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Kris Humphries' Lawyers Plan To Use Kim Kardashian's Oprah Interview As Evidence!

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Kim kris Divorce Oprah

Uh oh!

Looks like somebody might soon be eating their words!

We mentioned previously how this past Sunday, Oprah Winfrey interviewed the whole Kardashian Klan in a tell-all episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Kim Kardashian spilled everything to Momma O — including deets about her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries!!

Lucky for Kris Humphries, his lawyers were tuned in to the OWN Network over the weekend and are now planning on breaking down the interview…to use it against Kim in court!

Seems like the Oprah sit-down was JUST what they needed to add to Kris’ claim about his marriage to Kim being a fraud!

A source revealed:

“Kris' lawyers will grill Kim about the specifics of her conversation with her mother on the eve of her wedding. What was exactly said and why did Kris say that to her daughter? Kim's explanation of why her mom asked her just doesn't make sense. There is a lot more going on to this than the public knows, and Kris wants answers. Kris was left in the dark, and it was very hurtful for him to hear that Kim was bored with him."

Towards the end of part one of the tell-all, Kimmy stated that she will “always have a place” in her heart for Kris, but his lawyers just aren’t buying it!

Even more fuel to add to their divorce case fire?

A source stated:

"Kim spent more time mourning the end of her marriage, claiming to be depressed for four months, than the actual marriage which only last for 72 days. Kim has no idea how much she has helped her estranged hubby's lawyers prepare for her upcoming deposition. Kris' lawyers are looking forward to watching the second part of Kim's interview with Oprah."

Oh shiz! Maybe Kim should’ve waited until AFTER the trial to do the interview!

The divorce depositions for the ex couple are starting this week, and supposedly, the Oprah interview was all part of Kim’s plan to win fans’ sympathy during the trial!

The second part of the Kardashian interview airs this Sunday on OWN…hopefully Kimmy doesn’t dig herself into an even DEEPER hole with this one!!

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Kris Humphries' Lawyers Plan To Use Kim Kardashian's Oprah Interview As Evidence!”

  1. 1

    Their marriage gave her more negative press, than positive press, if she really did do the marriage for publicity (which i don't think she did) than it didn't help her, at all. So many "celebrities" get married for equal if not shorter periods of time. And if their wedding was fake, wouldn't it be on HIM because HE purposed to her?

  2. 2

    I wish all the Kardashian Kunts could just go to hell.

  3. janet says – reply to this


    So If they can use the interview for their "extortion" case opens the door for Kim to use the Myla evidence of her and Kris' relationship. I'm sure Myla's evidence is much more damaging than the interview with Oprah. So to Kris' lawyers you have tarnished your reputation. You went after an innocent girl and nearly destroyed her life. This will also have an impact as to your motives and your character.

  4. 4

    Wow I swathe interview…his lawyers are pretty smart. They'll be billing their client for nada. Nothing to see there. He needs to let it go and save his miney

  5. 5

    Hump has never made a statement about his sKumbag x except he was moving on, why does her warped family put out lies about him?

  6. 6

    Something must've happened between you two, suddenly you've become a two-faced, fair weather buddy. Add her to the Gaga/Kat Graham list.

  7. 7

    Re: meggles – Not to be disrespectful, but she is famous for porn tape. If she got all good press no one would watch her. Oprah didn't interview these con artists until after that trash had a stunt wedding. I am simply amazed how gullible people are, but that what con artists count on!

  8. 8

    Re: meggles – The sex tape was also negative and she admitted that is what made her famous. All publicity is good publicity for people like her.

  9. sayswho says – reply to this


    Hope the lawyers are smart enough to get the uncut version of the interview as it has been edited and probably will be again before the second part airs….

  10. 10

    If her fake marriage and later divorce gave her anything, it was more haters. THAT'S why she was sad. Why can't these kids walk away from their controlling mother? If Bruce had a heart, he'd protect Kendall and Kylie from Kris Jenner.

  11. 11

    She should have stayed out of the public eye and kept her mouth shut until her divorce was final.

  12. 12

    ok seriously people, stop bashing her, this is her life, she does WHATEVER she wants. While you people have no prove she married for publicity, don't assume anything. Innocent until proven guilty. People are clearly soooo jealous of her, because she isn't the only one who got married and got divorced in such a short amount of time. Didn't Britney spears married her first husband from her hometown for like 72 hours????? So stop judging and talking about her, the more you talk about her, the more she matters. Get a life people!

