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Kelly Clarkson Vs. Carrie Underwood: Who Sang It Better?

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Well HELLO THERE killer vocals!!

We came across this glorious musical gem of Kelly Clarkson slaying Coldplay's Fix You (above) just one day after we shared a video of Carrie Underwood belting out the exact same tune!

So obviously we MUST know…


CLICK HERE to take a gander at Carrie's exquisite version, and then move that mouse down yonder and vote!

Who Sang It Better?

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Who Sang It Better?

  • Kelly Clarkson (70%)
  • Carrie Underwood (30%)

Total Votes: 14,553

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55 comments to “Kelly Clarkson Vs. Carrie Underwood: Who Sang It Better?”

  1. jso says – reply to this


    marit larsen sang it much, much better:

  2. eternity22 says – reply to this


    They both sang it beautifully. I think Kelly definitely drew the emotion of the song out more than Carrie. That's just my opinion: but still they both sounded great!

  3. DreanKrazy says – reply to this


    This is DUMB! Kelly sang this song "differently" than Carrie. Kelly cannot hit the notes Carrie can. Both versions are good. It's NOT the "same" song.

  4. Nate says – reply to this


    Who cares? They are both incredibly talented performers and both sang this song masterfully. I don't know why it matters who sang it "better" as they are both amazing and it's a personal preference on which style you prefer…

  5. jessie says – reply to this


    KELLY ALL THE WAY :) my friend actually requested that song at the albany concert but she totally forgot her name, but we still love her

  6. mike says – reply to this


    Carrie vocals and emotion are so much better for me !

  7. Dan says – reply to this


    DreanKrazy, you have no idea what you are talking about. Kelly hits much higher notes than Carrie in every way possible.

  8. Sue says – reply to this


    Kelly obviously!

  9. Liz says – reply to this


    BOth of them are amazing singers and did a great performance of this song, but Kelly's vocals are awesome and her emotion on this song is so touching.. So I prefer Kelly's version :)

  10. Liz says – reply to this


    Kelly CLarkson!!!!! Carrie tiene tmb una voz impresionante, pero honestamente no me agrada tanto ese tono nasal que tiene de cantar y pues Kelly le pone una emoción muy especial que hace estremecer, lo que Carrie no logró. Kelly Clarkson all the way

  11. Jordan says – reply to this


    While I do have a favorite in Carrie, I love that for the first time in a long time…there is no arguing in the comments, and people understand that they are two different singers, both with UN REAL talent, who took two different approaches to a BEAUTIFUL song.

    Way to go!

  12. 12

    There's absolutely no comparison. Kelly wins this one.

  13. 13

    Carrie has a much smoother tone then kelly so i prefer carries version. But i like kellys too.

  14. 14

    Two white-trash hillbillies singing a talented band's song. Go away, all of you common, American Idol twats!

  15. 15

    Smoother tone? Carrie has a very harsh throaty tone. Kelly is renowned for her smooth tone. There's no comparison between the two singers. In every aspect of the voice Kelly is far superior to Carrie.

  16. James says – reply to this


    Re: DreanKrazy – Actually, Carrie can't hit the notes Kelly can. Kelly can belt as high as B5, Carrie has only belted up to an F#5…..which Kelly hits multiple times every night like its nobody's business.

  17. simon says – reply to this


    Esta mucho mejor la version de Carrie ! tiene mejor voz y la cantó con mas sentimiento ! La version de Kelly parece otra cancion y no esta buena! Carrie won !

  18. musicfreak2012 says – reply to this


    Actually Kellys highest belt is a sustained C6 not a B5 lol and this is the dumb Kelly she is better in every way and her vocal range power and versatility cant be touched

  19. MusicFreak2012 says – reply to this


    Actually Kellys highest belt is a sustained C6 not a B5…and yes Carries is a F#5 so lets count the notes carrie hasnt hit that Kelly has G5,G#5,A5,Bb5,B5 & C6…Kelly slays in everyway her power range and versatility cant be touched

  20. lilm says – reply to this


    Kelly is a masterful singer who can sing any genre and flawlessly cover any song. Not only were her vocals exquisite, but she truly captured the emotions of the song. I like Carrie too, but I don't consider her to be in the same league at all. She can't hit the notes Kelly does.

  21. barny says – reply to this


    Carrie wins,much better vocals and feeling.Carrie is a much better singer.

  22. AlleyCat says – reply to this


    Carrie has a lovely, smooth, beautiful tone. The Kelly Clarkson stans here are just nasty. I like Kelly too— but why must every Kelly Fan trash Carrie every time there is an article comparing the two? Why can't you admit that both are talented?? You make KElly look bad with your HATE and childish nasty comments to Carrie. Carrie fans NEVER trash Kelly. It is ALWAYS KElly stans trashing Carrie. I am sick to death of it!

    Carrie and Kelly both do a nice job on the cover.

  23. daniel says – reply to this


    both are great vocalist and should do a duet together

  24. 24

    Carrie is starting to annoy me. Maybe it's because she over sings or maybe it's that I've heard what a witch she can be behind closed doors.

  25. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: simon – Mmm no niego que Carrie tien una voz impresionante, pero simplemente ese tono super nasal que tiene de cantar nomás no… Y a difierencia de ti, la versión de Kelly me parece sumamente conmovedora (cuestión de gustos) y objetivamente Kelly es mucho mejor cantante que Carrie… Pero insisto, ambas son muy buenas

  26. tre says – reply to this


    who the fuck is carrie?

