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Vanessa Paradis Could Make Over A Mil In Johnny Depp Split!

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vanessa paradis johnny depp split pay off

Well that's the best non-divorce settlement we've ever heard! Ha!

Johnny Depp is reportedly worth a lil' over $25M, and we hear he's about to give half of that to Vanessa Paradis!


Apparently it's an offering in exchange for 100% amicability throughout the split… for the kids' sake, obvi and maybe good publicity!

TAKE IT V!! TAKE IT!!! Use it for that Beverly Hills home you want!!

And honestly, regardless of any motive, it's such a classy act on Johnny's part! We mean, it's what she'd get if they had married without signing a prenup anyways! Okay… maybe a lil' less as she hasn't been with him since the beginning of his career, but still…

She was with him for nearly 15 years and mothers his two children. Giving her half of his bank account is a great way of saying 'thanks for all the support through the years! See ya at the next birthday party!' Ha!

[Image via Ian Wilson/WENN.]

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48 comments to “Vanessa Paradis Could Make Over A Mil In Johnny Depp Split!”

  1. oblio says – reply to this


    You, Mario, are morally bankrupt!! I love how you try to profit off of your "Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Talks To Today" post by making the "donated link on your main page go to your "Perezitos" page to get more hits on your shite websites. That is a new low, even for your shameless, sorry a$$.

  2. 2

    i think johnny deep is worth a lot more than 25 mil! whoever wrote this might want to fact check!

  3. jwdreams says – reply to this


    Slight mi-calculation in the numbers. He's worth 350 million

  4. 4

    Hey q u e e r you look shit, do you got the AIDS now?

  5. 5

    Or is it parvo from cornholing Teddy?

  6. 6

    Johnny Depp is worth $350 million…..

    He makes over $30 million per movie….

  7. ChrisNSD says – reply to this


    He's only worth 25 million? According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's made almost 300 million off the Pirates movies ALONE. I think Perez needs to get his facts straight. Plus, the headline reads that she'll make a MIL, but the story says she'll get half of 25 mil… This is just a clusterf*ck of misinformation.

  8. 8

    Every other site says she might get a out 100 million. Because his net worth is about 300 million. Seriously, if it was only 25 million then he would be getting bonned by managers.

  9. 9

    $25mil hahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah right… How about $250mil or more….

  10. 10

    She does kind of look like she's going downhill in the looks & saggy titties department; maybe she can become friends with that Bitter Barren Spinster Jennifer Aniston….

  11. 11


  12. fdsfdsfdsf says – reply to this


    I think that Johnny is worth more then $25 million.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Harry says Eat a big bag of dirty dicks ya skeevy little butt weevil.

  15. 15

    Re: aj - one of the original haters – Cum to daddy Muffin!

  16. Blondie says – reply to this


    Are you insane? Do your work. Depp is worth over $350 million dollars. Her getting only one million would be like me getting 1,000 in divorce, she will get close to 100 million.

  17. 17

    Maybe she can afford to go to the dentist now.

  18. 18

    I would have thought he'd be worth a lot more than that

  19. Amer says – reply to this


    Jonny Depp makes more than $25 million a year so how can he be worth only $25 million? Didn't he make like $75million for each of those horrific Pirates of the Caribbean sickfests. I know he's an American icon and everything but all this fawning over him is silly and quite sickening. Looks like he cheated on his wife, maybe he's not as "nice" as he's made out to be by Perez and all the copycats (no offence man!). In any case let them conduct their divorce in peace.

  20. Andrea says – reply to this


    AHAHA!! according to other medias Johnny is paying to her U$156.7 million dollars…so a little more than 25 :)

  21. 21

    The fact that he made 300 million doesn't mean he took home 300 million or that's what he's currently worth. My God where do people get their accounting skills from. Taxes, agents fees, etc. He probably took home half. And that money doesn't just sit there. He lives off the money.

  22. 22

    You think Johnny Depp is only worth $25 million? You really need to go and check his credentials and come back with some better figures than that. Johnny Depp is worth WAY more than that.

  23. 23

    Uhh, Johnny Depp worth a little over $25 Mil. Are you for real? It's probably more like $250 Million. Man, Perez, you SUCK as a "Hollywood Gossip maven." I mean you do know he is a major star who gets like $15 Mil or MORE per movie, right?

  24. 24

    Re: Irvinegirl
    You're clueless. If you think he is only worth $25 Mil after earning over $300 mil, it is you who needs help with math.

  25. 25

    Here you go:
    "Johnny Depp is an American actor whose films have grossed $3.1 billion in America and $7.6 billion worldwide. His personal net worth is estimated at $350 million."

    NET worth… N E T!

  26. 26

    Sorr, this didn't get pasted "….with his annual salary reaching $100 million."

