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A Week In 50 Shades Of Grey Casting Madness!

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Is everyone as exhausted as we are trying to keep track of all of the 50 Shades of Grey movie news?!

More specifically, all the rumors FLYING around about who will be bringing the seksiness of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to life on the silver, handcuff-bound screen?!

Yeah. WE KNOW!

Luckily, we've got it all right here for you, condensed and ready to take your mind wandering to all sorts of nasty, wonderful little places…AFTER THE JUMP!

March 26th:

After an INTENSE bidding war, Universal and Focus Features win out for the rights to bring the Twilight Fanfic-turned-best-selling S&M sensation to the big screen.

Speculation in our minds over who will play the titular main characters runs rampant.

April 25th:

Chris Pine is asked about 50 Shades walking the red carpet at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, claims he'd be interested in playing Christian if the script were good! Salivation begins.

May 1st:

We spontaneously combust when Alexander Skarsgard hears of the project, and jokes that he was "born to play that part."

May 18th:

Chris Hemsworth admits that "maybe" he's interested in the role of Christian. Ian Somerhalder's name is also thrown into the mix. By this point we're already head over heels in dream-casting that we can't even deal!

June 8th:

In a nice change of pace, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale says she wants to play Anastasia!

June 11th:

In a WEIRD change of pace, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis announces that he's interested in writing the 50 Shades movie adaptation! Throws props to previous collaborator Ian Somerhalder for Christian!

June 13th:

When asked about the potentially participating in the project, Selena Gomez admits she thinks the role of Anastasia would be "a little too much" for her, and suggested an older actress to play the part.

June 19th:

Apparently, Emma Roberts disagrees, and despite not even reading the original work, admits that "it sounds awesome. Anything racy, hot. Sure, let's get hot."

June 21st:

Chris Pine clarifies on his earlier remarks regarding playing Christian. Says original quote taken out of context, but if the script were good, he would "take a look at it."

June 22nd:

Kristen Stewart brings the original novel's beginnings as Twilight fanfiction full-circle when she reveals that she'd consider playing Bondage Bella 2.0, but she still has to finish the book before she decides.

Molly Ringwald provides HIGHlarious commentary while reading the series, and publicly declares her support of Bret Easton Ellis penning the adaptation!

PHEW! Okay!

Ready for more now! How about U??

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369 comments to “A Week In 50 Shades Of Grey Casting Madness!”

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  1. Sally says – reply to this


    Ryan Gossling…oh my heavens I can see him as Christian. Minus the copper hair. "oh, Ana". Dislish. As for Ana…hmmm…could Ann Hathaway do age 21?

  2. kc says – reply to this


    i definitely think someone should consider casting tyler hoechlin as christian grey. he's got the perfect looks, and he's HOT

  3. kaiye says – reply to this


    alexander skarsgard ould be very PERFECT for the role.. gosh!

  4. Katie says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer is my Christian Grey!!!

  5. Amy says – reply to this


    i agree with sally, i think anne hatheway would make a great ana! I definately dont want kirsten stewart to play ana though! daniel radcliffe for christian!!

  6. Eiin says – reply to this



  7. 7

    It is such a lame story. It has no plot. How can this be a good movie? Maybe they can add some kind of a story other than whether or not she will sign his damn contract. And maybe actors can add something to the one dimensional characters in the book. That being said, has anyone considered Amanda Seyfried?

  8. 8

    Matt Bomer would be perfect!

  9. 9

    Matt Bomer would be perfect as Grey. I am hoping for someone relatively unknown for Ana.

  10. Laura says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jas says – reply to this


    um IAN SOMERHALDER is meant for this role, I won't even watch the movie if he's not in it. Im reading the book with him in mind right now. and hes doing a great job!!


  12. Attie says – reply to this


    Ummm…someone should have asked Matt Bomer. He looks absolutely PERFECT for the role.

  13. 13

    RPatz and KStew! The characters are very Edward/Bellaish anyway; even the cover art is similar to the Twilight books. Although I share your combustion over ASkars' comment, despite him being all wrong for the part. He needs his own sex film with me! (I am tall enough!)

  14. 14

    Or, they could just recycle the twilight cast.

  15. Holly says – reply to this


    Ryan Gosling or Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scarjo would be a good Ana! Maybe Emma Stone?

  16. Araceli says – reply to this


    ***** ERIC DANE for Mr. Grey! (: that would be pretty amazing!

  17. J says – reply to this


    Emma Stone as Ana and Ed Westwick as Christian!!!

  18. 18

    Nick Zano as Christian Grey! Perfect!

