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Bethenny's Viewership Drops BIG TIME After First Week Of Test-Run!

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Uh-oh! This is not a good sign!

Although Bethenny Frankel's new syndicated talk show, Bethenny, started out it the first of its six-week test run with impressive viewership and ratings, it's already started to lose momentum in its second - BIG TIME!

According to reports, the ratings have already declined from a solid 1.9 and 7% share to a 0.9 and 3% share!

However, there's still some good news for the former Real Housewives castmember!

Even at her lowest, gurl is STILL pulling in better numbers than it was when it was airing repeats of Nate Berkus, Divorce Court and Dr. Oz in her time spot, which were averaging around a 0.5, and she's doing supremely well among 25- to 54-year-old women in NY, Philly, and Minnesota!


We'll be curious to see how this test-run continues, and whether or not it will be enough to keep her own our day-time TV screens full-time!

What do U think?? Are U tuning in for Bethenny?

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23 comments to “Bethenny's Viewership Drops BIG TIME After First Week Of Test-Run!”

  1. 1

    I like Betheny, but she won't last in the talk show circuit. Her snark gets old. She's not aware enough to be liked by a huge audience.

  2. LoriC says – reply to this


    Not shocked. The world does NOT need another talk show. It's ALL been discussed, really it has. She has had great success, she needs to chill out some and enjoy it, not keep going for more.

  3. 3

    I like her on reality tv but i refused to watch her talk show….i guess America agrees lol

  4. beach girl says – reply to this


    BORING. Who wants to watch that shit anyway? Good grief. These reality stars and those who watch make my stomach turn. There is nothing impressive about any of them OR ANY OF THEIR STUPID shows.

  5. Heh says – reply to this


    I'm not really a fan ( I deal with too many Bethenny's at work all day) but she is gonna be fine, she's a good host and the show seems fun I think she will find an audience if they give her a chance to stay on

  6. 6

    Can't stand her.
    Didn't watch.
    Good ridance, I hope.

  7. 7

    I really wanted to like her show, I even set my dvr so I could catch every episode! But, the topics are kind of boring and her attempt to keep talking about sex and vibrators (gasp) is getting old…already! Stop trying to shock us with sex talk and come up with better topics that aren't so "dumbed down"…….and also Im surprised theres no cooking segment! isn't she supposed to be a natural foods chef? It's confusing

  8. 8

    This is the same woman who said after her miscarriage that she was relieved that she wouldn't have to start her new talk show 7 months pregnant? I'm supposed to be sad that her show probably won't make it? Karma's a bitch.

  9. 9

    How the hell does she keep getting her own shows? How can you like this lady? :s

  10. 10

    No wonder her unborn children are miscarrying; her uterus is so TOXIC from all the BOOZE & DRUGS that they are using every bit of energy they have to try to escape….

  11. 11

    Look at that cocktail glass; the entire route from her mouth to her bladder must be BURSTING with alcohol…

  12. anonymousphillygal says – reply to this


    no i won't be. and i won't be dvring it either. i watched a couple of snippets…and she never lets her guests TALK. i get that she is the host, but she needs to take some notes from the greats. ask good questions…and then listen and interject. it't not ALL ABOUT BETHENNY. it made me feel awkward for her guests. also, i am a fan of hers in general. but she needs to calm down.

  13. 13

    I think it's actually pretty awesome that the Joker from 1989's Batman has a talk show. He's kind of a big deal.

  14. 14

    she grates on me
    …….enough said!

  15. 15

    Shes not a good talk show host. She constantly interrupts her guests and its hard to watch. And she talks way too much about graphic sex.
    She holding up a dildo.
    On DAYtime tv? Uh-no.

    Its like putting Howard Stern on daytime tv, not gonna happen

    if she wants a show she needs to calm down and be less racy

  16. sesha says – reply to this


    I'm sad ..but I am not feeling BF right now- Loved her to pieces on RHONY and B Ever After.But She needs to calm her ass down. If Ellen is behind her talk show, then why isn't her production team putting Bethnny in check? She WILL NOT STOP TALKING!! and worst , she's talking over her guest and today she actiually shushed her guest while he was trying so hard to get a word in so she could continue to pontificate - Sorry BF, but I”m shutting you down….

  17. patricia says – reply to this


    NO NO & NO. she is a winer & her 15 minutes have been up a long time ago. as a Hispanic women I was truly offended that she was on the panel @ the PR Day Parade in NYC. she never came clean about her supposed $120 million sale of her product, which we all know was BS & she disrespects her poor hubby/inlaws. PLEASE GO AWAY. thank you.

  18. Philly22 says – reply to this


    I was a huge fan of BGM and BEA, however, this talk show is really ill-conceived. It's being promoted as a "No topic is forbidden!" show when, hello, Phil Donahue and tons of hosts that followed did that ovee the last 30 years. The show has been over-the-top with its salaciousness, which is not enough to hold smart viewers. B also apparently never built a cooking or fitness segment into the show, which is a HUGE departure from her brand and an enormous puzzlement to me. I think she's too afraid to be similar to Rachael Ray, but in doing that, she's now doing a combo of Ellen's show and Ricki Lake. Enough already with the theme song and the dumb dancing-in-place on the stage. Have an opening montage, or monologue, or hug people in the audience - PLEASE do something other than the awkward shimmying and clapping on stage. And someone please control your amateur audio guy, who BLASTS the dumb theme every time someone new comes on stage to the point that it makes everyone jump. STOP PLAYING THE DAMNED THEME SONG EVERY 3 SECONDS!! Did they not have anyone write alternate themes? What are they going to play when they discuss serious topics? It's oppressive. My recommendation for B is to add cooking segments and fitness segments — quick — or this show is going to go the way of Skating With the Stars.

  19. MFOUI says – reply to this



  20. Giverney says – reply to this


    She is fine in small doses. This show is awful!!!! She is too annoying to be a talk show host. I can't even take her on he reality show, but this is awful. Trying to hard to be cool with her "edgy" subjects like discussing vibrators, who would you cheat with, etc. Please cancel this before the six weeks are over.

  21. Hollice says – reply to this


    Enough of the sex talk! It's getting boring. I like Bethany but not as a talk show host. She does not have it to make a talk show a success. Stick to your reality show. Go home to NYC and enjoy baby and husband for awhile. Slow down for awhile. You have enough money to enjoy life for a time. ENJOY LIFE!!!

  22. minka says – reply to this


    I love Bethany, so I checked her show. It wasn't interesting. I am interested in her and her life. She asking questions about others - not interesting.

  23. DD says – reply to this


    I used to really like Bethenny, however I am starting to realize that she is a liar, is selfish, and doesn't care who she has to step on to get to the top. She led people to believe that her deal with the liquor company was for over $100 million and it wasn't until AFTER her cover on Forbes magazine did we find out the real truth ( it was only sold for $9 or so- BIG difference)! Then she started selling her "unorganic" products to Whole Foods hoping noone would find out about it as long as she got her foot in the door. She's a conniving bitch and I don't believe a thing that comes out of her mouth anymore. People need to stop feeding into her fake show and her BS!