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Give Your Heart A Break During An Intimate Performance With Demi Lovato!

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Gah! This gurl's voice is just HEAVEN!

Demi Lovato apparently managed to take time away from her very busy position on the judges panel of X Factor to team up with VEVO for An Intimate Performance of her latest single, Give Your Heart A Break, off of her hit album Unbroken!

Give it a watch (above)!

We LOVE hearing this song re-worked with such a focus put on the string and percussion!

They really accentuate her vocal stylingz, don't U think?


Now excuse us while we listen to this on loop for HOURS!

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16 comments to “Give Your Heart A Break During An Intimate Performance With Demi Lovato!”

  1. David says – reply to this


    I've seen some of her live performances and holy shit she can sing.She's nearly better live than in the studio.How some singers who have no talent are more successful than her I will never know.Her voice is too good to have to use autotune unlike more than 50% of the music industry.That shit has destroyed music.

  2. 2

    Re: David – I fully agree her voice is amazing live and she can sing with emotion. Her songs have some meanings to them unlike the rest of autotuned things that we hear on the radio. It's not fair that Rhianna with no talent is way more popular then this girl.

  3. BC says – reply to this


    Damn. I really had no idea her voice was that amazing. Perfection.

  4. 4

    It's nice she has a large following of Cutters, Bulimics, Anorexics, and Thunder-Thighs to support her fabulous lifestyle….

  5. 5

    I listened without prejuidice but I'm sorry - she is beautiful but she could not sing to save her life! She is totatlly off-key and shrill! A horrible singer!

  6. 6

    star80 did we listen to the same video? She has a beautiful voice. I heard absolutely nothing shrill about that performance. I'm not a pro so I don't suppose I could judge key that well but there was no part of it that sounded off to me. She is VERY talented.

  7. Lovatic!! says – reply to this


    Re: star80 – i wanna hear you sing then?? Let's see if you're any better than her!

  8. 8

    Re: star80 – i didnt hear anything wrong either..shes very good

    you know what guys, maybe if she didnt come out of disney she wouldve been taken more seriously..thats what I think

  9. patricia says – reply to this


    this is seriously one of the most beautifulest performance ive ever seen

  10. Justice says – reply to this


    horrible singer? Are you on them bath salts? she is very talented and i think one of the best vocies out there today. Her tone was perfectly fine and this is coming from someone who has taken classes for vocal perfromances. If you think this is a horrible voice Im wondering what you think of someone like beyonce or Jhud.

  11. CriLo says – reply to this


    Currently looping….

  12. 12

    So I went to watch this on her Vevo cause you refuse to just post the YouTube videos you download and compress to horrible quality and it was uploaded a month ago… why are you acting like this was added yesterday.

  13. Annabelle says – reply to this


    Okra Panfry's Bucket-O-Wings Now I know why you're so against her. You're jealous. You know you're not as unique as her. And you know what? You're a coward, you're selfish and you're scared that everyone will know that. Thunder-thighs? Maybe you have that. I finally get to comment on you after such a long time.

  14. 14

    I like her voice, it's strong and powerful but UNFORTUNATELY there are a few times she's off key but that's OKAY… even adele can get a little pitchy no one is perfect. there are other parts of the performance you have to take into account, she has great control and strength. the one thing about demi that i think keeps her from being huge, is her style and how she's stylized. she's not very modern… at all.

  15. 15

    I LOVE Demi Lovato. My sister used to trash her and her talent because of the things she heard about her regarding the cutting and bulimia and so I decided to check her out for myself. First of all, she is AMAZING live. She sounds exactly like she does on the radio. Second, I like her because she's relatable. I watched her documentary and when it was over I felt like I knew her and it made her songs more meaningful. You can feel everything she is singing about. It's irritating that when people find out what a celebrity's weakness is, they start taking advantage of it and almost try to make it worse. I hope one day she realizes that she looks better than 90% of the people out there and probably much better than the people trashing her. Just because you aren't a size zero, doesn't mean you're fat. She looks great.

  16. Mariamm says – reply to this


    i personally don't like demi but her voice isnt bad its just she can't sing acoustic because slow melody doesnt suit her voice like Selena can sing soft like this because she has that soft tone but Demi has a voice that she has be loud and kinda yell like how she was doing