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Ann Curry Hit By Camera, The Today Show Laughs In Her Face!

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Wow… way to be a straight up a** Matt Lauer and Co! AS IF Ann Curry isn't dealing with enough emotional turmoil.

While panning across the excited crowd outside of Today Tuesday morning, a seemingly amateur camera man smacked his lens right into Ann Curry's nose!!!

And instead of conveying concern, like any decent human being, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales all have a big chuckle, and make jokes at Ann's expense.

Footage of the face-smack is then REPLAYED, just in case viewers missed it the first time, and Matt Lauer completes the unnecessary humiliation by stating:

"I'm Matt Lauer, along with Natalie Morales, Al Roker and ole flat-nose."

Bravo guys, really… well done. Maybe they are trying to break the awkward tension?

To watch Mean Girls: Today Show Edition for yourself, click …AFTER THE JUMP!

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Ann Curry Hit By Camera, The Today Show Laughs In Her Face!”

  1. 1

    I think it was the funniest thing ever

  2. james says – reply to this


    Perez you are kidding right? That was funny and just about everyone on the planet would do the same thing. It was a tap! Get over it.

  3. 3

    I hope that show flops more than what it already has when she leaves. Yes, it was slightly funny, but thinking about her situation they should have never laughed. Assholes. Go ABC! GO PEREZ!! GOOO MIAMI HEAT!!! WOOT WOOT! LOL.

  4. 4

    I met Ann Curry and she is such a genuinely sweet kind lady, and has far too much class to suffer the foolishness of Matt Lauer. She laughed it off because she's a good sport. Team Ann!

  5. 5

    Yeah, you're the role model for decency and humility, everyone should follow your high standards, lmao. Can you be any more anally retentive? Oops, shouldn't say anal around you, you'll start fantasizing about MattyB.

  6. Betsy Drumm says – reply to this


    I don;t think it was anything to laugh at. She has had enough to live down with saying she is the reason the show hasn't had top ratings every day.

  7. 7

    Get rid of egotistical Matt NOT Ann Curry.

  8. AJ says – reply to this


    That's what we call a non story.

  9. Whatever says – reply to this


    Way to blow it completely out of proportion Perez! Nobody was making fun of her. If you listened, they made sure she was alright before they all starting joking around. It is what you do with friends.

  10. 10

    love that Ann remains a classy lady!

  11. 11

    That's okay Matt, go ahead and laugh. She will be laughing all the way to the bank and will come out smelling like a rose in the end and you will end up in a big shit pile when nbc falls into the toilet.

  12. poopin says – reply to this


    there wasn't even contact made dumbass. stop lying. she wasnt hurt, and Natalie asked her if she was ok.

  13. Janice Dodd says – reply to this


    I have been saying all along he should be the one to go. Instead of her. He has no class, no integrity. He is terrible at reporting the news. Way over paid. They need to boot him, and bring in Oprah.

  14. 14

    This from the meanest blogger ever? Good one

  15. Mom says – reply to this


    So tired of Matt Lauer, his supposed baby mama drama, and now this. Don't understand how this even happened and given the spot she's in, they should have behaved better with it. Maybe it hit her and maybe it didn't, but it definitely threw her off her game in front of millions. To me, this is worth the 2nd 10 million. Reminiscent of the Desperate Housewives case and I hope both of them are able to take their previous employers to the cleaners.

  16. Leslie says – reply to this


    Considering the situation Ann is in and how shitty A-HOLE Matt has treated her and getting her fired, what he said was NOT funny. I won't watch the Today Show as long as he's on it.

  17. 17

    actually ur right…lauer is an arrogant ass…

  18. 18

    She was fine. What is up with people being hypersensitive all of a sudden? I doubt she felt offended. Come on, people send in videos to America's Funniest Home Videos and upload things to YouTube of people getting hurt. It's funny. Especially when they are okay.

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