  19. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer would fit Christian the best. Hes my fantasy Christian.

  20. 20

    Alex Skarsgard or Matt Bomer for Christian Grey

  21. Kmorin91 says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart? Anne Hathaway? Lucy Hale? They would make horrible Anastasias. It needs to be someone who has an understated beauty and an air of innocence about them. I think Jennifer Lawrence or Elizabeth Olsen would be a good fit. Whoever plays Christian has to have devastatingly good looks and I don't think anyone that they've talked about is the right fit for the role. Maybe Gaspard Ulliel, who knows? I've yet to come across someone I think is worthy to play him. I think Charlize Theron would be an awesome Elena Lincoln. Hopefully they cast the right people! But it's hard to live up to every readers image of the character that they have in their head.

  22. 22

    totes agree…been saying all along it needs to be Matt Bomer….those pajama pants hanging off his hips…YES!

  23. 23

    HEY I want to play the part of christian,,, why am I not mentioned in your list???

  24. 24

    hmmmm..Tom Welling (I believe he was in Smallville)

  25. 25

    Pleassssse, please, please not Kristen Stewart for Anastasia. My vote is for Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman. They can both do shy, awkward, nervous 'before' Ana and then transform into sex-crazed 'after' Ana. Maybe Angelina Jolie for Elena Lincoln? I can't decide on my favourite for Christian, although I do like the unexpected suggestion of Eric Dane. He's very yummy and anyone who has watched Gray's Anatomy has seen him play a forceful, dominant man. Maybe he's a smidge too old though?

  26. khay says – reply to this


    Matt Boomer and Leighton Meester!!!

  27. Kara says – reply to this


    all fo the guys sound great… im more concerned by how kristen stewart would totally ruin the movie

  28. 28

    I would never see a movie Kristen Stewart was in it. Maybe a lifetime movie…

  29. 29

    Casting Kristen Stewart would be the perfect way to completely ruin the movie. She is a horrible actress with no emotional range. Her one facial expression of looking distraught and confused at the same time has no place in a movie of this sort….much less any other movie. I can't even comprehend how she became an actress…since she can't act AT ALL.

  30. Marissa says – reply to this


    please no kristen stewart!!!

  31. gin says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill , the new Superman will be perfect Christian Grey.

  32. gin says – reply to this


    i agree with everyone about Kristen Stewart. She will ruin it and and just really NO!!!!

  33. 33


  34. Liz says – reply to this


    Henry cavill would be a perfect Christian. I wish he would have been Edward in twilight. Also, no Kristen Stewart please. She is awful. Ruined snow white and the huntsman. Only saving grace is that she only had like 5 speaking lines.

  35. 35

    Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth please!!

  36. 36

    After reviewing all the evidence, which means I Googled images of all the actors mentioned for Christian, I would like to confirm my vote for Eric Dane. Still have doubts? Google his images yourself! Hot stuff!

  37. 37

    Considering the high sexual nature of the book and the age of Ana, I am doubtful that any young actress worth her salt would most likely choose not to touch such a tawdry story (although I think it would an excellent role). So I am going to throw this name into the hat: Sasha Grey - she was quite good in the Girlfriend Experience and although her eyes aren't blue - it isn't anything that contacts can't fix. Plus she is young and lean and without all the heavy make-up she is pretty in a plain way.

  38. Jessica says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder would be so perfect for Christian!

  39. Crystal says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer is who I would imagine as Christian Grey but I think they should cast people that are the same age as he charactera so that would be an issue. Haha.

  40. Katherine says – reply to this


    Re: gin

    Yes!!!!!! Henry Cavill is a perfect specimen. Matt Bomer is beautiful but he just came out of the closet. Women want to know that the actor playing him is enjoying the sex scenes on some level; being gay kills the fantasy for many women. It's the truth.

  41. 41

    Since chapter 1, I have imagined Chris Evans as Christian Grey. Big and gorgeous. Can play serious. Deep voice. I don't care who they cast, he is my Mr. Grey. I want an unknown as Ana.

  42. 42

    you want to see 50 shades of gray in movie form?
    watch any porno movie there youre done

  43. N3n4210 says – reply to this


    Alex Pettyfer would make an AMAZING Christian Grey! And I dont understand why no one has mentioned Alexandra Daddario!! She wod make a great Ana Steele! He describes her as having chesnut brown hair and bluest eyes… Search her and you'll agree with me.

  44. lvoelker says – reply to this


    Eric Dane. He is 40 years old people! Cristian is suppose to be 27. Think, before you type please.

    I say Alexis Bledel for Ana and Ian S. or Matt Bomer for Cristian.