  27. dreclarson says – reply to this


    kelly clarkson all the way… lalala yeyeye lalala yeyeye

  28. Kiarah says – reply to this


    Both performances gave me chills. Beautifully sang by both of these amazingly talented ladies.

  29. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: daniel – / Oh really? I not think so… I'm a huge fan of the music, not of one singer (like you si¿aid, kelly) and I come here to comment that KElly's version, tbh, is better that Carrie's. Carrie is too nasally for me, and Kelly's version is so much touching. I really like both of them but honestly and objectively, Kelly is much better singer… So please, don't blame to Kelly's fans for this

  30. Erik says – reply to this


    Carrie has no emotion in her singing. Kelly's all the way.
    And LMAO at the person who thinks Carrie can belt higher then Kelly, of course Kelly can sing circles around Carrie.

  31. Emmy says – reply to this


    Obviously Kelly did. :)

  32. Ruth says – reply to this


    Re: Erik – Yeah! Carrie has not emotion and her performance is very nasal and I though the same, Kelly can sing circles around Carrie!! Lol xD

  33. hooka says – reply to this


    All Kelly's good at is eating donuts. Not a fan of either, but Carrie wins this hands down.

  34. mqs says – reply to this


    No need to ask who sang it better of course kelly clarkson. Carries voice is kinda squeaky. Just stick to country music girl.

  35. mqs says – reply to this


    Stop comparing kelly clarkson and carrie underwood cuz kelly can sing anything or any genre. Kelly has a bigger pipe than carrie. Like i said carries voice is kinda squeaky. Can't reach the highest notes unlike kelly.

  36. hooka says – reply to this


    Re: mqs – learn some English, you fucking retarded piece of trash.

  37. 37

    I adore both girls and would pay damn good money to see both of them but for me I think Kelly just sang it that bit better. Both so talented though!

  38. 38

    I think Carrie did. I LOVE the haunting tone of Carrie's more than Kelly's poppish one. Both are great but Carrie wins it for me.

  39. kaitlyn says – reply to this


    Re: elsie72377 – You are SO making that up, Carrie! a witch? get real!!!!

  40. warm says – reply to this


    I love Carrie and Kelly
    but I voted Carrie

  41. rulz says – reply to this


    Kelly Clarkson RULES!!!!
    She can sing any genre, pop, rock, blues, jazz, dance and also country!!!!

  42. mqs says – reply to this


    Excuse me im not a piece of trash or retarted you are. Before you say those words to a person look at yourself on the mirror ok. About kelly clarkson and carrie underwood kelly is way better. Cuz kelly can sing anything. Take note she's the queen of american idol.

  43. 43

    Re: rulz – I agree. I think both ladies have beautiful voices, but I like Kelly better only because her voice seems to translate to all genres of music. It's no mistaking why she's such a crossover artist. But both ladies are talented.

  44. 44

    Kelly Clarkson sings EVERYTHING better than Carrie Underwood. Kelly even sings Carrie's own song "I Know You Won't" way better. There is no comparison. Kelly has the best vocals on the planet, and she sings with WAY more emotion than Carrie.

  45. 45

    Re: hooka
    Your dumb comment about the donuts makes me think that you are a bit biased….oh and so wrong. Kelly Clarkson kicks Carrie's a$$ at singing, emotion, artistry, hitting high notes, and creativity. There is no comparison. And Kelly can eat any freaking donut she wants with those amazing pipes of hers. Her voice is a gift.

  46. 46

    Re: hooka
    You have a terrible mouth. Go kiss your mother with it. Using the word retarded is ignorant. You better pray that Kharma doesn't get you.

  47. 47

    Carrie's was a bad cover, no emotion and hit the beginning of all the phrases so HARD, it completely miss that this song is suppose to be moving. there was really no where to build on when it was all sung at the same level the whole time… she missed the whole fragility of the song. Sorry carrie, I love coldplay and I know what type of feeling it supposed to evoke, she just can't emote. That's why kelly wins because at least she understands the feeling behind the intended subtlety of the song.

  48. 48

    Re: DreanKrazy – lol kelly cant hit the notes carrie can. Kelly clarkson can belt a full voice a 5 carrie struggles on any note above the 5th e. Kelly will dominate carrie in the vocal range department. Its not a debate its a fact. Anyway they both sing great but, kelly has the emotional connection in this song that carrie wishes she has.

  49. phantom says – reply to this


    Carrie has the beat voice in the universe carrie underwood wins yea she an amazing singer and an amazing woman yay carrie underwood

  50. phantom says – reply to this


    Carrie has the best voice carrie underwood wins yay

  51. phantom says – reply to this


    Re: elsie72377 – dogg you hatin on carrie cuz she is a much greater vocalist she a nice person yay carrie underwood

  52. kekhrie says – reply to this


    Perez will be laughing from behind. He was expecting a fan battle here. Haha. Btw, i like kelly's version better!

  53. whimsicalv says – reply to this


    coldplay sang it better :)

  54. Jeebus says – reply to this


    Kelly Clarkson sang it better x1000 in every conceivable way both vocally and emotionally. What a beautiful and heartfelt rendition. I got choked up when she got choked up trying to sing through her emotion at 3:31 . There is another longer video where she speaks at the end and says she can't understand how Coldplay can sing it every show because it's such an emotionally tough song to sing.

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