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Christie Brinkley's Ex Is STILL Bashing Her! Reveals Secret Marriage To Spite Her!

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Christie Brinkley Peter Cook

And you won't BELIEVE the venom that comes out of his mouth! Damn!

Peter Cook broke Christie Brinkley's heart way back in 2008 when she discovered he was having an affair with his teenage assistant. They got divorced and have been battling it out in court over child custody ever since.

It turns out that Cook's been up to more than that though. He recently revealed that he secretly married his girlfriend Suzanne Shaw last Valentine's Day and told sources he kept it on the DL because of Brinkley.

Like a true gentleman, he decided to use the opportunity to publicly drag his ex's name through the mud and explained his decision by saying:

“Christie would drag it into her black hole of revenge and hate like she does everything else good in my life. I did not want to openly share this happy moment in our lives.”

Although he's legally moved on to a new wife, it doesn't sound like he's moved past the bitter resentment he's still harboring for his last wife.

We thought that Cook and Brinkley reached some kind of settlement in 2009, but nope! They're due in court today to continue the war over the control of their children.

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25 comments to “Christie Brinkley's Ex Is STILL Bashing Her! Reveals Secret Marriage To Spite Her!”

  1. mcmuffin says – reply to this


    they only have one kid together. the little girl Sailor. the boy is someone else's, another guy that christy married that was no good. maybe it's her?

  2. Pusi Waters says – reply to this


    Christie is a 60 year old dirt bag
    The funniest thing I heard was when she tried to play a 30 year old in Chicago

    Is there any guy out on Long Island she hasn't fucked ?

  3. 3

    He didn't want her to know he was screwing a teen while they were married, so why is it important for her to know that he now is legally married to someone else? Never really was a fan of Brinkley's, but he is an a$$hole.

  4. 4

    I just met her not to long ago and she was so nice and genuine. A real pro and beautiful.

  5. 5

    What a venomous, peculiar, immature "man."

  6. 6

    Peter Cook: It's Christie Brinkley's fault that I cheated on her
    Christie Brinkley's most recent ex-husband, Peter Cook, using the oldest excuse in the book, said he went catting around because the supermodel wasn't meeting his needs at home.

    I post this to save the new "wife" Peter has already cheated on suzanne Shaw before they were married. She "forgave" him as Christie did when Peter threatened to "commit suicide" if Christie left him. Christie actually was going to "give him a chance,… as he threatened to kill himself. That all being said,.. have you seen Suzanne shaw the new wifey she has a "wall eye" (One eye moves normally, while the other points in (esotropia or "crossed eyes"), out (exotropia), up (hypertropia) or down (hypotropia).) I hope she is using that Wall eye to see guys on the side! Peter will do what he did to christie to her. It is only a matter of time. He is dishonest and dispicable.Suzanne posted about the secret wedding in the post the "day before " peter and christie were due back in court today. Its all a set up by a Narcisist ( peter) to keep himself in the press. To pussi , she didnt "try" to play a 30 years old she succeded to critical acclaim raising ticket sales and bringing a whole new crowd to broadway,… what have you done pusi waters?

  7. 7

    Wow, he seems like such an asshole. I doubt she cares if he got married or not. He's probably just telling the press now because nobody cared enough to find out when it happened.

  8. 8

    The guy will do anything to stay in the press. He is a nobody and needs to crwal back under the rock he came from.

  9. 9

    I guess he misses the fame he had being "Mr. Brinkley". No reason to bring it up now if he wanted to end the feud. Sad, pathetic man that she's well rid of.

  10. 10

    When it ever gets out that Peter was selling coke at rest areas and having homosexual sex for johns it may break his kids hearts but more truth will come out,.. google it , public record. "Christie Brinkleys husband, Peter Cook, was busted for selling a gram of cocaine to an undercover cop on November 10, 1982, and later served jail-time, the New York Post reveals.

    Cook, who was 23 at the time of the arrest, was “dealing fairly extensively in the Southampton and Bridgehampton areas, a narcotics officer said in a probation officers report. The now-successful architect was arrested at a rest stop, and charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance, a felony.

    The cop to whom he sold $125 worth of coke said Cook was a typical Hampton kid who was insincere, uncooperative, and uncaring.” The police officer was also irritated when Cook “split to Europe in [sic] a vacation instead of cooperating.” (Cooks mother and Exxon-exec father were living in England at the time).

    Cook pleaded guilty, was placed on five years probation and spent two months in Suffolk County jail. This news comes a week after Cook was accused of having affairs with singers Diana Bianchi and Samantha Cole when they were 17 and 18, respectively.

    I see peter has four friends below,.. Free architecture maybe? Who knows.

  11. 11

    This guy is such a scumbag. He cheats on his wife with a child and he's the victim. What a fucker…

  12. Victoria says – reply to this


    Peter Cook can go and fuck himself

  13. cari says – reply to this


    he still sounds bitter to me. wanting some attention too. of course she made a mistake marrying so below herself. he is a dumb shitbag. i'm sure the new wife is a dumb child probably employed as a waitress, salesgirl or receptionist. at least he is finally with someone of his class, immaturity and intellectual inferiority. i'm sure christy doesn't give a shit and THAT'S what bothers him. hhmmmph!

  14. Paula says – reply to this


    He's a narcissistic sociopath who will use everyone's evidence against him as his reason for doing anything.

