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A Week In 50 Shades Of Grey Casting Madness!

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Is everyone as exhausted as we are trying to keep track of all of the 50 Shades of Grey movie news?!

More specifically, all the rumors FLYING around about who will be bringing the seksiness of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to life on the silver, handcuff-bound screen?!

Yeah. WE KNOW!

Luckily, we've got it all right here for you, condensed and ready to take your mind wandering to all sorts of nasty, wonderful little places…AFTER THE JUMP!

March 26th:

After an INTENSE bidding war, Universal and Focus Features win out for the rights to bring the Twilight Fanfic-turned-best-selling S&M sensation to the big screen.

Speculation in our minds over who will play the titular main characters runs rampant.

April 25th:

Chris Pine is asked about 50 Shades walking the red carpet at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, claims he'd be interested in playing Christian if the script were good! Salivation begins.

May 1st:

We spontaneously combust when Alexander Skarsgard hears of the project, and jokes that he was "born to play that part."

May 18th:

Chris Hemsworth admits that "maybe" he's interested in the role of Christian. Ian Somerhalder's name is also thrown into the mix. By this point we're already head over heels in dream-casting that we can't even deal!

June 8th:

In a nice change of pace, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale says she wants to play Anastasia!

June 11th:

In a WEIRD change of pace, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis announces that he's interested in writing the 50 Shades movie adaptation! Throws props to previous collaborator Ian Somerhalder for Christian!

June 13th:

When asked about the potentially participating in the project, Selena Gomez admits she thinks the role of Anastasia would be "a little too much" for her, and suggested an older actress to play the part.

June 19th:

Apparently, Emma Roberts disagrees, and despite not even reading the original work, admits that "it sounds awesome. Anything racy, hot. Sure, let's get hot."

June 21st:

Chris Pine clarifies on his earlier remarks regarding playing Christian. Says original quote taken out of context, but if the script were good, he would "take a look at it."

June 22nd:

Kristen Stewart brings the original novel's beginnings as Twilight fanfiction full-circle when she reveals that she'd consider playing Bondage Bella 2.0, but she still has to finish the book before she decides.

Molly Ringwald provides HIGHlarious commentary while reading the series, and publicly declares her support of Bret Easton Ellis penning the adaptation!

PHEW! Okay!

Ready for more now! How about U??

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369 comments to “A Week In 50 Shades Of Grey Casting Madness!”

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  1. Kim says – reply to this


    I am imagining Adam Levine as Christian Grey. It would be really hot!

  2. Ania says – reply to this


    MATTE BOMER as Christian Grey and EMILIA CLARKE and Anastasia Steele!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Katya says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder or Matt bromer should play Christian grey because they have the perfect features and expressions that go hand in hand with how Christian's are depicted in the trilogy. And for Ana Steele, an actress who isn't already known for another series like Twilight or Harry potter, because their previous break out roles might conflict with the audience and their ability not to get over their past well known character.

  4. ellideb says – reply to this


    Matt bomer now way! He's too nicey looking. Not dark and brooding enough imo.

  5. 305

    I would like Jessie Pavelka as Christian and Emilia Clarke as Anastasia. They ready look as described on the characteristic from the book. I truly feel Ian Somerhalder as Elloit. But that's just my opinion. Let's see who really gets to play them……..

  6. 306

    Re: mia – I thought of her, but checkout Emilia Clarke. She looks the part also. Tough choosing…… The big blue eyes and very innocent. :)

  7. 307

    Re: annainnyc – I'm with you 100% and checkout Emilia Clarke I truly feel she's Anastasia. Oh, Jessie Pavelka is also a Christian. Oh my……

  8. Gemma says – reply to this


    My perception of Christian changes all the time. I can definitely see Ian Somerhalder as the flirty, dirty talking tease, but as the possessive, impatient, controling dominant. I imagine Joseph Morgan. Mmm.. ;) As for Ana, I see Alexis bledel. Or maybe even Anne Hathaway.

  9. bentley says – reply to this


    Armie Hammer as Christian Grey and Molly Ephraim for Ana! Although I am not sure that Molly Ephraim could depict the role, she definitely looks the part!

  10. SMC says – reply to this


    Peter Facinelli as Christian Grey.

  11. JaxsIiie says – reply to this


    I think Ian would make a good Christian, Lucy hale as Anastasia, carlos from "big time rush" as Jose, Joelle ferland as Mia, Angelina jollie as ms. Robinson, mathew mcCanauhey as carrick, and rachel mcAdams as Leila. But thats Just my opinion.

  12. 312

    Anyone considered Gabriel Macht (SUITS on USA) for this? His hair is naturally golden copper (its died for the show) And-Since the charactors is described as a Tall Greek God-that should take Ryan Gosling out of contention-he is more cutsie high school friend then Godlike….

  13. 313

    Ryan is too " baby sweet" for this role…They need people more unknown actors, not ones already tied to popular roles-its overkill.

