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The Wanted Stick Christina Aguilera's Face Up Their…

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Collective A**!!!!

And we ain't talking about donkeys here people, although sticking her face up a donkey would relay the EXACT same sentiment…

Those raucous British boys from The Wanted recently stopped by Sarah Lee's 'chat' show while readying themselves to headline 92.3 NOW’s One Night Stand in NYC.

And they're STILL hating on Christina Aguilera for being, what they seem to think, such a nasty-*ss-b*tch when they met her backstage at The Voice!

So when asked to place a cut out of her face on a not-so-subtle game board, they instead stuck it…

Well, click plaaaaaay (above) to play B*tch, Beautiful, & Brit Brit and laugh until YOUR pants fall off!

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35 comments to “The Wanted Stick Christina Aguilera's Face Up Their…”

  1. catton says – reply to this


    are you for real? if you want to be taking seriously, grow up!!! that video clip just made me think of kindergarten. there is a time and place for fun, jokes and laughter. Guys, get it together.

  2. 2

    they're like a bunch if 4 yr olds. grow up already.

  3. Javz says – reply to this


    could they be more desperate for attention?
    only you and your staff of 12 yr olds find this amusing…

  4. 4

    Since their manufactured music careers are tanking I guess any media coverage is better than none…

    Gay Porn Studios are hiring boys…..

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Lol their one hit is already off the air ways….time is already up boys : )

  7. 7

    ..aaaand they just kissed their career goodbye. you don't say shit about your potential boss or boss's best friend

  8. Chris says – reply to this


    That was dumb. That wasn't even worth the repost. It's not even worth my comment.

  9. Becca says – reply to this


    Can someone please smack the shit out of these guys? As much as I don't like Christina these days she's been in the business a lot longer than them and can be a "nasty ass bitch" if she wants. These tools already think everyone has to worship the ground they walk on.

  10. Elena says – reply to this


    Omg, they were joking! In interviews they stick up for her and say people have bad days, they can all actually sing( heard them live) and their not gay, their a great group of lads. You all should get smacked for not knowing shit.

  11. Jessey says – reply to this


    Omg people. chill the hell out! that's how they just play around. i think in a interview baby nathan was talkin about how she was probably just havin a bad day and stickin up for her..we all know xtina can be a bitch, and how most of us ignore it. but these guy's don't know that. their not even from here! i bet if OneDirection called xtina a bitch everyone would be defendin 1D. so stfu about TW. she is a bitch! i absolutely love her..but she is a bitch! Tw were just statin the obvious

  12. cuete says – reply to this


    two words Bel Ami. i am pretty sure they all are going to get it in their asses

  13. Michael says – reply to this


    My God these guys are a one-trick pony. This "incident" with Xtina is ALL they are know for and they are milking it ad nauseum. Maybe they should spend more time learning how to play an instrument and less on their Aguilera Schtick.

  14. 14

    Be careful who you kick on your way to the top.

  15. 15

    they are sooo way out of line. how is this funny perez?? you always talk about bullying being bad, but how is this any different? shame on you.

  16. 16

    They're so transparent. Obviously trying to get publicity to sell their flop album that's going nowhere. And stop lying Perez, they never met Christina backstage. She never even said a word to them because there wasn't an opportunity for her to meet them; a detail The Wanted keep leaving out.

    By the way, it's so obvious what you're doing Perez. You're trying to make Christina look bad so Britney can have the fake happy ending Cinderella story like the media keeps trying to manufacture. Britney is nothing but a copycat. Becoming a judge like Christina and stealing her personality and tough juding style.

  17. 17


  18. iamthediva says – reply to this


    Damn, that's one dumb reporter.

  19. 19

    ok let it go. grown guys having a BITCH feud with another girl is so effeminate and weird. woooooow u guys are so hard u pick on christina aguilara! wtf? and god perez what did christina do to u? u obviously HATE this girl.

  20. Xairo says – reply to this


    It's not funny at all PEREZ, If it would had been about Britney or Lady Gaga you wouldn't be laughing right? Shame of them! But anyway I wanna see if they're still up in the scene in 14 years like Christina is.

