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46 comments to “Nicki Minaj Wants The Government To 'Give FREE Health Care To All'”

  1. 1

    Sounds to me she now has a CAUSE- she can start a foundation that provides free health care to the poor-instead of squander any money she clears pursuing what she does.
    Best Wishes!

  2. Bob says – reply to this


    Free???? And who do you think is going to pay for this? Our taxes would double if not triple. If she thinks health care will be free she is crazier than I thought.

  3. 3

    Minaj is a total dumbass with, despite her undeserved millions, has the welfare mentality. Where does this asshole think the money is going to come from to pay for the "free" healthcare? TAXES. Someone needs to punch this stupid bitch in the mouth and tell her to STFU until she can string two thoughts together.

  4. awakenthesoul says – reply to this


    These celebrities should pony up the costs, you too Perez. You can afford to travel the world, so pay your fair share! Free is NOT free but costs the working middle class who live pay check to paycheck. STFU bleeding heart scum and put your money where your mouth is.

  5. sevgi says – reply to this


    free?? tax money dumb ass! how about you pay for it yourself?? making money for scrambling out stupid hoe, for 3 minutes! nothing in this world is for free!

  6. Mandy says – reply to this


    I actually agree.Many contries give free health care and college and have a 14 percent tax rate. They are some of the most finantually stable.I know this is irrelevent to this conversation but I also think we should bring manufacturing back to America.

  7. 7

    sounds like all these idiots that have a problem with free healthcare cant come up with an original thought of their own. sounds like some dated shit that their parents spew from their ignorant brainwashed mouths. fear mongering of taxes and economy is EXACTLY how hitler got germany under his thumb….and more than 6 million people murdered

  8. sevgi says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – which countries?

  9. 9

    Re: cookoo4no1 – You need meds. The jews have nothing to do with the fact that healthcare costs money, you ignorant twat. Your genetically inferior parents must have dropped you on your head when you were a baby. Go back to your group home, moron.

  10. WAHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    i live in Canada and we have free healthcare and we pay huge amounts of taxes for it and i dont know what countries the other person was talking about but our college certainly isn't free…..we pay insane amounts for that too with another rise in costs coming…..free healthcare ( well not really free ) is good for the most part but prepare to wait months and months for surgery's and tests and deal with doctor and nurse shortages and sitting in waiting rooms for hours on end…..oh and free healthcare does not equal free meds…..we pay insane amounts for medication and have to get insurance that will cover some of the costs….some medications like meds for lukemia can put you out 40 grand a year….."free health care" sounds great, but the reality is, in the end, the cost can be the same…….but it is nice to just be able to go to the clinic and ER if something just comes up or your kid is sick

  11. 11

    Re: sevgi – Italy has free health care… and england had free secondary education … umm canada has free health care… i cant think of any others. but i dont think a specific country has both. but from what i do know.. is that these countries that have free health care seem to be economically stable. but then again if america decided to give out free health care.. there are tons of people who would take advantage of it.. drug addicts / homeless/ people on welfare that are just too lazy to go out and get a job. there are some people that should be entitled to free health care.. like middle class people who work and have a life threatening disease that they absolutely cannot afford on their own… but this will never happen. america is too greedy

  12. 12

    Re: WAHHHHHHH! – I'm not sure where you live in Canada, but i'm also Canadian and i can tell you, i can call my GP today, and get in tomorrow. I've never waited longer than an hour for bloodwork. Also, as expensive as you think our post education costs may be, they're still a quarter of what one pays in the U.S.. Also, at least in Ontario, there is the Trillium program, which helps pays for medications for those who don't have private insurance to cover them, and its based on income.

  13. Seriously people? says – reply to this


    If the poor deserve free healthcare then so do the wealthy. The wealthy will be the ones paying for it all anyway. The government is struggling to fund education, where will the money to provide free, extensive healthcare to all come from? It isn't greed, it is finding a way to satisfy all the need that we have in this country. Need that comes from disability, laziness, unfortunate situations, loss, and many other things. Never will everyone be satisfied with the distribution of funds.

  14. Seriously people? says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously people? – And I have to ask, if this woman who lost her cancer battle was an actress in Moesha where did all her money go? Nicki Minaj even says in her tweet "when she was bringing home the bacon." So where did all that bacon go? I understand that hospital costs are high, but shouldn't she have saved some of her money or invested for a day down the road? My husband and I don't have insurance but we put money away every single week for medical costs. It makes our budget tighter, but we know that it'l help when we need it.

