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It's True! Johnny Depp Really DID Buy Amber Heard A Horse!

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johnny depp amber heard horse

Feeling skeptical of Johnny Depp's affections for Amber Heard?

Well wonder no more! A close source has now confirmed the rumor — Johnny is totally trying to lasso her up totally bought her a horse.

We speculated on their feelings for one another yesterday, with the whispers of some saddle lovin' as the catalyst for our musings, but now it's all coming together.

While he films The Lone Ranger, he takes breaks by riding the trails… and he wants her company while he enjoys the, um, scenery.

And if you're calling BS because you think she's a lesbian… well guess again! Amber has never restricted her options when it comes to her sexuality. In fact, she's been very open about loving both women and men.

So sure, she and Johnny could just be really close friends. But with all of the evidence and the status of Amb's relationship with her girlfriend up in the air, it looks like she and Depperz might be something real after all. That lucky, lucky gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “It's True! Johnny Depp Really DID Buy Amber Heard A Horse!”

  1. 1

    I don't know if there is anything between these two, but either way, it is a brilliant career move for Amber (who most people had not heard of before).

  2. emily says – reply to this


    i totally believe this. honestly, she beautiful. and sexuality is not always black and white. in the past posts about this you have a bunch or retards claiming this when in fact she came out as a bisexual. people are stupid.

  3. 3

    There is no "evidence," you ignorant twat. All you're doing is speculating and trying to make a story where there is none. And while it's nice that you're finally writing a teeny bit of your own stuff, you're doing it so badly that you should just stop, because every time you do this, you expose yourself as an unchanged, small-minded creep. You can't write and hold your "positivity" pose at the same time. Asshole.

  4. well now says – reply to this


    Whether she is bi or gay really is not the issue…she is beautiful by the way…that is very very obvious..Her girlfriend of over two years is hot too…whether it is now her ex gf remains the question…who knows? Johnny has seen his better days though- he has dirty fingernails, bad teeth and looks like he always is in need of a bath…So Amber, if you are back in the man-pond, you could pick a hotter guy…a cleaner guy…just sayin'. You are way hotter when you date the ladies anyway…:)

  5. moss says – reply to this


    LUCKY? He needs a shower….her girlfriend was hotter than this old man….Just sayin'.

  6. mtngal says – reply to this


    :-) I live in the town where they are filming and I can honestly say we all know the truth… and we won't tell.

  7. 7

    Re: mtngal – I think you just did.

  8. Lushh says – reply to this


    Sad thing is, if this is true, he'll put a ring on it. That's how it always goes. Poor Vanessa.

  9. 9

    I think shes enticed by the fact its johnny depp, big screen legend and sexy heartthrob "to other ppl, i dont get the charisma," she saw the opportunity, she took it, whether it was for publicity or to jump that ass…

  10. 10

    Hope he didn't buy the horse from Ann Romney and associates. They use drugs to cover-up congenital problems. It's dishonest.

  11. Bathory says – reply to this


    The question is not if she's gay or bi. She was clear she didn't want to be called a lesbian. The question is if she used the bisexual angle to get press (and she did). People are very pc and think that some no-name actress is beyond exploiting some token relationship with a woman for attention. A lot of people predicted she would end up with a man. And you can almost hear what she's going to say…"Im in love, and right now it happens to be a man." That's the only reason I dont care much for this woman. First trendy hollywood bisexuality, now fuckin Johnny Depp. She must have little faith in her talents.

  12. 12

    It is a good career move for her considering her biggest hit was playing Seth Rogen's underage girlfriend in Pineapple Express.

  13. jts says – reply to this


    So disappointing!!! I really hoped JD was in it for the long haul with Vanessa and kids, not swayed by just another blonde flash in the pan. This one may come back to bite him in the A$$, but then he is Johnny Depp.

  14. Mandolin says – reply to this


    I smell a midlife crisis; it's disappointing. I thought Johnny was more in tune with himself than that…more of a Paul Newman kind of guy. Sad.

  15. 15

    Lucky, lucky girl? Uh, he hasn't been hot for a long time. He looks like an old creep, and he clearly is one now.