    A N N U A L salary…as in PER YEAR

  27. 27

    Johnny Depp HAS to be worth way more than just 25 million. Did you mean $250 million perhaps? With all of his successful movies before/during/after his Disney work 25 million seems in error. More power to him for having class and not penny pinching and being vindictive to the mother is his children whom he adores. He (and she) are class acts. I do feel badly that they can't stick it out through the tough times and have separated.

  28. 28

    Ummm, I think she will get a heck of a lot more than one million.

  29. 29

    Re: Amer – wait why would you assume he cheated on her though? you have no right to even think that. hes never even cheated on anybody before…

  30. 30

    Johnny Depp makes $25 million per movie, Perez. He's worth at least 10 times that much. If you add in the value of his private carribbean island and his two farms in France, and he has about five houses in L.A. and a place in New York, I think you could figure hijm for about a half billion net worth. Vanessa had two kids with him and has mostly spent time raising the kids. So I hope she gets at least half of all he has and complete access to all that real estate.

  31. 31

    I'm pretty sure he makes $25 million a year. You should really fact check things. And while it's generous of him to give her so much, if it's really half of $25 million, then that's just half of what he made in a year. Technically, because they weren't married, he doesn't have to give her anything except child support, which I would assume is in addition to this amount because you don't pay it in one lump sum. Shows he is a decent guy I guess to give her so much. That is, of course, if this story is even true.

  32. 32

    Johnny Depp said he fell in love with Vanessa based purely on physical appearance! He must be drawn to trailer parks, because she is one low life looking broad!

  33. 33

    Re: lemonbird – She will not have access to any of that, they weren't married!

  34. 34

    The amazing Johnny Depp is only worth a mere $25M?!!! He needs new management. The "Pirates" movies alone have netted over a billion dollars! HE is the reason for the success of that franchise. I wonder why he wasn't advised to forego a salary and get paid on the back end.

  35. 35

    #19 - speaking of checking the facts. . .Johnny Depp has never been married.

  36. 36

    I have never read a single article from Perez that did NOT have typos throughout.

  37. 37

    I don't think she wants Johnny's money.

  38. 38

    Re: PM2901 – He has been married.

  39. 39

    Well than hope she gets her dam teeth fixed! :P

  40. jg610 says – reply to this


    Re: PM2901 – so true. i don't think he ever did an article he proof-read.
    she could make a mil? LOL omg

  41. 90210 says – reply to this


    Mabye that million dollars can help her look less douchey.

  42. 42

    How is she entitled to any money if they weren't married in the first place? Ahh women, useless creatures that lay on their back to get ahead in life..and feminists still exist? LOL

  43. 43

    he's worth much more than 25 million

  44. 44

    i would say poor her shes a cute thing but maybe its rich her if he really gives her half i would be saying johnny who there are way cute french guys …

  45. 45

    His retarded, and insulting, portrayal he is doing of Tonto has pissed off a lot of the Native American community. He's making a mockery by suddenly claiming his Native heritage, which he's not even sure what tribe…'it could be this, or it could be that…'. That said, otherwise, I think it's sweet he's voluntarily taking decent care of his ex and kids, instead of fighting it tooth-and-nail like so many tend to do, despite their wealth. I've also seen him be very sweet to his fans. I don't hear that many 'Johnny Depp is a DICK' stories. I'm sure they're out there, but you dont' hear about them.

  46. 46

    Re: Paulie – Put on a shirt ya twink.

  47. karojen says – reply to this


    Maybe he is really just friends with Heard. Maybe she listens well and is empathetic. I'm sure that no matter whose "fault" the break up is, I'm sure it is painful for both Depp and VP.

    I read a quote that he was "Bored to Tears" with Vanessa. How hateful. How needless. why do people write this stuff? How would they know? He's nothing if not private. I can't see him being close friends with people who would run to some wanna be gossip columnist.

    I'm sure that Depp will date women, he did before VP [some of the most beautiful in the world]. I think it's so natural coming out of a 14 year relationship to want to go out with different people, to hear different stories and to be a different person around them. What's the problem?? They weren't married so it's not adultery.

    So if he buys Heard a horse so she can ride trails with him. A horse. You can buy a decent horse for $700. Big deal? One gossip idot said, "When is the last time he bought VP a horse?" Well he gave VP One HUNDRED Million dollars. And maybe that was their problem, maybe he couldn't ride desert trails and have deep talks with her anymore. People change and grow apart.

    I just wish that gossip mongers and readers would "Allow" him to be himself and to have some privacy and stop making up stuff. I believe it when I see a video of it coming out of his mouth and not before. Even photos can be doctored.

  48. 48

    What's with your title?? She could make over a mil in the split… wow I sincerely hope so! Also, as other's have pointed out, I believe Mr Depp to be worth way more than 25 million.