  21. Alexis says – reply to this


    This is a very twisted version of the story. They just said she was acting like a total bitch. Never once did they say that she was a nasty ass bitch. Get the facts straight before you go around and judge the wanted. They even said she might have just been having a bad day. Everyone needs to calm down. And before you go saying they have no talent why don't you look at how big of a success they are in England. They only reason people don't know them as much in America is because they just made their debut this year. Apparently people have nothing better to do than be douchebags. Why don't you grow up and get a life.

  22. Chloe says – reply to this


    So Christina has had many feuds and this is the wanteds first one, but they are the assholes? Shut up everyone.

  23. i hate perez hes gay says – reply to this


    Re: Elena – f*** you
    1-there gay
    2-ur gay
    3-there stupid cuz nobody gonna buy there singles anymore

  24. caitlin says – reply to this


    I am so sick of everyone saying mean things about Christina. She never feeds into all the drama and she always ends up looking like the one with class by not feeding into their crap.I think they are so ridiculous and i really hope she puts them in their place….She needs to tell them to kiss her ass and f**k off. Why is it okay for them to act like that but if she did it we'd never hear the end of it?? one sided…? i think so.

  25. 25

    If they are going to spend so much damn time thinking about Christina, they should first apologize up and down to her and then ask her for singing lessons. After that, they should work with Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle from Destiny's Child to learn about small-ensemble performing. They are absolutely terrible live performers for all the attention and money they have received, and repeatedly insulting one of the most-respected vocalists in the world makes them look ignorant and immature. Those who maintain music careers into "old age" are those who know how to take their craft seriously. Despite the fact that it was a bit of a commercial disaster, any of the songs from Bionic blow anything The Wanted has done out of the water. Polished-beyond-purpose, vapid, saccharine kiddy-pop music has nothing on the comparatively nuanced music Christina Aguilera has come up with, and those idiots could never even touch her on delivery of songs. "[Boys] like you give [boys] a bad name / Try to get a [girl], but you sound so lame / Thinkin' it's cute to act real dumb / But the joke's on you–YOU STUPID, HON'"

  26. Mark says – reply to this


    So this is what you have to do to get some attention, sorry the wanted, but your albums sales sucked, your single isn't hot anymore, and you will soon be a distant memory! This is sad, you know X-Tina has no time to waste on these jerks.

  27. prg says – reply to this


    christina doesnt even care about this floppers or what they say or what they think lollll trying really hard to get attention no wonder their album flopped hard in words of mr chow so long gay boys

  28. prg says – reply to this


    Re: Chloe – the only reason they try put xtina name is to get attention such as kelly osbourne

  29. annonymous says – reply to this


    I love The Wanted and I don't hate Christina but if she was a bitch to them like they said she was then let them just express their feelings about her. So everyone just give it a rest they are not a bad group everyone just has their own opinion about people and that's it !

  30. charmedbionic says – reply to this


    The Wanted: A bunch of jerks, morons, idiots, immature, attention seeking, pathetic, try-hard wannabes, and one-hit-wonder "boyband".

  31. imANONYMOUSbitch! says – reply to this


    Re: i hate perez hes gay
    1. YOUR gay!
    2. Elena is right you don't know shit
    3. If you don't like The Wanted get tf' out and stop looking up their shit!

  32. aaa says – reply to this


    these boys should go to hell!!!!!!

  33. Person says – reply to this


    Oh and that person who said they are a one hit wonder and wannabees.. um they have 2 albums and 1 U.S EP so get out of here your the wannabee

  34. Person says – reply to this


    The wanted are original and they are amazing. To people who dont joke around well they are boring and have boring personalities. They are really nice and cute. You guys should stfu cause your jealous cause they are famous and have fans that love and support them. They are better than you stop hating cause you have no money and not amazing like them. Your just mad that they can have fun and do the things you cant. Leave them alone if you dont like them then dont listen to their music. Just because they didnt have their fame handed to them like 1 direction doesnt mean you have to be jealous of them.

  35. BellaVida says – reply to this


    Years from now, people are gonna be like…..The Wanted??????? Huh? Ohhhh….the guys Christina Aguilera 'dissed'!! Highlight of your career!! Time to get over it guys and work on doing what your paid to do!!!