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John Edwards's Mistress Goes On The Offensive In Shocking Interview

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Rielle Hunter is ready to tell the world What Really Happened.

In her new tell-all book, Hunter reveals intimate details of her affair with former presidential candidate John Edwards and the subsequent cover-up. Now, she's making the rounds to any news outlet that will have her to promote her sad story and delve into her secrets.

Ch- Ch- Check out the video (above) and prepare to be scandalized!

In this interview with ABC News, Hunter calls her baby daddy “temporarily insane” and says his ex-wife, the late Elizabeth Edwards, was “not a saint.”

Sounds like the baby mama drama isn't over yet!

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11 comments to “John Edwards's Mistress Goes On The Offensive In Shocking Interview”

  1. me says – reply to this


    she is sick in the head to talk about a woman who is gone…. she is disgusting and an opportunist. i think americans are obsessed with power and money, that is why their government is so corrupt, and that is why they don't want obama, because he's an honest government trying to fix all the bad that has been happening over the years.. this story is sick

  2. 2

    she's so pathetic and she looks like a drag queen, she's obviously scorned and she didnt get away with what she wanted, as usual homewreckers always wants the husband because he has money, and the fact that she is still talking about the wife who died of cancer in national tv humilliating the poor children of the wife who are mourning and all, is so sick and evil, i hope nobody reads her book and that she just goes back into obscurity.

  3. 3

    You know that John Edward rules the day when he met this bitch.
    She is a gold-digger opportunist, who in her middle age, found a "sugar daddy".
    John's an idiot. Mind you, I liked his politics, but his moral fiber is lacking.

  4. 4

    There is a special place in hell for Rielle Hunter and that's assuming the devil will even have her! It's bad enough that you had an affair with a married man, but to have an affair with a man who had a terminally ill wife is the worst. Then this woman adds insult to injury by disgracing Elizabeth's memory even more so by calling her disparaging names. I honestly don't know how Elizabeth's older children are keeping it together.

    That piece of human waste has the audacity to insult Elizabeth when she was the one fucking her husband! Even if any of this bitch's accusations were remotely true, it's not going to matter when it comes to the laws of karma. Rielle is going to get hers no matter how horrible of a person she tries to make Elizabeth. John isn't exempt, either!

  5. Rossi says – reply to this


    Ruille is a flying, fucking whore. Too bad it was Elizabeth and not she.

  6. 6

    Nobody made this whore the marriage police. Own your shit, lady. You're a fucking slut who cheated on man whose wife had cancer. Jesus Christ. Could you be anymore disgusting?

  7. 7

    Elizabeth Edwards had CANCER! She didn't have to be Saint to anyone. If she felt crappy she had an excuse to be cranky… She had CANCER. How dare this whore even speak or write anything about Elizabeth. Rielle and that smarmy ass-hat (John) can burn in hell. He makes Bill Clinton look good. What a douche!

  8. 8

    Do not like either one of them and glad he did not get nominated (he was looking pretty good before all this came out). And me, Obama is just as corrupt as the rest, he had two years with Democrats in power and did not accomplish much at all. Sorry I voted for they guy but you cannot fool me twice.

  9. Scott says – reply to this


    is she cray cray? she is so dumb and retarded. who talks like that about someone who died from cancer?! she needs to be hit in the head with a frying pan!

  10. 10

    VERY disappointed that Chris Cuomo defends this bleached blonde political groupie! Hormones & selfish behavior does NOT equal "love".

  11. 11

    And even if Elizabeth Edwards didn't have cancer, Rielle Hunter is a pathetic selfish person. She & John Edwards just might be a perfect match for each other.