  45. Briahna760 says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer! Matt Bomer! MATT BOMER!!!

  46. Ashley says – reply to this


    RYAN GOSLING AS CHRISTIAN!!! RYAN EFFIN GOSLING!!! Forget Kristen Stewart and her non-acting ass! Emma Stone or even Amanda Seyfried would be good as Anastasia

  47. felisia says – reply to this


    NO to Kristen Stewart i do not want her to play ana she cant act. But Ian Somerhalder got to play Christian gray and Lucy Hale can be ana

  48. Stevi says – reply to this


    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Kellan Lutz play Christian YUMMMYYYYY :)

  49. 49

    Must be MICHAEL PITT!! He is a great actor and sexy in a deviant way. Love him. And please no Kristen Stewart - she cannot act for the life of her.

  50. Nikki says – reply to this


    I agree that they need to cast close to the actual age of the characters! I think that little known actress Indiana Evans would be the perfect Ana, she just needs to dye her hair brown! Easy fix! I also love the idea of Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder as Christian! I just really hope that they do not cast too old… That would be really disappointing….and absolutely NO KRISTEN STEWART!!! She already ruined the twilight movies!

  51. Lisa says – reply to this


    I totally agree Eric Dane is melt ur panties off HOT, but way too old! I love the look of Scott Elrod and Lyndsy Fonseca to play the leads!!!!! This movie will need fresh meat, not actors w/roles we already associate them with!

  52. Kristina says – reply to this


    Armie hammer for Christian Grey!!!!!!!

  53. metoo says – reply to this


    ben barnes as christian grey!!!!!!!!!

  54. cathy says – reply to this


    Chris Hemsworth and Alexis Bledel would be awesome :D if they choose Kristen Stewart I will not see the movie and I LOVE this story!!! Please listen to the fans.

  55. PS says – reply to this


    TYLER HOECHLIN for Christian Grey he is perfect. Sexy, in the age group, strong, his eyes, and his smile is to die for. For Ana Steele hands down ALEXIS BLEDEL. She is so perfect for this part down to her bright BLUE EYES.

  56. Nina says – reply to this


    Maybe it should be two new fresh faces.. think that would make it better! But as long as Kirsten Stewart's not in it i will be happy :D She would suck!

  57. Miss Wisconsin says – reply to this


    Please.. CHRIS HEMSWORTH… PLEASE!!!! I would probably need to watch in the privacy of my own home.. OMG!

  58. Mar says – reply to this


    As much as I love Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Micheal Fassbender, and all those delicious guys…I actually think GABRIEL MACHT !(Suits Harvey) would make a good Christian Grey. Thats who I imagines…hes got a great "wicked smile". Annnd his google pictures don't do any justice for hime

  59. be strong says – reply to this


    All the guys everyone is mentioning aren't good looking enough. Christian is supposed to be the 'Brad Pitt' of twenty year olds. Chris Pine is handsome but not ridiculously sexy like Christian is supposed to be. Ryan Gosling is pretty close though and he could definately pull off the sexy factor. But that True Blood guy and the bomer guy, and Alex, no way!

  60. Lea says – reply to this


    I don't know how Charlie hunnam hasn't been a prime choice….he plays a badass in sons of anarchy and does an amazing job! Charlie hunnam should play Christian

  61. Heather says – reply to this


    I think Mila Kunis would make a great Ana! I also think that the best pick for Christian would be Ian Somerhalder. I would normally say Jeremy Renner but he would be to old for that part :(

  62. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: CiaoBebe – This would be because 50 Shades of Grey was originally Twilight fanfic, hence the character resemblance. I hope to god, no one puts those two in a movie together ever again. Whilst they rate well for box office dollars (Twihards be crazy), they don't rate highly in the actually-being-good-at-acting stakes.

  63. jgrue says – reply to this


    Chris Pine would make a fine Christian!!!

  64. daffydil says – reply to this


    I think that Jim Cavezil is the perfect Christian grey, as would Gabriel Macht of Suits

  65. jgrue says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Just from reading your comment it is obvious you never got past the first book back cover synopsis! There's so much more to this story and it is awesome!

  66. Amanda says – reply to this


    Dream cast…Christian - Ryan gosling … Ana-Emmentaler Rossum

  67. Amanda says – reply to this


    Dream cast…Christian - Ryan gosling … Ana-Emme Rossum

  68. xiomara says – reply to this


    i can't wait 4 the movie,i love to se Henry cavill(superman) as Christian, and Allison Williams(girls-HBO)as Anastasia they would make a perfect couple.i hope they get a casting.