  15. Care Giver says – reply to this


    Shut up Nikki on issues you are not educated on or better yet how about you take some of those ridiculous millions you make and give it to the people who serve this country - teachers, police, EMT - who are currently struggling to pay their medical bills.

  16. sodopop says – reply to this


    I she even legal in the US?

  17. 17

    Why not free scratch tickets for all too..

  18. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – the UK has free primary, secondary and college education (elementary and high school) and healthcare soo yeh

  19. 19

    glad im a canadian. and im staying that way haha

  20. 20

    fucking idiot,,,the "government" she wants to provide FREE health care is US. Watch our taxes multiply, not hers of course, just ours. TAKE A FUCKING economics class bitch

  21. 21

    Re: Mandy – I'm calling BULLSHIT, provide proof.

  22. Realist21 says – reply to this


    Let's break this down into a relatable scenario.

    You receive a free shirt from Target. You did not exchange any money for this shirt.

    However, there is a cost to ship the shirt to the store, to pay the employees who sell that shirt, for the materials used to make the shirt, for the licensing for the designer who created the shirt, etc. These costs can be partially recouped by other people who purchase items from Target, which has now written off the shirt giveaway as a loss.

    The problem comes when no one is paying for those shirts, or any other product. When there is no money to pay for production - you can no longer produce said product.

    Our nation is already operating at a deficit. If no one is paying for health care services, we cannot afford to pay for doctors, nurses, hospital operations, medications or support staff. Taxes, at their current rate, will NOT sustain the cost of operating federal health care. And for anyone that argues that doctors are overpaid - they give up many years of their lives to save yours. They SHOULD be paid six figures.

  23. toonmili says – reply to this


    Free Health Care is possible people. There are countries with free health care. Let me ask you think. If you have to pay 5% more in taxes but you weere sure that if you got sick you would be taken care of would you do it. Is that 5% going to something good or is it to buy a new stupid gadget that you will tricked into replacing in 6 months. I honestly don't understand why Americans pay taxes, what are you all getting in return. I live in Trinidad and for the taxes I pay I get: Free Health Care, Free Secondary and Tertiary Education, old age pension ( from the government). It seems like all Americans get for their money is security. What's the point of being protected from a foreign enemy when you might die from lack of basic health care. America is strange place.

  24. Gasman says – reply to this


    What an absolute HOG she is an embarsement to blacks and she can't sing no future for her thank God.

  25. 25

    Hilarious that all the rednecks that have never left the US go on the attack at the thought of healthcare for all. Get a fucking passport and maybe you can get a clue about how the rest of the world works.

  26. WAHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    @neilnriley - i can also call my GP and get an appointment….same day even, if he is not booked, depending on how busy it is, and where I live our town is booming and our docs and nurses are not enough….if my doctor is busy and i have to go to the ER, there is usually a very long wait, especially on Sunday's when the clinics are closed….im not saying there is anything very bad about our free healthcare, i am happy we have it….but the waits can be rediculous….my husband had to wait 3 months for an MRI on his back…..i had a lump on my breast and the whole process from the first doctor visit to when they told me it was just scar tissue took an entire year…a year of worry that was unnecessary had they moved their asses

  27. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    There aqre a fuck ton of countries that give free education and healthcare. If you don't know that you are retarded and need to educate yourself. Not every country in the world is as heartless and greedy as we are to our people. and shut the fuck up about taxes, countries that give free healthcare are no worse off then any other country in the recession.

  28. 28

    There is no such thing as FREE healthcare. Someone has to pay for it. People like her are such idiots. And healthcare is not a "God-given right". If it was, God would fucking give it. She needs to look up the definition of a right.

  29. be strong says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – France is a country that offers free health care, free prescriptions and free university. Canada offers free health care but university is expensive, that's for sure. Prescriptions are covered by some companies. My husband pays $1.00 only for every prescription, the insurance company connected with his work pays the rest. Canadians pay 13% tax on most consumer products. So if I pay $10.00 for something my bill comes to $11.30 with tax. Your bill at 4% comes to $10.40. The difference is that I can sleep at night. My husband says you sound like a rich, heartless republican who wishes the poor would all die. Incidentally, our economy is more stable than yours even with our higher taxes.

  30. 30

    Re: cookoo4no1 – You know nothing about the history of Hitler and Germany.

