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65 comments to “Deadmau5 Mixes Anti-Madonna & David Guetta Beats!”

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    he is ridiculous when amdonna said she wanted to work with them he said amazing things with her. even he said he wouldnt mind to fgo out with her… now she didnt worked with him and he is just a ridiculous kid.. grow up. trying for attentiom

  2. Cara says – reply to this


    THIS is somehow more inappropriate than flashing your nipple at a concert for attention? Because it takes talent to do that. And we all know Madonna has never criticized anyone or held her herself above other artists…
    Moving on to other shit that doesn't matter….

  3. 3

    Lol Shrillex owns you Deadmau5

  4. Josh says – reply to this


    "Regardless of whether the above is true, why mention it? "

    Umm..because maybe it's the truth…

  5. 5

    The whole first half of your career was you hating on others and acting superior, who are you to criticize? At least Deadmau5 has some talent to speak of.

  6. 6

    When you're good at what you do and are secure with yourself, you don't have to publicly blast other artists. Ignore them? Sure. Go out of you're way to spew hate? You're just starving for attention, insecure and miserable. Poor thing.

  7. DangerWilRobinson says – reply to this


    So it's okay for Madonna to bag on other artists, but the minute someone calls her out, its wrong? Seriously. And I agree with everything he said. I always wondered what the big thing with David Guetta was, all his songs sound a like. When you see him DJing live, he doesn't do anything.

  8. DangerWilRobinson says – reply to this


    Huh? Are Madonna fans so blind that they miss how often she takes digs at other artists? It's okay for her to do it? Dissing Lady Gaga? Having the nerve to tell an interviewer that she doens't like to repeat herself but that's all she does. She resamples lyrics, songs, she uses that damn cross in EVERY concert, she takes awful digs at politicians in every show, and she's just rude. Amazing how Madonna fans come to her defense but are blind to the fact that she's just as bad as everyone else. MDNA is an awful record. It should be called "Songs Britney Didn't Want." I used to be a huge fan of hers, spent lots of money from 1983 up through Confessions, but she lost me after that. Showing your nipples and ass on stage? Like you haven't done that before. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It's all she does. Over her, move aside, let someone else have a shot. Kudos for them for calling her out. Does she want her kids tripping on ecstasy? Probably not. Then don't promote the drug.

  9. GoodBoy says – reply to this


    And yet you're displaying a superiority complex yourself by trying to shame someone for their opinions and trying to impose your morality on them.

  10. mktb says – reply to this


  11. 11

    You know I get that not everyone likes Madonna. I think when someone takes it personally that another person doesn't like their fav artist, it's ridiculous- we all have different tastes. I've read or seen every interview I can possibly get my hands on with Madonna because I do like her. On occasion, she does get asked for her opinion on other artists. I would hope she would be truthful in her interviews and not sugar coat. But to go out of your way to attack someone, I don't think that's an appropriate way to be, for anyone. And for the record I do think Deadmau5 is talented.

  12. 12

    Madonna = lonely old cougar

  13. 13

    Madonna bashed other artists before like Mariah, Janet, Gaga - so she deserves this!

    Her flop tour, movie and album are indicators that she is no longer relevant!

  14. 14
  15. learabit says – reply to this


    yo u people need to learn what art is.. madonna is not a real artist.. shes a performer at best.. she had absolutely no dignity, no respect for tru artists and tru art.. same gos for shits like skillrex.. this is unbelievable that people are actually supporting crap like the molly comment.. opening their dirty little mouths and calling thats shit art.. its pathetic..

  16. 16

    Re: learabit

    Says your ass sitting behind the computer bwahaha

  17. 17

    Re: kirknyc24

    4th best selling album worldwide, another record breaking tour in the making? Try again kiddo

  18. 18

    Who the hell is Deadmau5? That's not a name that will go far. I've heard of Madonna so I imagine that's why he's trying to ride that train and insert her name anywhere in a sentence. He'll get hits and attention. Otherwise he's a nobody.

  19. 19

    Re: Another dam nickname – In your eyes maybe, but she's been sleeping with a hardbodied sexy young guy for a couple years now. Not to mention deposited 350 million dollars into her bank account for this tour this year. Not bad for a lonely old bag you idiot.

  20. 20

    Re: DangerWilRobinson – You're fixated on headlines that are pulling out a 3 second incident that happened on stage of a technically elaborate show. Don't be lured by the sensationalism of gossip.