  69. Sharon says – reply to this


    Christian Bale would make a PERFECT Christian grey!!!! It has got to be Christian Bale!

  70. Amanda says – reply to this


    Wow auto correct. Ana- Emme Rossum

  71. Npra says – reply to this


    No Kristen Stewart please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Catherine says – reply to this


    Re: Katie
    YES!!!!! I so agree!

  73. soul912 says – reply to this


    I would love to see Ryan Phillippe as Christian Grey.

  74. Sara says – reply to this


    Jessica Biel as Anastasia!!!!

  75. 50fan says – reply to this


    Ryan Phillippe would be great as Christian Grey.

  76. 76

    Re: jgrue – No, I read the entire, painful, repetitive, poorly written, first book. I can't imagine reading the second.

  77. Serena says – reply to this


    Chris Hemsworth as Christian Grey - most definitely! But I can only see a brunette Amanda Seyfried as Ana.

  78. Megank says – reply to this


    Re: angiekins83 – I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! Nick Zano would be a perfect Christian, that's who I was picturing when I read the book. I also agree with Emmy Rossum for Ana.

  79. Red says – reply to this


    ian somerhalder as christian and amanda seyfried as ana … thats who i picture when i read the books.. i mean lets just hope its not adam sandler and kristen stuart… lol ;)

  80. Brandi says – reply to this


    please please please not emma roberts as ana. maybe someone like ginnifer goodwin, she could play 21 and innocent

  81. 81

    if kristen stewart or chis pine are cast my dreams will be CRUSHED!!!

  82. Eva says – reply to this


    I think Emmy Rossum will play a great Anastasia Steele, she's comfortable with nudity from her Showtime show all they need to add is the blue contacts. For Christian Grey I think they should have Matt Lanter from 90210 his hair is perfect, the eyes the body build love him!

  83. SJ says – reply to this


    Although I highly doubt she'd take the part if it were offered to her, the only leading lady I could believe as Ana is Alexis Bledel.

  84. Jeannie says – reply to this


    My vote for Christian grey is…….. Daniel sanjunta!

  85. 85

    Re: Katherine – agreed!

  86. er says – reply to this


    I think two unknown actors should play the roles! I have preconceived notions and images in my mind of what the more popular actors (Ian Somerhalder - too small, Ryan Gossling - not hard enough looking) would be like. Someone who embodies all of what Christian Grey is (Tall, Muscular, Handsome, the looks he gives.. oh my..) should be cast! Same goes for Ana. Relatively unknown actors should be cast!

  87. Eva says – reply to this


    Re: SJ – She would also play a great Ana Steele

  88. 88

    Taylor Kitsch (sp?) or Kellan Lutz for Christian? Unknown for Ana or maybe Ashley Greene or Elizabeth Olsen!

  89. leah says – reply to this


    i think lucy hale would be perfect as ana and alex or ian as christian. those three are my choice . kristen stewart is too awkard , emma roberts is weird and everybody is just not in that league im sorry.

  90. anomom says – reply to this


    If Jessie Pavelka isn't Christian Grey I don't know who is…

  91. Andie says – reply to this


    William Levy and Jessica Brown Findlay. Enough said.

  92. Samantha says – reply to this


    Alexis Bledel, Lucy Hale or Ashley Benson are my pics for Anatasia… As for Christian I like Ryan Gosling or how bout Cam Gigandet?

  93. Kathy says – reply to this


    Travis Fimmel!! enough said!

  94. aebyrne says – reply to this


    PLEASE GOD NOT KRISTIN STEWART. She is in no way a Ana. She has only one emotion which is boring. I have seen enough of her in twilight. She can not do the strong, sweet, sexy, and powerful Ana.

  95. brittany. says – reply to this


    If IAN SOMERHALDER doesn't get the role of christian i wont see the movie.

  96. laissezfaire says – reply to this


    Re: er – You say: "Tall, Muscular, Handsome, the looks he gives." Damn right, exactly. And this description is totally Henry Cavill. He is THE most beautiful, sexy and manly actor of his generation and in the right age too. He is in a whole different league than the other actors mentioned, sorry. He is just perfect.

  97. 97

    i've only read small parts of the book, but you do all realize that if they make the movie that the book calls for, it is just going to be a "high class" porno.

  98. 98

    stewart should do it she HAS TOO

  99. 99

    I have to say, Ian would make a HOT Mr. Grey. When I had read the book he is exactly what I had imagined Mr. Grey to be….. Of course I also imagined I was Ana. Oh how lucky I would be to play the part. ;) I vote OPEN CASTING CALL!!! Can I get an amen?!

  100. mia says – reply to this



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