  14. 314

    Outside of Gabriel Macht, Matt Bomer has my vote too

  15. Alicia Wendling says – reply to this



  16. KristenR says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer as Christian Grey!! And Kristen Stewart- HELL NO! Shes is the Twilight brand & frankly, TOO awkward.

  17. mandy says – reply to this


    I think Thore from the advengers( what's his name?) would be the perfect christian gray!!!

  18. mandy says – reply to this


    the super hot brunette from pretty little liars would be a great ana!!

  19. mandy says – reply to this


    chris hemsworth

  20. Kari says – reply to this


    I think for Ana it should be Evan Rachel Wood (brunette) and or Lucy Hale with Ryan Gosling Playing Grey or even Colin Egglesfield from Something Borrowed

  21. Kimber says – reply to this


    alexander skarsgard….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! He has the eyes, the hair, the body, the yummmminess!!! I would hate to see anyone else play Christian.

  22. Sarah says – reply to this


    i hope Matt Bomer plays Christian Grey!

  23. Nat says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – YES OMG MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!Re: im_a_keeper81 – omg I completely AGREE!!! They would ruin EVERYTHING this book is!! She cannot act!! And I have read all twilight books and I see SOME SOME SOME sparks of how the idea of Fifty Shades of Grey was stemmed from.. but it is completely different! A whole new experience and story!! Throwing Kristen Stewart or any other Twilight actor into the mix would completely link the two and it would just become one big mess

  24. Nat says – reply to this


    Re: annainnyc – agreed! an unknown to Ana is what is needed!

  25. holly says – reply to this


    It needs to be Alexander Skarsgard. Hands down. He's the perfect choice. There is no other.

  26. 326

    Re: HALEY

    Those two are my fantasy casting for Christian and Ana too!

  27. 327

    ALEX PETTYFER in my opinion would be ABSOLUTELY BEYOND perfect to play Christian.

    SEE FOR YOUSELF!!!!!! (obvi right of channing tatum in pic)

  28. 328

    Re: Holly – I agree ALEX PETTYFER!!!!!!!!!

  29. adj says – reply to this


    Matt homer for christian grey, look him up you won't be disappointed! he is everything i picture when i read the book. He would fit the roll perfectly.

  30. salpi says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder is perfect to play Christian Grey and as for Ana either Lucy Hale or Summer from 90210, someone who is willing to be shown naked. But hands down for sure Ian somerhalder should play Christian Grey his always mostly naked on vamp and us ladies dont mind ;)

  31. salpi says – reply to this


    Re: Sally – ryan gosling? really? yes his one of the hottest actors but His too much of a baby face to play christian grey, you need someone who looks dark and sexy but could also turn to be a psycho and Ian somerhalders perfect for that his sexy and dark and has the look for it

  32. 332

    it annoys me how some people want older very famous actors to play these parts. now fame isn't really a big deal breaker but age def is! the people in this book are in their 20's not 40's

  33. salps says – reply to this


    ian somerhalder all the wayyyyyy!!! you dont have to even think about it his perfect for the role of christian grey…if he doesnt get picked i wont even watch this movie…as for the role of anastasia either lucy hale or summer from 90210…someone definitely okay with getting naked or shown to be naked.

  34. 334

    Angelina Jolie for elena, she just looks like a hot Dom!!

  35. Gita says – reply to this


    Anastasia : Katy Perry!!!! Big blue eyes & brunette - Duh!
    Christian? Hmmmmmm tough that 1….if only brad Pitt was 15yrs younger ;) anyone remember him in Troy?….sigh

  36. cassy says – reply to this


    NOOOOO..kristian cannot play anna….ill die thats tooooo much..i can see ryan gossling as christian, or Matt Bomer.

  37. GediGyrl says – reply to this


    Chris Hemsworth HAS to do it!! The entire time I was reading, he is who I was imagining!! He has the build, the dreamy eyes (tho he'd need contacts) and the demeanor!! HE was born to play Christian!! As for Anastasia, I could def see Emma Roberts in the role. I cant WAIT!!

  38. Maria says – reply to this


    JOE MANGINEILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Paula Robinson says – reply to this


    I hope that Chris Hemsworth will play Chritian. He is a Greek god! Tall with copper hair great body strong and completely beautiful . Oh I hope he gets the role .

  40. knw11 says – reply to this


    Re: Attie – I totally agree he has them come to bed i want u know eyes down to a tee and is absolutly tall dark n handsome please case him as christian grey

  41. Turtle says – reply to this


    Matt bomer and Allison Williams make the perfect shades of grey!

  42. Turtle says – reply to this


    Allison Williams for …Ana

  43. Liz says – reply to this


    Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder would be purrrfect. Nina has that innocence about her and Ian is just plain sexy. The too of them together would definitely set the passion in motion for this highly anticipated movie.

  44. Audrey says – reply to this


    Alex petefer from beastly!!!!!!!