  13. Ninja40 says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who doesn't understand how that interview hurt her? I don't like the Kardashians, I only turned in because my family likes them, but I found her answers to the marriage very smart and it made sense. Now I don't know if somebody told her what to say, but I thought she did a good job. I don't understand why Kris's lawers are going after her for this interview. She said she mourned it for 4 months, so? From the sounds of it she was embarrassed and confused. I thought she portrayed Kris H in a positive light, and now hes doing this?

  14. Ninja40 says – reply to this


    Re: Ninja40 – Also, with her mom asking the day before the wedding if she really wanted to do it, I think that showed the familys doubts, but that doesn't mean she had doubts and it was a sham? I have been forced to watch this show for years, and Kim is one to fall fast and not listen to anyone. It's her life, she can do what she wants. And from the sounds of it Kris isn't as heart broken as he claims if he moved on quickly just like she did.

  15. 15

    I'm not even a fan of Kim but I wish this guy would just go away, he makes himself look so pathetic. He should have ran away fast and got photographed partying with some new girlfriend or two, and he'd be fine. Yet, he chooses to act like a sore loser.

  16. 16

    Re: Yourmom1980 – But she said she was Really sad for 4 mths

  17. 17

    Re: WowzaChild – Grr I am so sorry I care, The only thing Hump has said that has been quoted is that he is moving on….The only Crap that has been put out there that he is saying has been put out there by the KKK. Hell, CNN reported that the KKK's were putting fake stories about Hump in the tabs and the he has a gazillion dollar gag order if he mentions her NAME.. How do these con artists make people so dumb

  18. 18

    Please go away, you fat-assed, hairy gypsy!!!

  19. Rossi says – reply to this


    Kim Kartrashian has succeeded where no one else (not Maya Angelo; not Toni Morrison; not Nelson Mandela; no one other person on this planet) could: Kim, with all her wicked wiles and evil charms has made Oprah into a fucking turd of a joke.

  20. 20

    I don't care about Kim or Kris but I am sad for Oprah that she felt she had to interview a family of fake people just wanting to be famous just to get viewers on her show.

  21. 21

    Kris Humphrey is pathetic and just wants extra attention because he sucks at playing basketball and was a nobody until he met Kim. Seriously he needs to get over it. Back to the question about the wedding being a scam…I don't think it was. Kim has admitted that she falls in love fast and has always wanted her fairytale ending. So sue her for wanting to be happy. I'm actually glad she left Kris.

  22. Seriously??? says – reply to this


    He says the marriage was fake right? So why is he going crazy trying to prove it was fake? If it was fake take your money and move on with your life,I don't understand why he's continuing with all of this extra stuff.

  23. 23

    Re: Ninja40 – its funny how you act like someone held a gun to your head and forced you to watch their shows all these years. No one forced you to do anything, you chose to sit and watch it with whoever in your house watches it. You could have easily done something else. I live w someone who watches that garbage and I do something else instead. Its not that hard.

  24. Ninja40 says – reply to this


    Re: Tiffany625 – You actually know nothing about my life and why I choose to watch this show with my family. The truth is that I have stage 3 stomach cancer, and don't know how much longer I will be with my 3 children so I spend my time doing what they like to do. So yes, I do choose to watch this even though I don't like it, no nobody is holding a gun to my head but pretty much yes

  25. poochie says – reply to this


    What i dont understand is, if they have signed a prenup, why the hell this divorce is taking soo long, i think it was both a publicity stunt and she just wanted to have a big wedding party, but not a marriage, thats all

  26. Claire says – reply to this


    Re: megglesRe: meggles

    All of you Kim supporters present yourselves as illiterate. "HE purposed to her?" Purposed? You illeterate go on liking the useless fat ass whore as a role model because being literate might be more challenging. Yes, he asked, because she told him too, and the rest is history.

    And Janet, you are so wrong. The Kim whore has been flaunting her relationship with a low-life for months. Maybe a rich low-life but a low-life just the same and Kim has advertised spelling $750K on a car gift for the classless rapper. Do you really think Kris's little piece of ass on the side is going to change things?

  27. 27

    I never found Kris Humphries to be very kind or respectful toward Kim on their show, I was surprised she even went through with the marriage. He was awful to her from the jump.

  28. kkk says – reply to this


    so maybe he was told to propose…couldnt he say no??? people stop pretending u were there

  29. Bertha says – reply to this


    She got paid $$$..He got paid $$$.. this is the truth people. Their both liars! Welcome to Hollywood! As for the big O interview…They got nothing… This girl can talk her way to the moon on a skateboard, but good luck with winning Kris! because you need it!