  31. 31

    Re: toonmili – If your taxes go up 5%, is not fucking free now is it? Sheesh.

  32. be strong says – reply to this


    Re: VinnyD – The idea is that you hardly miss it when it comes off your taxes, but when you leave the doctor's office you don't pay a cent. My daughter took her son to the hospital when she was on vacation in Cape Cod. He had touched a hot water tank and had a little burn. My daughter worries too much so rushed him to the near-by hospital. The doctor put neo-sporin on it and applied a gauze bandage. He charged her $500.00. My daughter's husband is American and his insurance company covered it but had he not had coverage they would have had to pay $500.00 for a little ointment and a bandage. What do cancer patients and people with heart disease do? In Canada you leave the hospital debt free. Chemo is free. Open-heart surgery is free. You get my point.

  33. be strong says – reply to this


    Re: VinnyD – If you have a $100,000 dollar bill to pay at the end of your hospital visit, wouldn't it be better to pay extra tax then be faced with that for the rest of your life? Every time I had a head-ache I would be terrified that I was having a stroke or something and no one would help me because it took too long to arrange financing. Free health care benefits the sick. It sure is easy to say you don't want it when you are well. If your five year old was hit by a car and needed to be in traction requiring a very long hospital stay and you don't have coverage what do you do? Aren't you terrified every night before bed that something could go very wrong tomorrow or do you just live in denial? If you're rich, good, but that only represents a small percentage of the population. Americans, you need to take care of all your citizens, the poor, the sick, the infirmed , the elderly, etc. Shame on you that you don't want to.

  34. Orca says – reply to this


    In Australia healthcare is free and I'm pretty sure our taxes are still lower than yours. I never have to worry about where I will get the money if I or my family get cancer, diabetes, are involved in horrific accidents. We are a financially stable country most of te time, and even in recessionn we are still better off.

    To the idiot who said if it was a god given right, god would provide it?? I don't believe in god, but what a fucked up entity you must believe - its not a god given right for free healthcare for all, but then on the same token everyone in your country has the 'god given right' to own and use guns!

    Open your eyes and look at how other countries live. Your country may be beautiful, but your politics and policies are not.

  35. 35

    I'm not debating the whole health care thing being free for all. But how does someone who is an actress not have insurance? I go to school full time and work some piddly ass job, but I still work my finances around to afford insurance. Sounds like she should have been spending that money on medical insurance rather than that extra helping of food she was obviously eating. Priorities people.

  36. 36

    She probably thinks food and electricity should be free too, huh? Unrealistic dumbass.

  37. be strong says – reply to this


    Re: Hanapana – Hey, you just might be on to something!

  38. Nic says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – Yeah, and people in the UK earning not a lot of money are being taxed 50% and businesses are being taxed over and above 50% and therefor leaving the UK….

  39. Me says – reply to this


    BWAHAHA this ridiculous whore doesn't know what to say to look "kind" and "caring"

  40. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: sevgi

    Australia for one. We have a free healthcare system for everyone (paid by taxes of course) but the tax rate isn't as high as you would think. We've had it since 1973… and we're an economically stable country.

  41. 41

    And by "free", she means that taxpaying middle class citizens will be paying for the poor and illegal immigrants' healthcare, while the wealthy like her get tax cuts. Yup good idea.

    Go fuck yourself, Nicki Minaj. I don't even think she is from America, I believe she is from somewhere in the Caribbean.

  42. SusieQ says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – You're already paying for free health care you idiot. What do you think Medicaid is? What do you think medicare is? Do you really think everyone who collects Medicare pays for every cent they use? People pay about $144,000 into Medicare during their working life (on average). What do you think one heart surgery costs? Ignnorance knows no boundaries here.

  43. mai says – reply to this


    the UK has free healthcare so it could definatly be done , but wether they would is something else , i think they should

  44. mai says – reply to this


    Re: be strong – there is such thing google NHS the only thing stopping the US is the greedyness of governments and mabey doctors

  45. God Bless says – reply to this


    God Bless Nicki for standing up and tweeting the president about this!!! Canada has free healthcare for ALL of their citizens! Why can't the U.S.??

  46. Shelby says – reply to this


    i think this is an amazing idea , because i for one live in Canada , where we have had free health care for our entire country fro over 50 years , and our taxes aren't unbearably high .. so mabye you should start fighting for equality for the sick , poor & dying . Not just for the bullied .