake For The Bloody Brawl!

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chris brown drake wip fight

Vladimira Brace is PISSED! And all her rage is goin' toward Drake!!

Gurl was trampled during his and Chris Brown's W.i.P. brawl, and now she's claiming spinal injury! Ouchie!

In a letter sent to Drizzy's camp, Brace's lawyer states:

"Your client instigated a brawl with Mr. Chris Brown. His actions were reckless and negligent in inflaming a violent mob. My client personally observed several members of [Drake's] entourage throwing bottles of champagne with reckless and criminal disregard of the well-being of the innocent bystanders. It is regrettable that apparently many innocent young women have been severely injured by this incident."

But we hear those close to Drake are laughing at the accusations, insisting he didn't start a thing!

Well.. no matter who started it, it is unfortunate that FOUR innocent bystanders were injured through this. Whoever did instigate this fight, whether it was through a nasty note or not, should feel bad!

These are grown men we're talking about here. Celebrity or not, they pulled this crap in a public setting, endangering the lives of everyone around them. Someone should be held accountable!

[Image via Stefan Jeremia/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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8 comments to “Wounded Bystander Blames Drake For The Bloody Brawl!”

  1. Drake says – reply to this


    Please another dumbass Chris Brown fan. I hope one day somebody knocks some sense into a la Chris Brown style so she won't blame the wrong person.

  2. Sad situation says – reply to this


    Perez stop bashing CHRIS BROWN. He made a mistake like everybody else has done. Nobody perfect. You are too busy trying to print the bad things he supposingly done that you won't recognize the good things that he's doing. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US NOT YOU.

  3. 3

    There has actually been a few people who have stated that Drake instigated the situation and I believe it. I like both CB and Drake's music, but Drake does strike me as a bitch who tries to come off harder than what he is. Maybe he feels the need to try so hard to be a thug (when he really isn't) so that people will forget about Degrassi! However, it's becoming ridiculous because this isn't the first time Drake has been at the center of drama. Unlike CB, he's just never been charged.

  4. LadyB says – reply to this


    Re: Drake – thank you, its a bird who think Chris might actually like her if she does this, just like all the other dumb ass birds who stick up for him and would do anything to let him hit… Eff Chris Brown hes the ish running to the police and what not, a

  5. pea says – reply to this


    i wish u people will stop with all the hate towards chris because he was not the one who started the fight so deal with it mr. drake will get his soon or later trust that the bitch will be broke

  6. 6

    Drake needs to get a life

  7. Calle says – reply to this


    If it would have been the other way around, and the girl accused Chris of instigating the fight, this whole "article" would have been completely different. Perez would have bashed Chris and giving him all types of shit. But now when it's actually Drake who's being accused, it's just wrong and they need to grow up. God damn, why do we even keep reading Perez effing posts.

  8. beardwatcher says – reply to this


    Nothing more than a lovers' quarel!