  16. Aboveall says – reply to this


    It sounds fake…sorry but even People Magazine when reported this rumor has said that Amber and Tasya (her girlfriend) have visited Johnny…and there are those pictures at Las Vegas airport and Tasya was there too with them…so unless that Johnny has a relationship with both (wink-wink) this could be nothing but a friendship

  17. Pinky Lee's Pinky says – reply to this


    Johnny said he's not in an exclusive relationship with anyone right now, he's enjoying being single. He & Amber could be just friends. She's very smart & a fun person to be around, and she's a bit of a throwback - she admires Hunter Thompson and music, art, poetry & cars from that era. Her "baby" is a 1968 Mustang her Dad bought her and they fixed up together several years ago. Depp drove a blue '69 Mustang fastback in 21 Jump Street. Plus, if the rumor's true that Depp's having a hard time staying on his horse filming The Lone Ranger, being from TX maybe she's an experienced rider and is helping him during breaks?

    Some of Perez's fans could use some time on "A to Z of Positive Words" -

  18. 18

    You don't even know that bath salts aren't actual bath salts, so why would we believe you about anything? All it would take is a tiny bit of research to find out the truth, but you're incapable of doing that, apparently. By the way, Amber most certainly DID come out as being a lesbian. It was at a GLAAD function in 2010 and she's stated that she is indeed a lesbian in several interviews. Also, she's filming a movie in Texas right now, so she and Johnny are not spending any time together - her girlfriend, by the way, is in Texas with her. People who are actually associated with Johnny are saying he didn't buy her anything. It's pathetic how people keep trying to link him with all these women, just because he and Vanessa broke up. Shame on all of you!

  19. 19

    in order to never see perez's advertizement again, download the " auto block plus" add on for your firefox rowser!!!! amazing! no more adds on your computer!

  20. Adryzz says – reply to this


    Amber's ex gf was way hotter than J.Depp

  21. Jaime says – reply to this


    Re: Adryzz – agreed

  22. emeraldpixie says – reply to this


    Tasya Van Ree >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Johnny Depp. Tasya is a very talented, beautiful photographer,. Johhny is a dirty looking old man who has flop in recent years. There is no way Amber is going out with Johnny. After they filmed Rum Diaries she came out and had been with Tasya by that stage for 2 years. I don't know if she and Tasya are still together but all I know is that she is only interested in women.

  23. JackFrost says – reply to this


    Re: Bathory – Used the bisexual angle to get press? Thats odd considering that the angle she used hardly got her any press. Although I would like to see proof of this action you are slandering this woman of. I mean I’m sure you have some and you are not just talking out of your ass like a presumptuous moron right? No? You're not? Oh OK. I thought so. But here's the thing. If she was exploiting some token relationship with a woman for attention as you claim, then why was she seen WITH her current girlfriend when she was filming the rum diaries a year ago? Oh yes there are pictures of her and her current love interest with depp while they were filming said movie. Seriously a little proof would go well with this speculation of yours. That is if you have the intelligence to muster some up. You must be very lonely and sad with your life to make assumptions about people who seem to be more relevant than you. Might I suggest therapy? Or good ole suicide? That always works :)

  24. hugh jorgen says – reply to this


    and I bet it smells better than him. Why do you think he moved to France? Dude has serious BO

  25. 25

    so a man wants her to ride his pony and its just friends check out the body lauguage very touchy touchy feely

    shes a sexy girl i would feel sorry for any woman whos husband is around this woman as she does kind of ooze sexiness .. even in the movie the jones she was like the sexy one .. i cant see this lasting long anyone say mid life crisis

  26. my johnny says – reply to this


    Re: moss – Asshole. That isnt dirt on his fingernails and you are too blind to see how hot he is. this is a bullshit site and you are ignorant

  27. ELENA says – reply to this


    AMBER and Tasya broke up last year in October.
    She cheated on her wife . thats the truth people!
    shes a whore

  28. teenybits says – reply to this


    Its all a sham. He isnt with Amber and if you knew what I knew he would gladly hope you think he is bonking Amber and not riding another pony. It will come out soon and so will he. All closets have bones too.