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Charlie Sheen Trashes Hotel Room With Escorts On Family Time??

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charlie sheen trashes ritz hotel room

Oh, Charlie!!

There's a fiery rumor around town claiming Charlie Sheen is banned from the Ritz for trashing his hotel room with LOADS of strippers escorts!

The worst part about this rumor? He was on family time while it all supposedly happened! In the whispers, Denise was apparently sick over the repeat offense. Once in 2010 and now again?? Ugghhh…

But Charlie is vehemently denying the allegations, calling shenanigans all around!

According to his rep:

"Charlie enjoyed quality time with his family this weekend including the Yankee/Met baseball game Friday night. He hosted a dinner Monday night for family and friends in his hotel suite with food delivered by Da Tommaso on 8th Avenue."

And he's got the hotel rep backing his story! He states:

"The hotel room was in pristine condition on Friday, June 22 and remains so today Tuesday, June 26. Should Mr. Sheen wish to book a room in any Ritz-Carlton hotel in the portfolio, we would be delighted to host his stay."

Not only that, but numerous staff members and guests have attested to Charlie's innocence, making this rumor stinkier than that Late Night strike-out!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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6 comments to “Charlie Sheen Trashes Hotel Room With Escorts On Family Time??”

  1. 1

    Why are you posting this story if it is obviously not true? he denies it, the hotel denies it. Why are you spreading false information?

  2. 2

    Sheen has denied this. The hotel has denied this. Would you care to explain to your readers, you lazy worthless hack, why the fuck you're posting this NON-STORY?

  3. 3

    This has already been posted as false on other sites and yet you're just getting around to posting the original story, lmao. You really do suck at this, your readers sure don't come here for the latest gossip. I expect you'll be reporting it false sometime in August.

  4. 4

    You know who else is denying it? The Hotel and staff at the hotel. You are scum of the earth

  5. 5


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