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Giddy up! Sounds like things are sizzlin' for Johnny Depp and bi-sexual vixen Amber Heard!! We knew as soon as we saw those photos of Amber boarding … Read more…

26 comments to “Johnny Depp Wants Amber Heard To Ride Him With Him!? Buys Her A Horse!?!”

  1. stephanie says – reply to this


    Nooooooo :( !!!

  2. blah says – reply to this


    isn't she a dike?

  3. londontown says – reply to this


    I thought Amber has a long term gf. Maybe they are just friends…it's possible for people to be friends

  4. 4

    She came out as a lesbian. But leave it to you, Perez, to be crude and stupid in yet another one of your retarded and unresearched posts. You who trumpet the greatness of all things gay have forgotten that Amber Heard has proclaimed her love for the vagina? Really?

  5. 5

    She has a girlfriend -_-

  6. 6

    Re: blah
    No, she is not a wall used to hold back water. She is obviously a human.

  7. 7

    Those pix could just be to promote the movie. Then again they could have been getting it on while filming the movie. He wouldn't be the first actor to bang his costar. Ask Zac Efron, who brags to his buddies about fucking his costars. It's a Hollywood thing and one of the reasons these people become actors.

  8. 8

    luckiest bitch alive

  9. Hello says – reply to this


    amber heard is NOT a dyke. she is one of many trendy bisexuals is hollywood. evan rachel wood, anna paquin. they all end up with men. amber heard has gotten all the attention she could get from her "bisexuality" and now she sucking old man's co*k. she a hot piece of ass that is headed down sharon stone blvd. she almost 30 and when people see what a crappy actor she is, that whole bisexual act will be played out. but at least the almost 50 year old depp can brag about banging a 26 "bisexual" airhead.

  10. nolachick says – reply to this


    Uh…I thought she as a Lesbian….

  11. 11

    wasn't she a lesbian?? and didn't she have a girlfriend? a photographer or something???

  12. 12

    Amber Heard is known to enjoy the company of women. Not to say that Amber wouldn't bang Johnny, but why don't you be a little more sensitive the this situation since that is what both Johnny and Vanessa requested, and wait until you have something more concrete than promotional photos to prove that Amber and Johnny are in fact "riding", Perez.

  13. huh says – reply to this


    Re: Hello – she was born in 86. that would make her 26. Johnny Depp may be old-ish, but he's freaking hot.

  14. 14

    This makes no sense to me. When people questioned him about a possible romanc with Keira Knightley who seems to be about the SAME AGE as Amber, he acted like even the idea was ridiculous and disgusting! He said it'd be like being with his own daughter. So what the fuck is this?

  15. 15

    This isn't true at all and he didn't buy her a horse. Amber is a LESBIAN and is in a relationship with someone, she has been for a couple years now. It's hilarious and really pathetic that you're trying to link them together. The photos are from the premier. There is nothing to this at all.

  16. 16


  17. 17


  18. 18

    This rumor is false. I can tell you this it isn't her that caused the breakup. This is so far off base I had to say something. She does have a girl friend and I just saw her with her. Now who would cheat on Johnny Boy?

  19. jayjay says – reply to this


    I don't care if she's a lesbian or bisexual. What I do care about is she broke up a relationship that seemed unbreakable. He's just as much at fault but she should have said no to his advances. She may have thought if Angelina Jolie can steal Brad why can't she steal Johnny Depp. I will say again it takes two willing parties and I just lost respect for him and couldn't care ;ess about her. Johnny made the biggest mistake of his life and will come to regret this choice.

  20. 20

    Re: jayjay – Wow judge much? All the reports of them having a relationship have been proved false by reliable news sources. When she was spotted getting on his private plane, she was accompanied by her long term girlfriend (she's bisexual by the way). Yeah, they look close in those pictures, but they're obviously friends. And in case you didn't know, males and females can be just friends.

  21. I Am Jack says – reply to this


    Question: Why are bisexual chicks super hot and lesbians are ugly? Is Amber's supposed gf bi? I can't be the only one to notice. Anyway, if this is true great fuckin catch Johnny boy!

  22. 22

    i saw her naked virtually well seen the tits and standing naked away from the camera in a old movie she was really young forget what its called but shes making out with two guys she is a sexy girl poor vanessa

  23. 23

    did u say he wants her to ride his pony

  24. Maegan says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – As if many women in hollywood haven't said they were gay for publicity and then miraculously went straight again once the press interest wore off. Anne Heche and Lindsay Lohan, anyone?

  25. 25

    looks like Johnny is starting to panic about turning 50

  26. teenybits says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse member 777 – lol now that is funny. If you want to ride then ride the white horse lol Scissorhands has been Scissoring with Amber lol okay I want to see that horse riding on the plane!