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Jack Osbourne Was FIRED Following His MS Diagnosis??

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We heard the SUPER sad news last week that Jack Osbourne had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and ever since, Jack's been speaking out about the disease and how it's been affecting him.

Jack recently stopped by his mom Sharon's show, The Talk, to reveal a pretty unfortunate situation that he came across after his diagnosis.

Take a look at the clip (above) to hear about Jack getting FIRED from a job because of his MS!

Talk about ignorant…AND illegal!

MS can potentially be a disabling disease, but people with it are STILL able!

While the news of Jack's diagnosis is devastating, we're glad that he's been able to bring awareness and hopefully help educate others on multiple sclerosis!

To hear Osbourne talk more about the symptoms he's had, as well as explain the disease in his own words, check out the video… AFTER THE JUMP!

We're rooting for you, Jack!

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39 comments to “Jack Osbourne Was FIRED Following His MS Diagnosis??”

  1. 1

    Enough of this crap already. How much more is this family going to milk this MS thing? Sharon has twisted it so it's all about HER, which is just sick. Now Jack is using it for attention, not for awareness. This family is as bad as the Kardashian whores. MS is not a death sentence. Depending on the kind he has and how it develops, he'll live a pretty normal life. Let's all stop feeling sorry for ourselves, STFU, and move the fuck on already. And Perez, we know you're giving this your usual disgusting, smarmy "sympathy" because your head is up Sharon's vagina, but really: THIS IS NOT THAT INTERESTING. Can it already. It's not like he's gonna fucking DIE from it.

  2. 2

    Yes, this is devastating news. What is also devastating is the number of people who get fired, unhired when their HIV status is disclosed, regardless of the fact that it does not impede their ability to perform their jobs. Discrimination against anyone with a chronic illness is such a sad state of affairs.

  3. 3

    I hope he does use his celebrity to bring more awareness to this illness. There needs to be more research regarding all of the autoimmune illnesses out there.

  4. billiam says – reply to this


    I really hope he sues the hell out of those creeps that fired him. Not for himself, but for the millions who are fired for disabilities. It may make them think before they pull that crap on the next person.

  5. 5

    Jack Osborn had a job?

  6. Jaime says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Do you have Ms? If not you have no idea what is like and YOU sound like a a moron. Just because his mothers famous or whatever doesn't mean the rest of us cant be helped by it too. I am 23 years old and i have Multiple Sclerosis and it isnt anything to scuff at. I was diagnosed in 2008

  7. 7

    Re: Omniscient Gal – WOW. OBVIOUSLY you don't know what it's like to have MS or LIVE with someone who has MS. You're comment pisses me off to the f#CKING nine!!!!! My father has one of the most rare forms of MS… and I know from experience that you can die from MS…. YOU ARE THE REASON THAT MS NEEDS TO HAVE MORE OF AN AWARENESS OUT THERE. Nobody is educated enough on this crippling disease. Try F#cking dealing with it 24/7 before you start commenting on shit like this. Wow.. honestly.. you're pathetic.

  8. janielle says – reply to this


    Jack needs to stat on copaxon now before he can't walk

  9. norcalgal says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal; you are kidding me, right? What is wrong with educating people about the disease? MS is a serious disease and it is hard to live with. Do your research about the disease before spewing your ignorant hatred for a family. I think you are the one that is sick and maybe your head to should be examined.

  10. 10

    I just learned that I was diagnosed with it too around April. I'm sad he has it too. I Didn't know that he had it. I really do hope they find the cure soon to this disease we both have, and other people too that also have it.

  11. 11

    Milking it? His diagnosis was just publicly revealed a couple of days ago and I believe this was his first time talking about it on air.

    I'm not sure how Sharon is making this about her, either. She's obviously devastated by the diagnosis and, as a mother, expressed sadness and deep concern for her child. That's how a compassionate, normal human being would react.

