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Courtney Stodden Gets Leggy In Larchmont Village!

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courtney stodden doug hutchison larchmont village legs photo

OoOoOo!! The sophisticated strollers of Larchmont Village must have all died of shock the moment Courtney Stodden showed up in those heels!

The vivacious blonde and hubby Doug Hutchison went for a walk through the quaint El Lay neighborhood. And we can only imagine what they went for!

Maybe a #4 from Wine, Spirits & Cheese?? Maybe a mani/pedi at Bellacures? The possibilities are endless!!

If only she had taken video! Sure, the Marilyn Monroe tape was great… but we'd give anything to see the reactions from those residents! Ha!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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21 comments to “Courtney Stodden Gets Leggy In Larchmont Village!”

  1. Emmy says – reply to this


    Their reactions was probably "There goes the fucking neighborhood!!!!".

  2. boheme19 says – reply to this


    Both of these people are obviously mentally ill and should be in a treatment facility instead of walking amongst us.

  3. 3

    Im sure seeing some one walking just to enjoy the day seems odd to you Mario because if you tried that you would return bloody. Decent normal people can go out in public with out worry for their lives

  4. 90210 says – reply to this



  5. 90210 says – reply to this


    She might as just walk out butt ass naked, but she can't because all of her heroin shot marks will show.

  6. Save Us says – reply to this


    Worried about the legs?… The see through "scarf dress" revealing her underwear? Hiking her hem to reveal her panties? Who the hell does she think she is and why does she think she is so hot?!!! Disgusting. And what about Doug? He has not aged very well in his first year of marriage. Never have seen such two delusional people. In addition to acting and singing classes, take some classes on CLASS!

  7. be strong says – reply to this


    Every time I see that grandpa touch her, it gives me the creeps.

  8. Really? says – reply to this


    Perez- just stop reporting on her. The other sites as well.She will go away. Glad to see there is less reporting on her. It is because of the internet this delusional "I don't know what to call her" keeps on doing this. You are feeding her narcissistic personality. Make her go away! Telling the world you can marry an actor 35 yrs older than you to get attention is just wrong. That is what the internet is doing. Too many sickos like her and her mom out there may just follow.

  9. 9

    Ugh…It looks like she is just about to touch herself. Never have I witnessed such a vile creature.

  10. ed says – reply to this


    Iam still waiting for thir reality i remember Doug said they were getting offers from the "bigggest names in hollywood". I guess they "called hiM" while he was on an acid trip.

  11. 11

    @Really? You're absolutely right. She has got too many young girls believing they, too, should be able to run off to Hollywood with old men, and we know how most 'starry-eyed young girl goes to Hollywood' stories end up. They also have old pervs believing that if they can skirt the law and do this, they can, too. They pay Coleman/Raymer to take these shots, then sell them to the press. Her mother is VILE and delusional…everyone who despises this garbage is just 'jealous'. Courtney is so desperate for attention that she's taken to trolling anti-Courtney FB pages and making nasty, and even racist, remarks.

  12. 12

    Re: ed – And Krista said they are fielding offers from all directions. More lies they think people actually believe. If they didn't sell these contrived pics to the 'press', they would have no exposure at all. Krista, in her delusional state, doesn't realize they are what Hollywood would call 'box office poison'. No one with any sense wants to touch them. The icky could get on them.

  13. Sara says – reply to this


    Don't stop reporting on Courtney. I like her. You other people are all jealous haters.

  14. 14

    ever notice how she's NeVeR touching him? even she thinks he's disgusting. not that she's any better… she'll be washed out by the time she's 20

  15. Really? says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – Sara? Is that you Courtney, or Krista? Jealous of what?!! What could anyone be jealous of? She has far less going for her than the average person. We all were 17 yrs old once; and looked damm good, because we were 17. We went to school, did many extracurricular activities, had fun with our friends and classmates. We learned skills, worked after school, went on to college, began professions, got married, had children, traveled the world- still enjoying our wonderful lives and all that life has to offer! And not doing so simply by going around being exhibitionist. Thank God the majority of the people on this planet have something useful to contribute to society! I am only envious (not jealous) of those who have been able to do so much more and give so more of themselves to make this world a better place. More stories are needed of those individuals who perform selfless acts (and many of them are 'real celebrities). Go away Courtney and become a decent human being.

  16. 16

    i don't understand why alec baldwin won't marry her…she is the most beautiful woman in the world…the most beautiful woman who has ever lived.

  17. 17

    Re: Sara – Yes, Sara, we're all so jealous of a vacuous teenager who doesn't have the sense god gave a goose, who has nothing but her over-stuffed fake tits going for her. She has no talent, she can't sing, her speaking voise is obnoxious and annoying. Yes, I am SO jealous that I can't be a vacuous TWAT wandering around town practically undressed while grandpa clutches on to me for dear life! So jealous!

  18. ppsqueen says – reply to this


    She is doing exacly what she has been taught by media and society. Many successful "celebrities" made it by selling negative values. People support this type of trash. Dont think she is stupid. She is building a brand, very sexual the nakedness, stripperheels etc will be be one day identified as the courtney stodden brand . Whether we hate it or love it doesnt matter. We buy into it simply by reading an article such as this. The only reason she has no reality show is that she is too young. Her content is r rated. she aint no fool

  19. Really? says – reply to this


    Re: ppsqueen – I agree, the internet and society is largely responsible for this. In Courtney's case, the internet. However,the scary and disgusting thing for everyone, this is not a "brand" she is trying to sell. This is indeed her- she has been this way since elementary school. And, there is much to support her histrionic and narcissistic ways. Even listen to her music! People are disgusted by her because of her behavior more than anything. If she does get a break, it won't last long. The "brand" she is pushing, well, it has been around for centuries… nothing much good can come off that brand.

  20. Max says – reply to this


    Jesus the hate-ons for this girl are hilariously obvious. You ladies are NOT jealous? My ass. And I love the defense too, "Oh, we're not jealous, we hate her because she's a whore and wears skimpy clothing". Yeah…so? Is she somehow hurting YOU personally. Has she stolen your husband/boyfriend? So what if she likes to fuck a guy 30+ years her senior, that's her own fucking business. This kind of knee-jerk hate comes from a sense of feeling threatened by her over sexuality. I bet if any of you were out with your man and he glanced at her twice your immediate, defensive reaction would be to get pissed and start calling her a whore just to validate your anger. Get a fucking life, ladies. Until this girl personally comes over to your house and fucks your boyfriend, you have no good, justifiable reason to hate on her so much outside of how she dresses and acts (provocative and sexual), which says a whole lot more about you than it does her. It also makes you look classless, desperate, and bitter.

  21. Max says – reply to this


    Re: Max – And before anyone else follows this up with the piss-poor, "she sets a bad example for the chiiiiiildren" rant: consider that it's not her responsibility. Concerned with what your child is watching? Then stop looking at Stodden and start parenting your own fucking kids. There are far worst things in the world for you to want to "protect" people from than an over-sexed girl.