  21. 21

    Re: kirknyc24 – Flop tour? It's grossed 400 million dollars already. That's not considered a flop buddy. So before you spew words out, make sure you know what you're talking about and have the facts to back it up.

  22. BC says – reply to this


    Re: beachdude
    So just because you haven't heard of him, that makes him irrelevant? Question: who are you supposed to be? There are millions of people around the world who have heard of him. You might just want to catch up, since you seem to think you're the arbiter of "facts."

  23. 23

    Um you do know this is a joke right? Skrillex is in Deadmau5 label and they are friends, check the red carpet from the grammys when Deadmau5 trolled skrillex by having a tshirt with his phone number on it.

  24. CS says – reply to this


    Re: beachdude
    Funny how you're talking about being fixated on headlines, when this whole feud itself is nothing but mindless, headline-making gossip.

  25. Ani Dee says – reply to this


    DeadMau5 is the shizzz! He tells it like it is. I like Madonna but come on…Molly? She was called out and that makes DeadMau5 the bad guy? Don't think so!! Never change, DeadMau5…ever!!

  26. Kimbo says – reply to this


    Madonna IS irrelevant. Her, Britney, and Christina should get together at the Defunct Stars of Yesterday Retirement Home.

  27. Alec Haas says – reply to this


    This guy is such a loser.. he tweeted Skrillex's cell number at the grammy's because he was JEALOUS Skrillex was nominated more.. and even won.
    He's forever talking shit on everyone else. And Madonna saying people at Ultra have seen Molly was not far off at all.. probably 90% of that crowd had seen Molly. I don't think anyone at a Blues Concert is still a slave.. What a F**king moron.

  28. 28

    Madonna has never BASHED anyone! She's stated her opinion on a professional level because they're her peers. Never has she insulted or talked shit about them. On the contrary, every other artist and critic has bashed, mocked, and ridiculed her. That's why she's always on top. All these ageists, critics, and misogynists always bring up the same crap.

  29. Alec Haas says – reply to this


    Guy is the biggest computer nerd anyway… only reason he's making it at the moment, is because Music technology went to computers.. but he's no musician, he's just a computer geek. That's how he got his stupid name.. it's a lame computer avatar. Only a nerd would come up w/ wearing a mickey mouse head.. sh!t will die out real quick. just as dead as his first name

  30. NM says – reply to this


    Flop tour! seriously are u kidding me. Her MDNA tour is on the way to becoming the biggest solo tours of all time u idiot. I get u hate Madonna, but don't come in herer & make bull-shit statements without getting ur facts straight. Anyways from what i heard, Lady Gaga's shitty concert is the one flopping hard.lol.

  31. 31

    LOL ummm Madonna has talked mad shit about her peers so stop acting like she's such a saint. Her "professional" statements were doused in bullshit so she didn't sound immature so what she's saying really is an insult. She's been talking shit about other artists for YEARS, but when someone calls her out they're wrong? Yeah, ok.

  32. Kashka says – reply to this


    Re: MikelJoshua
    Umm..How old are you? Because I do remember a time when Madonna did talk shit about her peers. She was much more coy about it, so that her words would come out ambiguous, but I remember seeing her on many a late night talk shows during the late 80s/early 90s talking shit about her peers.

  33. 33

    Re: NM – She's gonna break her own record on this tour…haters, KEEP on hating…

  34. kiki2u says – reply to this


    The irony is he is talking about dj-ing He is worried about how many buttons someone pushes? Seriously? Musicians everywhere are laughing at him.

  35. ASEKMusik says – reply to this


    This is the most poorly written garbage I have ever seen. It's a known fact that David Guetta doesn't do jack $#!T at his concerts. And when he says Skrillex "isn’t doing anything too technical" he means that he really isn't doing any crazy shit, just the standard DJ stuff. He's responding to people who are just entering the EDM scene thinking that artists are coming up with original songs on the spot- Spoiler alert- THEY AREN'T.

  36. Ben says – reply to this


    Instead of deadmau5 shutting up how about you fucking Hollywood whatevers fuck up.

    There is no law where you CANT STATE YOUR OPINION, nothing deadmau5 said wasnt untrue.

    Sure it came across negative, and the only reason you people are hating on him is because he is delivering a message that is (unfortunately) true.

