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Chatting With… Kylie Minogue (Part 2)!

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Part 2!!!

More from our brilliant chat with Kylie Minogue, at ease and chatting up a storm with her old pal Perez!

In case you missed part 1, CLICK HERE to watch that goodness!

In part 2, we talk about some exciting and exclusive news about Kylie's next tour and something different she's doing, how she transitioned from acting to music back in the '80s, how the Locomotion came to be, some of her favorite moments from her 25 year career, and MORE!

Read some excerpts from part 2 of our chat with Kylie… after the jump!

Watch part 2 of our pow wow with Minogue in full above!


Perez: And how did you make the transition? Like did somebody come to you?

Kylie: From acting to singing?

Perez: Yeah. Was there some, one guy?

Kylie: Yes, there was. There was actually was. I was in "Neighbours" at the time, which was a soap. And there was a charity concert for some football club, and I always say that any given team of actors, you can create a band. Someone sings, someone plays the guitar. So we threw this band together, and performed "Locomotion" at this event. I mean –

Perez: So you performed it like even before you had recorded it?

Kylie: Oh yeah, because I just loved the song.

Perez: Oh.

Kylie: Actually we performed another song, and we all got so kind of giddy about it that we said, "Let's, we got to go out and do another one. What do we do, what should we do?" And I said, "Let's do "Locomotion", it's pretty easy. We can get away with that." And yeah, so here's the clanger of kind of pop fairytale moment. A guy who worked at same channel as where we filmed "Neighbours" produced a music show. He came up to me and said, "Hey it's great, you should really, you should make a record." I had stars in my eyes, I'm like, oh my god imagine making video. I'm so busy. And I cut a demo of "Locomotion", and the rest would bore you to tears, but that's kind of how it happened.


Perez: When you look back in 25 years, what are some of your — do you have like highlights, some favorite moments?

Kylie: [Watch above.]

Perez: Do you ever like go on YouTube and look at old videos of yourself?

Kylie: I have seen them, yes. And I think fans brought together — like I see it if someone tweets a link to it, and I go, "Oh I have to check that out". And they troll and find some amazing stuff. Some of them do really good remixes. Like they take existing footage, and do amazing stuff with it.

Perez: I love look at an old Kylie video. And old Kylie tour videos too.

Kylie: You make me see some of them because you post them.

Perez: Like tours that — like there was one tour that you did just in Australia in the '90's I think.

Kylie: '98 — "Intimate Live".

Perez: Yes, that one. There's like a staircase.

Kylie: That's right.

Perez: Yeah, you –

Kylie: It was like, the crappiest set. I couldn't afford anything. I had two dancers, and I had one projection, and I had to argue with my manager just for those. Just like you know, and you cut to now, I've got fountains, and aerialists, and you know really cutting edge kind of stuff. But back then, I had to — I mean, it was really kind of –

Perez: But it was still super fun though.

Kylie: It was amazing, and a lot of people loved that show because it was super fans who came to that, like really giving me support when I needed it, so it was beautiful.


Perez: Is there anything Kylie hasn't done yet that you want to do? Because one of the things I also love, I feel like 25 years, you're in kind of this phase of your carrier where you're just doing things for fun too.

Kylie: Well things like the Anti Tour that was for fun. I mean, my banker was probably not really thrilled about that kind of set.

Perez: You lost money on it?

Kylie: No, It didn't go that far. But you know that was something that was really just —

Perez: For the fans.

Kylie: — just for the fans, and for me. I was — I would say it was equal parts. I really wanted to give back to the fans songs that they just, songs that would never had a chance to be. And we spoke about this before, and then actually happened.

Perez: On the big tour, yeah.

Kylie: It was amazing.

Perez: But you didn't get to bring it to America.

Kylie: Sorry. Let's just gloss over that. Maybe another time.

Perez: On the next tour, you could do like —

Kylie: I think I know what you're going to say.

Perez: Yeah, you could do like a after or before, the next day, something different.

Kylie: I [watch above]

Perez: That's happening! Exclusive. Exciting.

Perez: So we've heard a lot of good stuff, 2013 is going to be an even better year.

Kylie: I hope so.

Perez: Yeah.

Kylie: But I'm not going to call it K26 –

Perez: New album –

Kylie: Because it would be too much stress for me.

Perez: — new album, and a new tour to follow.

Kylie: Hopefully, yeah.

Perez: Hopefully? For sure. Thank you. Bye.

Kylie: Thank you. See ya.

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9 comments to “Chatting With… Kylie Minogue (Part 2)!”

  1. sunsun8 says – reply to this


    There is no way she could top aphrodite les folies tour but i said that for x 2008 tour too :)

  2. 2

    kylies great but both her and her sister seem unlucky in love …every other area she flys high on top of the world..

  3. 3

    Like, you're like a really great interviewer. It's like real interesting how you go off in like 3 different tangents when asking 1 question.

  4. 4

    Wow do you suck, Perez. You honestly suck. If she's not embarrassed about her interview with you, I'll want to know why. And if I were her and someone tried to talk me into sitting down with you ever again, I'd shoot that person right in the face because you're a flighty, flamer nightmare.

  5. 5

    If ever there was one of God's favourite little angel's on earth, it'd be her. Gorgeous, so down to earth and cute as a button.

  6. 6

    I always thought she had a lot more class than to associate with you. Pray that she doesn't sell her soul to you like Madonna, GaGa, and Britney have.

  7. 7

    Re: sunsun8 – I said the same too until I saw what $25million just for the stage and costumes looked like… Simply WOW!!! The finest tour I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen quite a few. She's a Goddess which was so apt to what the tour was called.

  8. Tyler says – reply to this


    You call yourself a fan and you didn't even know that Intimate and Live was only in Oz?! I'm an American and knew that!

    But anyway, I do applaud this interview. Good job at showing old clips and drilling Kylie she she didn't bring the Anti-Tour to the USA. Lol!

    She better tour the US again next time! ESPECIALLY in Florida! But more so, I hope I get to see her in London next time!

  9. 9

    Thanks to the states I didn't become a fan until 2000 light years album. I love the Queen of Dancepop QUEEN kYLIE!