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Ryan Seacrest: No Kardashian End In Sight!

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ryan seacrest kris jenner kim kardashian

And that includes the cash flow that comes with it! Ha!

Ryan Seacrest doesn't plan on ending the Kardashian series anytime soon! So don't hope for it!

With ratings raving and an ever-expanding brand of KHAOS, this family has everyone involved with 'em set for life!

Ryan even admits:

"They just let it go! We shoot with a skeleton crew a lot of times with the intimate moments, with some of the relationship breakups, et cetera.

But they’ve constantly got something happening in that family that makes for the next episode, the next season, the next spinoff. It’s endless.

I remember when we first started shooting Kardashian episodes, there were words that girls use with girls that I was uncomfortable airing. It rhymes with 'beef.' So this word was being used back and forth, and I thought to myself, 'You can’t leave that in.' And they said, 'Yes. We talk like that.' We ended up taking it out, but since then they actually weigh in. It’s dangerous."


Queef, perhaps??


With TMI like that, they'll always be in business! People just eat-it-up!!

[Image via Agent47/WENN.]

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11 comments to “Ryan Seacrest: No Kardashian End In Sight!”

  1. doll says – reply to this


    can someone tell me what he means, ryhmes with beef?

  2. doll says – reply to this


    can someone tell me what he means with ryhmes with beef?

  3. 3

    I'd tell you, but you called yourself "doll." That's something that screwed up Kris Jenner says all the time. I think when Kris calls Kim her favorite she means Kim's the easiest to convince to do something. Basically she's saying Kim's dumb. Kourtney's the book smart one (not sure why though.) Khloe is the street smart one (and I believe that one.) Kim is the one who can't stand up to her mom. Doesn't Kim know she could walk away with her millions and go have a happy life? That'll never happen while she's chained to Kris Jenner.

  4. 4

    Ryan the pimp and the Kardashian whores, friggin lovely. May as well make fun of them since they won't go away and Ryan won't let them go away as long as they're making him money.

  5. 5

    Kim KarTRASHian is a dog in heat and Mama pimp Jenner is picking up the poop

  6. 6

    It's official. Ryan Seacrest is the anti-christ.

  7. 7

    What the f*ck is up with her face? Holy injections.. Her face looks swollen as f*ck

  8. Doll says – reply to this


    thats the point loser, wow totally missed that one didnt you… i was calling myself doll because they call each other doll and its redic.. i cant even believe im write back, jst asked a simple question… clown !

  9. 9

    I don't know about endless. It looks like it's about to run it's course. This season has been pretty boring. Kim wears wigs and talks in fake accents. Kourtney wants romance and Scott poses like Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. And they can't expect the two younger girls to carry the show. They have no personality and don't speak well on camera. Wow, Kendall got a stain on Mom's carpet. Or was it Kylie? Can't even tell them apart.

  10. Momma2xs says – reply to this


    Make them go away. They are all fake - Kim doesn't have a mind of her own - she's a dumb wh$$e. Khloe is evil & ugly. Kourtney is mentally ill. The two younger sisters are spoiled & fake too. Rob is a loser with mental problems. Lamar needs medication for his depression because he's married to the ugly step sister & can't stand Khloe or have sex with her - Khloe even the sex room didn't work - he's just not into you - with your fake baby like voice when you talk to him, which is annoying, but then to your family you have a mouth of a trucker - vulgar. Khloe is so ugly, she knows she's not a kardashian that's why she doesn't take the DNA test - make them go away. Fake & ugly.

  11. Lisa says – reply to this


    So what if Kim wears wigs? Millions of women in America wear hair extensions. Kourtney is not by any means my favorite, but give the girl a break, she's been with the same guy for a long time now and hello, she's pregnant!

    Khloe is beautiful and I see nothing wrong with her supporting her man while he is going through a rough time. In fact, isn't that what a loving wife does? Her baby talk may be annoying, Kourtney's need for "movie romance" may be unattainable, and Kim obviously has made made dumb decisions, but your life is not on trial in the court of public opinion. She obviously does have a mind of her own otherwise she wouldn't have "stumbled" into millions.

    All you guys saying negative things about these girls wouldn't know such specific things unless you watched their show, so obviously you just get off on loving to hate! And yes, Momma2xs, Rob has specifically said that he has a mental illness, ODC, so you must be really bright to point that one out! Do you like to look down on people with depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses as well in your spare time? Go outside and get a life! It sounds like you all are just jealous, go kick rocks. Or better yet, if you hate them so much, turn off your tv.