  37. R says – reply to this


    He's right about both of them! David Guetta hardly does anything! I'm 17 and can do what David G does! It's really not hard, whereas Deadmau5 does actually try and doesn't ask random half talented well known artists to sing over easy beats.
    Madonna on the other hand is a total granny trying to be relevant, yeah her music is iconic, but it's only cause she's been round the longest but that's funny cause she is the oldest artist in the charts right now! I mean come on, she is well known, no doubt but she needs to give it a rest!

  38. 38

    I've never heard of Deadmau 5. Seems to me they're just trying to get publicity by using Madonna and Guetta's names. They're losers, whoever they are.

  39. lunacymoth says – reply to this


    Re: DangerWilRobinson – I couldn't agree with you more. Hard Candy and MDNA are TERRIBLE.

  40. 40

    Re: Alec Haas – Sorry he didn't tweet his number he had it printed on his shirt, therefore he had come up with this plan long before Skrillex won so I doubt it was fueled by jealousy. Secondly they are friends, and it was a joke.

  41. 41

    Re: MikelJoshua
    It's so funny how Madonna Stans, er..fans think that she is somehow beyond reproach. Longevity in the music industry doesn't make you immune to criticism. Many disparaging things can be said about U2, Springsteen, Streisand, Bon Jovi and other acts as well. If Madonna wants to make an ass of herself…fine..that's been her schtick for 30 years. But there's nothing that says no one can call her out for it, either, regardless whether or not they're her peers.

  42. Thisis says – reply to this


    fuck guetta anyway

  43. 43

    Re: DangerWilRobinson – "the minute someone calls her out"??? Call her out on what? Making a comment playing with words - [Molly / name / drug]? That is not "calling her out". Madonna making a comment on the FACT that Gaga copied her song is.

    Deadmau5 must be hurt because Madonna did not go through with their collaboration on MDNA - remember how that was highly reported last year? She probably did not like his work and got hurt. So immature. You see, Sia also said she was working with Madonna, her songs never made it to MDNA and Sia is still a fan. No need to start hating on someone because your work was not liked by an artist.

    Deadmau5 also needs a reality check when he says Madonna is "entering his world". Poor thing must have been under that mouse helmet for the past 28 years.

  44. 44

    "If she wants to step into my world"…HELLO!!! Madonna is very music the mother goddess of EDM. She's been doing electronic dance music for literally decades. She's worked with Nelle Hooper in the 90's. William Orbit in the late 90's, Mirwais in the early 2000's. Bloodshy & Avant, Stuart Price, Paul Oakenfold, Benny Benassi…I can go on and on. Deadmau5 is a fucking idiot. His world is very much Madonna's world too. It's more fair to say that Usher, Rihanna and Chris Brown are the ones who have adopted the EDM sound and made it pop and watered down. What a douche.

  45. Strukn69 says – reply to this


    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – I agree with you 100%. Anyways for me Deadmau5 lost all credibility when he thanked Lady Gaga for bring electronice/dance music to the mainstream, i mean are u fucking kidding me, yet he thinks Madonna is new to his world. What a complete & utter retard. lol.

  46. KC says – reply to this


    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    How can she be "mother goddess" of EDM when Donna Summer has been doing electronic music well before her?

  47. Gahan says – reply to this


    Re: Chloe Canacalon – [re=6105676]
    Sia and Deadmau5 should be thankful they weren't on that wretched piece of work called MDNA.

  48. Jack says – reply to this


    Drug use IS slavery dummy.
    MDNA is so pathetic !

  49. MD says – reply to this


    Ok Perez, obviously you're biased here. We all know your relationship with Madonna. Just because someone says something negative about an artist you like doesn't mean they're wrong.
    First of all, think about the addicts out there who went to ULTRA and got a huge smack in the face from someone as famous as Madonna referencing a drug that everyone else must be on except for them. How is that fair? How is it appropriate for anyone to be put in a corner like that, especially at a music event? Addiction is a disease and it is a fight, so it is fair to compare it to slavery. You write about it on the daily. You should understand by now how serious this is.
    Also, Deadmau5 wasn't undermining anyone's talent in that second quote. He knows, and mostly everyone else in the world knows that most electronic musicians don't really put on a "live" live show. The talent of an electronic artist lies in the studio, not on the stage. Maybe do a little more research on Deadmau5's opinion on the topic before making an ass of yourself.

  50. Cascade says – reply to this


    Re: Chloe Canacalon
    Don't act stupid! Madonna was very well called out for trying to act hip with her Molly reference, and then called out again by people who didn't buy her bullshit excuse for it later.