  12. SMK says – reply to this


    this is bullshit how can they cant fire someone for having something like ms

  13. regina lilley says – reply to this


    Obama's appointees Margaret Hamburg and Kathleen Sebelius are working daily to remove all medications from the market. They hired Dr. Sidney Wolfe whom my Doctor says is a very dangerous person, because he believes that with a diagnosis like Jacks that he should be prepared to die and not take medication. All of you should support whomever is against Obama because if he wins again the FDA will become unstoppable. You don't have to believe me, look it up!

  14. ChooQueen says – reply to this


    Since when did you become an expert on MS? Like some of the other responses to the rubbish you have posted I too have MS. Be careful what you write about celebs as they could sue you for slander. Just because you hide behind a user name when you slate people doesn't mean the site can't divulge who you are. Re: Omniscient Gal

  15. sandra says – reply to this


    that is so not fair,it takes a sorry person to do that.i have a brother with ms,he was dignois nov 2006.and we have been there with him

  16. Monstermum says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Shut up! Why shouldn't they speak out and get people to notice/understand this illness?!? Get a life and if you aren't interested bog off back under the stone you crawled from! Some of us want to know!!!!!

  17. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – You can die from it…idiot.

  18. Pando says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Wasn't this diagnosed and reported like 2 days ago? How many TV interviews exactly have you seen that would make you think it's being "milked?" by anyone.

    I'm pretty sure your post is the height of irony. Lambasting someone for wanting to educate when it's clear you would benefit the most from an education.

    It's also ironic you would choose to call yourself "Omniscient Gal" because, though you're clearly a know-it-all, you certainly know very little.

  19. Michelle says – reply to this


    To comment 13 I don't know what is sadder that you believe something so dumb or that you don't know who is running against President Obama.

  20. Sugarbomb613 says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – REALLY?? Interesting that you say that it's nothing. Sad that you think that about people who eventually lose their muscles mass after they pretty much lose ALL ability to not take care of themselves. You get ms and see if it's a bunch of BS once you lose ability to move any part of your body and have to depend on people to feed, bath, and change you because you lay in a bed 24/7. I have a couple friends that have MS and the country singer Clay Walker has MS. It is a disease and people aren't sure why it happens or what's the main cause of it for it to happen. If you had or have friends/family with MS you wouldn't act or talk like this about other people.

  21. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: kaymckay89 – I actually do have MS and was 12 years. I know that it can be a life altering diagnosis but it doesn't have to make you stop living!!

  22. Rosebud says – reply to this


    Can you say lawsuit???? And for those that believe that MS is just NOT that awful…educate yourselves, please. As with most conditions and diseases, it encompasses a huge range of debilitating symptoms…and it is progressive. Much like Parkinson's. So while a person just diagnosed may have relatively mild symptoms now…it most likely will not remain so. And the disease also can have peaks and valleys…so you can have periods of relative health, and periods of true hell. And anyone being fired for a medical condition should consider suing their employer.

  23. teresa purdham says – reply to this


    HOW DARE THEY, keep your head high jack we are all here for you

  24. Shelly says – reply to this


    Have any of you people that have ms seen the youtube video by Dr Terry Wahls? It's about how the paleo diet cured her ms. check it out, I'm trying it on my husband now.

  25. CATHY says – reply to this



  26. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – How ridulous are you?! U have no idea you uneducated little bint! Going out you way to talk trash about something you obviously know nothing about. Now crawl back in your hole where you can from. Sick bitch. I've just read you have ms that's a shame. It's a diseas which eventually does get a hold of most people disabling them. Just because you have it doesn't give you the right to criticise . It's a known fact ms is a degenerative disease and why he might seem fit and well now that will not be the case years down the line. I hope it dies t become as bad of the patients I've looked after for many years for you both

  27. 27

    It happens to a lot of people, not just celebrities. Maybe this will wake America up.

    MS, the disease that lets employers kick you while you're down.

