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Perez & Momma Perez: Catching Up With Teresita!

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It's about time!

It'd been a while since we made a video with Momma Perez!

A lot has happened!

She changed her hair color. She's traveled the world. She saw Madonna in concert. And we've begun family therapy!

Teresita and Perezito talk about all that and more (above)!

Check it out!!!

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26 comments to “Perez & Momma Perez: Catching Up With Teresita!”

  1. 1

    you two are so cute

  2. 2

    The dog has better hair than both of you. What's Teresita's color, Menstrual Flow Red?

  3. Becky says – reply to this


    Perez Your looking older looks like you have been in the sun to much. I noticed you changed your hairstyle. You look good since you lost weight. What were you drinking?

  4. Dallas2185 says – reply to this


    Aw! You two are cutie pies! You look great by the way :) keep up the great work!

  5. 5

    It's so nice when a man has a great relationship with his mom! Keep on keeping Perez. Don't let those haters keep you down. Everyone changes. Glad you changed for the better!

  6. xXx says – reply to this


    Your mom needs to learn English. It's been a long time since the Mariel Boat Lift.

  7. 7

    I think it's good that you're going to therapy. For a guy who says millions of people hit his site everyday, you have some massive insecurities. Maybe it will lead you away from your narcissistic ways

  8. 8

    Get her a stylist you cheap fuck!!!

  9. 9

    mmm whos the name?

    is she still with her bf i hope so
    shes a sweet thing therapy should be interesting do u have one for mario and perez and WE YES I would of hoped madonna played the old songs too i dont know her new ones

  10. 10

    Re: kiks32 – Nothing is going to change the fact that he's a self-absorbed, shallow narcissist with mommy issues.
    Re: veracruzita – You're either a retard or you're on the Perez payroll. Either way you're a total loser. Please exit life ASAP so you don't contaminate the gene pool.

  11. 11

    …………..This is such bollocks. Why has he turned into a stereotypical hippy? "Change! Love! Grow! Blah fucking blah!" ….Complete bollocks.

  12. 12

    i think the name that got bleep must be perez dad ??

  13. 13

    What happened to Teresita's neck? Looks like unfinished lipo. Although the "name slip" is intended to imply you have a steady boy friend, I think it's just a legal issue of not mentioning your therapist's name. The sick part is the fact that you, as an adult 34 year old, are still tied to Teresita's apron-strings. I can tell by her answers that she wasn't impressed that much by you dragging her half-way around the world.

  14. 14

    Why in the world would you need therapy? Isn't the mummy reading and taking to heart all of your wonderful Perversisms?

  15. xara says – reply to this


    You should let her speak spanish and put english subtitles I bet she can share amazing things and please dont yell at her…you both are great!

  16. 16

    See Perez, this is why people hate you. You do something for 5 minutes and then you think you're the spokeperson for it. Losing weight doesn't make you an expert on weight loss. Going to therapy doesn't make you a therapist. I hope therapy helps you, but there's no need to tell the world that you've been helped. Do it for YOU, not for the attention you might get from others. (I hope you're not going to Dr. Drew.)

  17. Matteho says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal you obviously have some insecurity issues lol. I'm no fan of Perez by any means, I Just come here for the celebrity gossip, but I suggest you get into therapy immediately. Maybe your therapist can help you uncover whatever deep seeded issues bring you back here CONSTANTLY (like borderline obsessive) to bash a man that is laughing all the way to the bank, you knuckle dragging moron.

  18. 18

    all the way from a fat slob to an anorexic slob. you need to live in therapy to get it that people are not interested in your life.

  19. roxy333 says – reply to this


    what they bleeped was obviously the therapist/psychatrists name.. not his dad's name LOL

  20. roxy3333 says – reply to this


    MATTHEO- OMG I TOTALLY AGREE. I always laugh whenever I see "Omniscient Gal's" remarks on here.. she HATES perez with a burning passion that clearly indicates shes either inlove with him, or has a OMNISCIENT personality disorder LOL!!!!

    shut up Omniscient GAL!!!

  21. 21

    Re: Omniscient Gal – Much love to you! :) :) :) Have a fabulous day!

  22. Melflores says – reply to this


    She's fantastic!! Love teresita… She reminds me of my momma, some people are so awful with there comments ew

  23. 23

    Wow 2 ugly people, and one ugly dog. Yes you definitely need therapy!

  24. 24

    Re: Dallas2185 – Ditto - they're adorable together!

  25. 25

    Your mama is sweet, Perez, wish mine were still alive.
    Wish she would learn a little English to I could understand her better

  26. luis says – reply to this