    Fact: He cheated on Christie.
    His Excuse to Gain Pity: "Christie didn't show me the love and respect I needed."
    The Truth: He's a liar and a cheater.

    Fact: He kept his recent marriage a secret.
    His Excuse to Gain Pity: "Christie would use all good news in my life against me in the media."
    The Truth: He's a liar and a cheater and he didn't want anyone influencing his new wife to back out of the nuptials.

    Fact: He's a narcissist.
    His Excuse to Gain Pity: I've been abused and neglected and I just can't take it anymore.
    The Truth: He's a liar and a cheater and he absolutely hates to lose (as if sharing custody of a child is a game.)

    Bahahaha! He's a nut job. The fact that Christie has been co-parenting successfully with previous husbands (Billy Joel) is proof she is NOT the one playing the game. A 60 year old woman has better ways to spend her hours than being dragged back and forth to court because he can't make a compromise. :)

  15. 15

    Re: Paula
    You are clueless… it took christies divorce form peter before she became civil with billy joel,, google it, she tortured Billy for over 12 years after they divorced. Once Alexa ws an adult Christie could no longer use her as her weapon against Billy… and Alexa chose to see her Dad more,,, Brinkley had to suck up or be left out n the cold. Billy lives by the creedo " keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Why dont you stck to what you know.

  16. 16

    Re: Hotnena11417

    THEY kept it a secret.. a SECRET … what part of that is Cook looking for attention? He's been married for 4 months already, the press revealed it, Not him. I wish them happiness, she looks like a real person, not a blow up doll like Brinlkley.

  17. 17

    Re: Pusi Waters

    Brinkley playing a 30 year old on Broadway.. how did she do it? NOT very well… forget all Brinkley own self serving PR reviews, go to BroadwayBox.com, or TripAdvisor.com to see what the audience thought of her .. "attempts"
    It might save you some time and money

  18. 18

    Re: mcmuffin

    Yeah, and cook adopted her boy as an infant and raised him as if he were his own blood… really sounds like a terrible guy!
    And, If these kids need proetecting from him, why does a rich woman like Brinkley keep handing them over to him so she can go do broadway? She doesnt need the money, so why isnt she at hiome "protecting" her kids? IT DOESNT ADD UP, I THINK BRINKLEY IS A FRAUD ONLY INTERESTED IN BASHING THE FATHER OF HER CHILDREN, EVEN 6 YEARS AFTER THEY SEPERATED!? SHE NEEDS A LIFE.

  19. 19

    Re: Pusi Waters

    If you need only one review to convince you not to go, let this be it.
    Why settle for a lackluster performance and be ok with the fact that Roxie isnt supposed to be a great singer? It's Broadway, standards should be way higher, and this musical fail so badly.
    The story was fine, but it was a plain lazy clean muscial with no surprises(exp for Miss Sunshine there!), no costume changes, no scene changes. BORING.
    BUT,… read more
    , Velma was amazing,the lawyer, Amos, and Miss SUNSHINE(BEST PERFORMANCE thru the night, perhaps the only part that really impressed. a man voice with an amazing soprano pitch, he should replace Brinkley to be Roxie haha)
    Brinkley was plain rotten, no fact could muster that bad acting, bad speaking voice and horrible singing. Someone please make sure she never does Broadway shows again, maybe just go be a grandmother. No one should pay that much money to get mediocre - ITS BROADWAY FOR GOODNESS.
    My friend was here for 2days and i was hoping she would get the whole NY experience. How i regret the choice. This will only leave a bad taste in your mouth.

  20. 20

    Oh my goodness, Christie's ex is soooooo delusional, presumptuous, insulting and is a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder! He really thinks that if he keeps cramming his version of the truth down our throats we will believe him. The totally insane new bride of Frankenstein must have been born without self-esteem, poor thing. Perez, you are spot on about this creep and my admiration and respect for Christie grows with every slam that loser lobs her way. Move on fella, you were married to someone famous and beloved, that's it, no one cares about you or what you say - deal with it.

  21. nodefense says – reply to this


    Re: justdafactsplz – You must be the bitter new wife. Hahahaha! Poor thing.

  22. Paula says – reply to this


    Re: justdafactsplz – If that's the only thing you could find wrong with my comment, I'll take it. Hahaha!

  23. One Moms Battle says – reply to this


    Re: justdafactsplz

    Paula actually knows a great deal about this topic and in fact, I would consider her to be an expert on Narcissism and Sociopaths. Peter Cook is a Narcissist- diagnosed. Christie Brinkley wants nothing to do with this mess– he needs and thrives on being in the spotlight.

  24. lkanony says – reply to this


    …..and why won't she mind her own business….I mean SHE filed for divorce from another husband and he has clearly done something she doesn't seem capable of ….MOVING ON. Besides, what SHE CHOOSES to tolerate or deal with is HER issue. P.S. She DOES coincidently look like a younger slimmer version of Christie. The old saying is, get a woman that is better than, or at least comparable to (in terms of positive attributes of course) what you've had before. HE JUST may be a DIFFERENT type of person and husband for HER. HE JUST MAY NOT BE THE SAME MAN.

  25. 25

    This guy gives evil a bad name! Really? I mean does he not see how he looks to his kids by relentlessly bashing their mother over and over again because he cannot bear the outcome of his life that he orchestrated? Please, shut up and go away already and get an ounce of shame man!