  45. Jose says – reply to this


    ian somerhalder shuould be Christian Grey !
    ian somerhalder shuould be Christian Grey !
    ian somerhalder shuould be Christian Grey !
    ian somerhalder shuould be Christian Grey !
    ian somerhalder shuould be Christian Grey !

  46. Dazy332 says – reply to this


    Coming from someone who is a really big twihard….. I think that they should let some new fresh faces play the main roles. Even though it was a twilight fan fiction. We still need some new faces on the big screen:) don't recycle the twilight people:)

  47. Bek says – reply to this


    IAN SOMERHALDER all the way no question about it, he has the ability to play convincingly that role. i will not watch it if he is not cast. Ian IS christian Grey

  48. BEK says – reply to this


    Re: Jose – TOTALLY AGREE

  49. Toni says – reply to this


    Matt Le Nevez (Offspring - Australia) is the perfect Christian Grey. He beats anyone else suggested so far hands down, or should I say 'behind your back' !

  50. Lana says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale should be Christian and Ana!

  51. Sammie says – reply to this


    YES!! I agree with kc….TYLER HOECHLIN as christian grey….PAUL WALKER as elliot…RYAN GOSLING as ethan. I think ASHLEY GREENE should play Anastasia steele or Mia grey:) I think JESSE METCALFE should play jose.:)

  52. Sandy says – reply to this


    Hands down for me Alexander Skarsgard .
    Omg like he said he was born for the role!
    He's perfect ! I think he will be the best to pull off all the kinky and sensual parts especially based on his performance on true blood!

  53. May says – reply to this


    gotta be MICHAEL PITT! gotta love those stares, mysteriousness and those lipss…….

  54. May salcedo says – reply to this


    Michael Pitt and Michelle Williams will do just an amazing job as they did in Dawson's Creek!!!!! plus, their looks suit the characters anyway

  55. pooch says – reply to this


    I think Alexis bledel would be perfect for anastasia

  56. k. says – reply to this


    I think Joseph Morgan or Ian Somerhalder would be perfect for the role of Christian Grey! No to Rob patt & Kirsten stewart. I mean, theyre not THAT hot. I go for Shailene Woodley or Crystal Reed for the role of ana! :)

  57. disyri says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill from The Tudors ~ GORGEOUS!!

  58. chelsea says – reply to this


    I love Kristen Stewart but I think we all know her to well from twilight we need a new fresh face for this movie to play this amazing roll. I think Alexis Bledel would be the best fit, she matches the part perfectly.

  59. Cherish says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill as Christian- PERFECT!!- He is such a dream!

  60. 360

    I love the idea of Ian Somhalder, Colin Egglesfield, or Josh Henderson as Christian. PLEASE DO NOT CAST ROBERT PATTERSON.He is not sexy enough for Christian.I also like Missy Peregrym as Ana. She is beautiful in a soft, simple way.She doesn't need a lot of makeup to be beautiful, just like Ana.NOT KRISTEN STEWART.She is NOT expressive enough. And not Emma Stone either. Kathy Baker as Grace,Ashely Willliams as Mia, Blake Lively as Kate,Treat Williams as Carriack, Matt Bomer or Christopher Gorham as Elliot, and Michelle Pfeifer as Mrs.Robison.

  61. jessica says – reply to this


    Re: brittany. – I agreee if Ian doesn't get the role I refuse to watch it. I also wont watch it if Amanda Seyfried gets the role as Ana… just no.

  62. themom77 says – reply to this


    I know some people wudnt agree, cuz he's a lil out there, but if Christian Bale were younger, he wud fit this role to a tee.

  63. Jlynn says – reply to this


    NOT KIRSTEN!!! lucy hale!! i think she would be great i love the show pretty little liars and i think it would be an amazing part for her!!

  64. Fifty Fan says – reply to this


    (Christian Grey)…Austin Perk…( Anastasia Steele ) Mila Kunis

  65. 50 shades of Lust says – reply to this


    Personally there are three actors who would fit the part of Christian….. In my opinion. One is Matt Bomer (White Collar) Charming Talented, Very good looking, Blue eyes Women flock to him. Number 2 Armie Hammer. (Mirror Mirror) 25 years old real life, blue eyes. Looks innocent, sounds innocent. Who would think he would be into BDSM. Number 3 Colin O'Donoghue. (The Rite) Has the blue eyes. Very charming has that look of sadness that makes you wonder why.

  66. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder needs to be Christian, and Nina Dobrev as Anastasia!

  67. laura says – reply to this


    Ed Westwick is the perfect Christian Grey. A christian Grey needs sex appeal and has to be seducing. And Chuck Bass shows this in Gossip Girl. Everyone wants him and everyone loves him. Who else want ED WESTWICK? ;)

  68. Emh says – reply to this


    Alexis Bledel

  69. Gail says – reply to this


    None of the fan faves I think should be considered for th role except for maybe Chris Evans. My vote goes to Oliver Jackson- Cohen. He is relativley uknown, hot and a very talented actor!

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