  51. jared says – reply to this


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  52. 52

    u know i tried singing this and couldnt get any beat i am a fan of madonna but agree shes gone from cool to demented

  53. sm87 says – reply to this


    he's a bitter bitch - and I've seen his shows, he sucks, a lot actually. He can go home because he's becoming more irrelevant every day

  54. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    I'm a huge Madonna fan and she never disses on other artists… at least not that I remember… and dissing Gaga?? when?? on all of her interviews she praises Gaga, she called "reductive" the fact that Born This Way sounded like Express Yourself (which is kinda true), but not Gaga or her talent nor her career… so haters get your facts right, also singing Born This Way on her tour and ending it with "She's Not Me" is not dissing… it's true, she's not Gaga nor Gaga is Madonna, if Lady Gaga takes it as a blow then maybe it is because she does want to be Madonna?? I think this "DJ" is just jealous of both Madonna and David Guetta, if you cant sell or get to the ppl like them dont hate, try harder and work harder…

  55. Christy says – reply to this


    No matter how ur bonding with madonna or guetta… every single word comming out of the deadmau5 is right… Guetta used to be a good dj like 10 years ago…now he's making music with pop and hip hop artists,..and let's be honest every song sounds the same…
    guetta…show some more love for music than for money!!!

  56. One says – reply to this


    Re: sm87
    Yeah, that's why he's featured on the latest Rolling Stone cover–because he's irrelevant.

  57. 57

    Re: One – yeah, deadmau5 rules the world!! he's a fuckin' loser jew with a madonna obsession!!!! lmfaooooooo!! poor bitter jew boy!!!!

  58. ONE says – reply to this


    Re: FatAzzPooHeadDoodle
    And what have you accomplished today? Took another shit, and hacked the comment sections of PH during your one hour of computer time at the mental institution?

  59. 59

    Re: KC – Um Donna Summer is "disco"…Madonna came out when disco was over. She blended R&B, New Wave, a little bit of punk and created a sound that was new and not disco. More rock n roll, youthful and spunky. She evolved that sound with every album. No disrespect to Donna Summer or you, but I feel like there is a difference in the term EDM and 70's Disco. Especially in the technology used to make both. I understand what you are saying…That Donna Summer and her shimmering disco beats inspired the sound that would later become electronica. But I would never call Donna Summer EDM just like I would never call Black Sabbath Industrial Rock.

  60. 60

    Re: Strukn69 – You know what I really think now that all the dust has settled? I think Madonna may have dissed Deadmau5 by not working with him and that probably really hurt his feelings and now he's set on taking swings at her out of bitterness. Whatever…I'm sure Madonna is laughing all the way to the bank. Her tour is HUGE!!!!

  61. Sebastian says – reply to this


    Skrillex and Deadmau5 are actually good friends. So that doesn't make any difference what he said.

  62. KC says – reply to this


    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    Wow. Donna was just "disco?" She WAS the first female artist to win a Grammy in the ROCK category. Have you not heard of Giorgio Moroder, one of the pioneers of EDM, who worked with Donna? Donna's "I Feel Love" is regarded by critics as one of the earliest mainstream singles to incorporate electronica. Her 1977 ONCE UPON A TIME LP and 1979 BAD GIRLS also incorporated EDM. She was also one of the first artists to incorporate rock, R&B, Pop, 50s throwback, 60s girl group, new-wave, reggae, art-rock and gospel–all the stuff you claim Madonna did first–into her sound. To call her a disco artist is an insult. I can also list several other artists who have done the things you claim Madonna did first, but I'm afraid it would get lost on you. Good taste is hard to find, and apparently you don't have it.
    PS Disco never died. It evolved into the music that Madonna was regurgitating on her first LP.

  63. 63

    Re: KC
    Not only was Donna a pioneer in electronic dance music, she was a pioneer in the 12" single as well. Bottom line..there wouldn't be Ma-Donna without Donna. Can't educate the uneducated, though.

  64. Alec Haas says – reply to this


    Re: jaystarr – sorry to burst your bubble mouseketeer dork.. Just because he premade a shirt w/ his digits doesn't disprove his jealousy. Skrillex was nominated way more and he's wiping the floor w/ that dude.. Guy wreaks of jealousy. And just because they were once friends doesn't mean they still are. What kinda douchebag gives out your # to the world. With friends like that…

  65. Chris says – reply to this


    Deadmau5 is boss!!
    he's right about what skrillex and david guetta do. theres no denying it