  28. with you all the way says – reply to this


    Sharon, Jack do not this horrible event slow you down. Yes another huge event to overcome…buy you both are stronger than this. I hope you fight the executives from your previous employer and make an example of them. As you not only take a stand for yourself but for each one of us that became ill or disabled for whatever the reason and the employer takes it upon themselves to let you know that you are a risk….isn't that a call that the individual should be making…..charge ahead at full steam and LET NOTHING slow or stop you….You both are in my thoughts and prayers…

  29. Travhav says – reply to this


    Omniscient Gal, you dont die from MS, you die from the damage it does to your body. Both my mother and father died because of complications due to MS

  30. Travhav says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – My mother and father died because of complications due to ms

  31. Ginge says – reply to this

  32. wickedwitch78 says – reply to this


    you are sick in the head!!!!!! have some respect for gods sake, i'm sure your mother is soooo proud of you GET A GRIP!!!!!!

  33. Gia says – reply to this


    Omniscient Gal You are an insensitive vile piece of crap. This young man who just a few weeks ago had a baby and now he find out he has a debilitating disease at the age of 23. Yes, he and Sharon are milking it for more publicity, you idiot. MS can be one of the most debilitating diseases there is, you can end up in a wheelchair to complete bed stay. Also to have someone completely care for you from dressing you, feeding you, bathing you, changing your diaper you MORON..get the picture. Do you think Jack might think he may not be able to do thing with his daughter as she grows up and his MS gets worse you IDIOT.You probably have not have had anyone with a serious disease or have had and couldn't care less. You have been very cruel, insensitive to the Osborne family and people with MS (I have a very, very dear friend with MS and I could say I hate you but I won't God will take care of you) I BELIEVE IN KARMA…DO YOU? If you don't know what the word means LOOK IT UP! You scumbag

  34. theresa says – reply to this


    you have my support jack

  35. Teresa Chaney says – reply to this


    Fuck them… excuse my french but uhmm… they can go suck a big one it doesn't make him any different then anyone else in the world. People go through things hard and easy it's life. If I was Jack I would sue the nose job off of them.

  36. Anita Rossi says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Pls take the time to read about M.S. have you no heart. Think of yourself or your family members..how would you feel. Get a reality check. I hope you get to live in a perfect world. You are extremely ignorant and down right rude. I pray you have a life without pain. Oh wait i think you have no life and most of all no heart.

  37. Patti Gottowski says – reply to this


    Jack we are praying for you. You are so awesome. Believe, Miracles do happen. I know you can conquer this or go into remission. I have worked with a Dr. I have seen many, many cases where their do not get worse. You have the most upbeat mom. Both of you are courageous. You would be so surpised how strong your mind is, I know in my heart you will conquer this stay positive. We love you so much.

  38. Patti says – reply to this


    Re Omniscient Gal, you have lost your marbles. You have no idea what you are talking about you come across as an idot. Stupid, selfcentered, no feelings for others. You need a reality check. Seriously, what difference does it make to begin with if it is MS, or cancer or Aids. That is not even the whole point. My God that Is Sharon's son, he will be her baby forever. Also, they r in the spotlight, because they r celebrities. If you r a celebrity you have no privacy. So what it was announced by Sharon. I would rather hear it from her then some stupid tabloid or news because they never get anything right. It took alot of courage to announce this, when she cried it broke everyone's heart. Sounds like you are just green jealous because you are nothing. Especiall now it take a real hard core brown piece of shit to say what you did. Now you have dug your hole and stupped your way to hell. You sound like some you asshole, who could not possible have any children. It is the worst pain when one of your children are sick or diagnosed with a horrible medical problem. Especially when one thinks of the worst scenario. Will he stay this way and not get worse or will he end up in a wheelchair. My husband was in a wheelchair, now he can hardly walk with a cane. Because of the agent orange they sprayed in Viet Nam and he was shot. You r an empty bag of nothing, zero. You better ask for God's forgiveness or go seek counseling you r sick You BItch.

  39. a..hole says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – bitch get a fin life