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Paris Hilton Brings Her Spinnin' Skills To Sao Paulo! Premieres New Single Last Night!

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She really is giving this a serious go!

And we have to admit - we're VERY impressed!

Last night, Paris Hilton made her official debut as a DJ at the Sao Paulo Pop Music Festival, and not only showed off some pretty impressive remixes of Rihanna's We Found Love and fun.'s We Are Young, but also premiered her brand new single for the first time!

Ch-ch-check out some footage from her set, including a first listen to Last Night (at the 1:46 mark above)!

Oooh! We've got a hand it to her!

Musically, this is a whole NEW Paris!

Keep it coming, gurl! We're very curious to hear all of your new material - and not over a screaming crowd in Brazil!

What do U think?? Are U excited for new Paris??

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29 comments to “Paris Hilton Brings Her Spinnin' Skills To Sao Paulo! Premieres New Single Last Night!”

  1. 1

    Do you really think that Paris did those remixes by herself?

  2. lee says – reply to this


    absolutely sucks

  3. lee says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – She couldn't remix anything, this is horrible honestly so bad…bleech.

  4. 4

    Re: lee – I didn't actually listen to it - but I can't imagine Paris doing anything without help. Paris doing remixes is about as likely as Paris, or Kim, being a 'business woman'. They pay people to do stuff for them, and then they take credit.

  5. shirl says – reply to this


    I know that you think a lot of her but she is no longer newsworthy.. people have lost interest in her.. you are the only one who even talks about her anymore.. paris is washed up… get the towels out!!!

  6. louiebid says – reply to this


    Please get some of your old spark back. Why are you so afraid to be real now…Paris has no talent and you know it

  7. lucas says – reply to this


    OMG!! I really love this "last night" is amazing!! Go Paris!

  8. 8

    girl, please! you KNOW you only posted this so that we would make fun of her. I hate a passive aggressive bitch Mario. Go into your bathroom, open your medicine cabinet, collect your balls and re-attach them. Go back to being Perez. Screw what Ellen and Oprah think; they don't pay your bills girlie. just a thought…

  9. cj says – reply to this


    Spinning skills? SKILLS? Yeah most dj equiptment is an digital. There are NO records it's all done by selecting a song and pressing play. FUCK OFF!!!

  10. Ivy says – reply to this


    YOU'RE FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT MARIO… go get you shit together.. PARIS HILTON IS NOT A DJ.. SHE DID NOT DO THAT SHIT… ITS PROLLY PRE-RECORDED AND THOSE MACHINES ARE OFF… my fucking GOD . you don't even deserve to post about SHM after this post.. goddamn. man…im sorry t his is just UPSETTING

  11. ekdjeed says – reply to this


    listen you fat dumbass perez i know you have to kiss this dumb slut paris hilton's ass but if you are actually "impressed" by her "dj'ing" skills, you are f*cking stupider than i thought which is really hard. she played a levels somebody i used to know mashup?! wow, she's so talented! she's an insult to real djs/edm producers. dumb skanks like her should get out of the scene. seriously most people could do better while rolling

  12. 12

    i watched a different clip from this and she is absolutely horrid she should not be allowed near a deck ever again
    what an embarassment

  13. 13

    I know that you luv paris and everything perez but you cannot call yourself a fan of edm and claim that that is anygood. Want to see real talent check out Madeon's 5 minute BBC1 minimix…that is real talent….and the kid is only 18. This productions are amazing as are his live sets you cannot claim with all the talented ppl out there that this is any good.

  14. Jenny83 says – reply to this


    lol you guys are harsh, you do better…. I think she did alright all things considered, it's a debut of her becoming a DJ, nobody said she's a professional know it all who is 100% perfect… lol get over yourselves.

  15. kate says – reply to this


    first of all… these are none of her songs but by other djs… and 2nd… this is an embarasment to all DJS

  16. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny83 – Harsh, are you for real. People spend years of they're lives working hard and earning they're time playing on festival stages. the time for being unprofessional about things is in your bedroom or small venues, honestly people are paying hard earned money to go enjoy great festivals and expect a great show… not someone with far too much money who has paid for her time on that stage! she has no place djing until she has learnt the skills and knows what she is doing. On a brighter note though I bet who ever went on after her looked 100x better than he/she was going to look after paris had made a total fool of herself!

  17. DJDeciple says – reply to this


    Talentless fucktard who is helping to destroy something I love! Believe it or not Djing is a skill that takes many years to master. Far too many dickheads jumping on the bandwagon these days raping and pillaging an art form.

    This retard needs to fuck off back to the rock she climbed out from under and stay there!

  18. nimsay says – reply to this


    asskisser YOU ARE! What do you know about DJ'ing??? Well let me tell you this….she made a fool out of her self!! You can't buy everything with money, this is an insult for every serious DJ in this world!!

  19. 19

    Ok, why is it that all of you bash Perez for being "so mean" but then you turn right around and get mad at him for being "nice?" I don't get you all! I would judge it if I could actually figure out where the song was. Just a bad video.

  20. ultrafast says – reply to this


    Are u fucking kidding me she was horrible. No talent at all. Just cuz u sucked afrojacks did his talent did rub off on you only his load in your face did.

  21. Caitlin says – reply to this


    Is she BLOWING you or something? Did she PAY YOU to write this for her? Because 1. She's an embarrassment to every producer out there, as well as any back ally no body DJ. 2. She doesn't know the difference between a DJ and a producer. 3. She doesn't know how. How do you think the music is being mixed when she's waving her hands in the air dancing? Uh…she had SOMEONE ELSE premix the tracks. You seen that guy come out twirking the knobs for her? I guess that's the one kind of knob she doesn't know how you work without using saliva. 4. YOU know NOTHING about EDM or Djing if you that's minutely impressive. I've seen you bash people who didn't deserve it and now people should start trashing you. The fact that you thought it was good is utterly laughable. The only thing is…I'm absolutely disgusted by her and now you too for enjoying it. LOL!

  22. NicoleWhistler says – reply to this


    Trash…she didn't even notice that she miscued Rhianna instead of her own song, then tried to sing over it to cover up the fuck up. Cant believe you're supporting her. This was a debut FAIL.

  23. NicoleWhistler says – reply to this


    Re: NicoleWhistler – She completely set back all the female DJ's and producers that have been busting there asses by at least 10 years. Thanks Afrojack…you could have at least showed her what a crossfader was!

  24. real dj says – reply to this


    you can buy those remixes for 3 bucks from any record pool or even just download them for free. Real dj's actually made that shit. Paris should stick to sex tapes and not mixtapes. What a joke.

  25. vu says – reply to this


    Who would have thought it was possible to fuck up a premix?! I mean, all you have to is PRETEND. she can't even do that!

  26. Mar010 says – reply to this


    Impressed? Are you blind AND stupid?
    Watching only 1 minute of this footage hurt my balls.

  27. ASHAMED says – reply to this


    PerezHilton, Get your head out of Paris' Ass for one second and be real. You know this shit SUCKS more ass than you've fucked!!! Quit kissing ass and be real! You're so fake dude! or maybe you just have shitty taste. either way.. you are WRONG, she sucks!

  28. CJE says – reply to this



  29. canaada1234 says – reply to this


    lol… well the remix of Fun. she drops is an Alvin Risk remix (1000000x more talented than Paris), and listening at the beginning she messed up her track by accidentally dropping Rihanna at the same time, thus why she has to try and sing over it to hear her own track. She sucks. Take a look at any video taken twenty feet closer to where she is, she looks super awkward and at one point a guy steps in to fix the sound ’cause she has noo clue what she's doing haha. Embarassing.