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James "Jimmy Henchman" ADMITS To Part In 1994 Tupac Shooting!

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james jimmy henchman rosemand admits to 1994 tupac shooting

Wow! We guess that inmate was telling the truth the entire time!

Back in June of last year, Dexter Isaac admitted to the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur on behalf of his associate James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, and now, the talent manager - who was found guilty of opeating a drug ring and was indicted for murder last week - has admitted his part in the Quad Studios shooting that led to the famed rapper's ultimately fatal feud with The Notorious B.I.G.!

According to sources, Rosemond was interogatted in nine "Queen For a Day" proffer sessions, which is when the government agrees to not prosecute a suspect in exchange for them confessing knowledge to certain crimes, during which he came clown about his involvement in the ambush!

However, because the statute of limitations on robbery is seven years, we doubt anything further will come from this - at least exclusively!

It must be a relief for many to know what exactly happened after all this time, and given Rosemand's current situation behind bars, we're at least comforted to know that his actions and crimes are finally catching up with him.

May Tupac R.I.P.

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19 comments to “James "Jimmy Henchman" ADMITS To Part In 1994 Tupac Shooting!”

  1. manolo718 says – reply to this


    He did not kill him, that was the 1994 shooting, remember he died in Las Vegas, so who shot him is still not resolved. Tupac survived that shooting in 1994

  2. 2

    "he came clown about his involvement" You are a lazy, illiterate asshole, Perez.
    Tupac wanted to live a "thug life," and that's what he got. All these "gangstas" are just pathetic ghetto trash. Once out of the 'hood, they could set a better example for black youth, but they don't. They glorify violence and abuse; they also demean women. The problem in the black community is the black community. It's not the white man keeping the blacks down, it's the blacks doing it to themselves. RIP Tupac? Sure. But he chose that life and those risks. There are better ways to live and better choices to make … just ask Bill Cosby or any successful black person who doesn't play the race card (and who doesn't glorify the ghetto because he profits from it). If you want to send a message, Perez, that's the one to send. What happened to some sell-out thug is only important if others learn from it and don't make the same stupid mistakes.

  3. Teach says – reply to this


    Spell check is your friend. You should consider using it.

  4. 4

    Everyone knows it was Notorious P.I.G who ordered a hit.

  5. EAM says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Look while I agree that a lot of times groups of people perpetuate stereotypes themselves, comparing Tupac and Bill Cosby is not an accurate representation of one man "making better choices" than another. Bill Cosby's father was in the military while Tupac's family was part of the Black Panthers. I mean just that alone would affect their upbringing. They come from entirely different backgrounds, both talented in their own right. I don't condone violence and I do agree that Tupac lived a "Thug Life" but don't belittle his memory because of it. He brought a lot of people inspiration and his death was still tragic none the less.

  6. 6

    Re: EAM – Because your response to me was so polite, I'll answer you in kind. I can't respect the memory of a man who promoted violence and demeaned women. And that's what Tupac did. As for how he inspired people … how does that work, exactly? He inspired those to emulate his lifestyle by promoting it as being a good (and manly) thing. At any time Tupac could've chosen a life — such as a career in the military — that didn't glorify violence and negativity. Tupac always had other choices, as do we all. And while I admit that hindsight is always 20/20, and it's easy to say because we know the end of Tupac's story, how many others did that irresponsible thug inspire to violence? I stand behind my statement about Bill Cosby's message to the black community. The fathers of Cosby and Tupac were very different men, but the choices made by the sons were not carved in stone because of the past.

  7. Todd says – reply to this


    Wow thats big news! That Tupac hologram was cool a few months ago.


  8. Jonesie says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – What about tupac's "Dear Mama", "Brenda's Got a Baby", or "I Wonder if Heaven's Got a Ghetto". Tupac's words were socially conscious and spoke about, not only the plight of the black community, but also women. Tupac is not like the rappers of today, he was a true artist.

  9. johndoe says – reply to this


    "…during which he came clown about his involvement in the ambush!"

    Should read "came clean" I think..just thought someone would like to correct it.

  10. tupaclives says – reply to this


    Tupac is not dead. lol So no they wont find his killer.

  11. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: Jonesie – Yes! Thank you! He was so demeaning the way he called his mother black queen! Talking about how hard she worked to take care of her children. Horrible!! Simply horrible!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Regardless how little they actually know.

  12. 12

    Blacks being black.

  13. Autumn says – reply to this


    Re: CaliCoyote
    No Biggie did NOT order the hit, HE WAS ALREADY DEAD!!! Know your facts CaliCoyote!

  14. Nat says – reply to this


    This article is not telling us who killed Tupac only who shot him in 1994 and created the feud with him and Biggie. Tupac was murdered in 1996. Who was behind that? That's what we all really want to know. Is it the same guy?

  15. Dannip says – reply to this


    The Black Panthers were protecting their neighborhoods where Blacks were being killed in record numbers by police and whites. Stop listening to the media you ignoramus. The history books are full of lies. Tupacs image was that because of his label pushing him. Lets not forget that Pac was an educated man. He went to college and he could communicate very well outside of the limelight. Ppl kill me. Do your research. Find out what was really going on with the Panthers. You will be surprised at what u find. What the FBI did was disgusting and then they put lies in the history books. Pac was known as a very nice man. He was socially conscious and was trying to enlighten the youth. Please, have a damn seat.

  16. 16

    Opeate? You mean "Operate" & Clown I guess was suppose to be "clean". Perez, darling do you not have a proof reader, or spell checK??? Cool story I guess but in a way so what because Tupac is not dead as a result of that shooting. Maybe it was a chain reaction FROM that shooting… & Biggie & all. I must agree with the dude who just said Tupac chose the "thug" life. & "Chose" being the key word. His Mom was an actress & he grew up besties with Jada Pinkett & that girl ain't no thug. He did it to be different & yeah it was cool a lot of peeps loved it, including me. However live by the sword…

  17. delaney12 says – reply to this


    wow..perezhilton cannot spell for shit…And who cares who killed Tupac, not me. It doesnt matter. All that matters is we have no more hiphop legend giving us music..shame on perezhilton..go back to school

  18. Jorock122 says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Look fuck you bitch, How bout that. Who cares what your opinion i. You are nothing but a covert racist, you speak about race. And why are you speaking about Pac and you dont know anything about him. You talking about he lived a thug life. Tell me what a thug life is? You stupid bitch its T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E each letter stand for something. You have know idea what your talking about. And out of Pac own mouth he said Jimmy Henchman had him set up-against all odds. He named names and like he said he probably will be murdered for what he wrote. and he was. If you shoot someone and they live, do you think they wont try to kill you when they find out it was YOU? Fucking dick heads. damn I hate people like you, you want this fucking perfect world. Bitch this aint no perfect world. And I typed like this on purpose. Fuck what your talking, dont fucking tell us how to feel, dont tell us what TUPAC meant to us. Don't talk about fucking uncle tom ass Bill cosby, fuck Bill Cosby.

  19. Jorock122 says – reply to this


    Re: Omniscient Gal – Check this homie, I work in Corporate America, I make more than 100k a year. I am from Atlanta,Ga. And we Love Pac and what he stood for, he stood for bettering his people, yeah, his people, not you not anyone else. He didnt not give a fuck about mainstream America, but yet instill he is on the big screen getting that Hollywood money. You are everything that Pac hated, judgmental and bias. I tell you what get off of Tupacs dick, and why dont you go talk that shit, to these fucking cops that are out here fucking up society. Go do that, you are nothing but a coward, so fuck you!