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Jedward Sweat By The Beach For A Girl Like You

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Uhhhmmmmm, well this is very… self promoting? Patriotic? Dripping with cheese it's sure to cause heart failure?

We're really not sure WHAT to make of the Irish, bleached-blonde, identical twin-team that is JEDWARD

They are mega-stars in their homeland and are trying REAL hard to break into the American market - just check out those stars & stripes swim trunks, guys!

But are they true contenders for the Justin Bieber trophy of teen-girl fandom?

Please, press play (above) to watch Jedward's latest self-directed music vid for Girl Like You, and then let us know if YOU can solve the Jedward puzzle!

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59 comments to “Jedward Sweat By The Beach For A Girl Like You

  1. 1

    They are amazing :)

  2. Bev says – reply to this


    I love these boys!

  3. boop says – reply to this


    They're gorgeous .. love the video .. their new album "Young Love" is JEPIC!

  4. River says – reply to this


    they get mega point for making the video themselves, it's pretty good!

  5. Ariane says – reply to this


    Love the song, love the video, just amazing! People should give them a chance and see how awesome they really are.

  6. Roro says – reply to this


    there's no puzzle, they're talented, gorgeous and have hearts of gold! what more do you want? they're AMAZING!

  7. debbie says – reply to this


    I am an American living in Ireland and I can not stand these two. They failed at eurovision and they will fail in the States.

    Way more talented people in Ireland to promote than this crap.

  8. @Go_withthe_Floh says – reply to this


    Have you a copy of Leslie Kee's Jedward Special yet, Perez? I think you'd like it very much.

    This video? Love it, love Jedward.

  9. Julietannb says – reply to this


    I love Jedward :) The song is great! very retro, from their fabulous new album Young Love, which is just AMAZING!!!
    Extra points for the fact that they made the video themselves, its full of humour, with some great visual shots, obviously really talented young men :)

  10. _saij_ says – reply to this


    oh god they are awesome! and their singing has improved so much! :')

  11. Polmi says – reply to this


    They made the video themselves and tbh I think it's better than some other professionally made videos :) They're the best, love them!!! :D

  12. Count Von Krolock says – reply to this


    I don't think they are contenders for the Bieber-trophy for musically gifted beauty faces - it wouldn't do them justice. Jedward are much more universally talented. They keep on scripting/ directing/ filming/ editing and even promoting their videos themselves, designing their costumes, treating their fans like no one else in the business and they have so many more projects going on besides being popstars… and the fact that no one can solve the Jedward puzzle makes them even more special. ;)

  13. 13

    I love Jedward. They are so creative and talented. They film and edit their own video's in the space of about two days! They spend so much time with their fans, they are just lovely. Positive, fun and full of energy. We need to see more of them.

  14. Mika says – reply to this


    they are wearing those shorts because the video were shot in orlando, usa perez ;)
    and they are amazing
    much love from Finland

  15. 15

    2 more on Hilton's boysiwannafuck list.

  16. Floh says – reply to this


    Re: debbie – In which case why are the 'way more talented' being seen, heard and promoted?

  17. Floh says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who?

    Perez would have to be blind if he didn't want to f*ck them.

  18. Floh says – reply to this


    Re: debbie – I mean't why aren't the 'way more talented' being heard, seen and promoted? Do Jedward hold a shotgun to UMI, RTE and other media showing them off?

  19. Leanne says – reply to this



  20. Emma says – reply to this


    Jedward are amazing!!

  21. Laura says – reply to this


    I love John & Edward. They're so talented!

  22. Jedward says – reply to this


    What other celebrities direct their own music videos? None..

  23. Sadie says – reply to this


    I'm American, and I adore these kids. They're constant fun. And their new album is amazing, assuming that you like boy-band-style pop music (and if you don't, why do you care?).

  24. Lisa says – reply to this


    Beautiful young men both inside and out. From what I've seen of Bieber? Give me John & Edward any day. I LOVE THIS VIDEO - and the song has me bopping :) TALENTED GUYS. SUPER TALENTED. Can't wait for my copy of Leslie Kee's "Super Jedward" - he tells me it's on its way - I hope you've downloaded your copy of YOUNG LOVE Perez, it's now avaiable on iTunes in the US :)

  25. A says – reply to this


    This isnt a single they just made the video for one of the songs from their new album Young Love which you can download now. They made this all by them selves of their own back. They are AMAzing and talanted.

  26. Jennifer says – reply to this


    They're amazing and really talented!

  27. Molly says – reply to this


    I wouldnt say they were that famous in the UK…they are more of a big joke there.

  28. Johanna says – reply to this


    amazing! a great song for summer

  29. julietannb says – reply to this


    Re: Molly – Who said anything about the uk?? John and Edward are Irish, their Hometland is Ireland, where they are huge, they've had two double platnium selling albums and numerous no 1 singles..some joke!

  30. Floh says – reply to this


    Re: Molly – Jedward are definitely famous, of that you cannot deny. Just because your perception is they are a joke doesn't take their fame away. Everybody knows their name in the UK.

  31. soxpatch says – reply to this


    These boys are so talented - they sing (and sing well), dance, design their own outfits, have complete control of everything; they are incredible. They are not manufactured and this shows in how you just cant define them. They are the sweetest, funniest and most giving people ever. They are amazing live. They are so humble aswell, despite their fame, and they do everything they can for their fans. They remember conversations you had with them a year before! There really are no words that justify how amazing they are.

  32. Juliet says – reply to this


    Re: Floh – Exactly, Of course they are famous in the UK, infact I would go so far as to call them a household name in that practically everyone has heard of them or seen them on TV…I'm from the UK and I love them…no scrap that ..I adore these talented young men..they have two TV series about to air over here, so obviously someone doesn't think they are a "Joke" :D

  33. 33


  34. Lucy says – reply to this


    I LOVE John and Edward! Their new album Young Love which you can download worldwide, is packed with good songs, and they are really nice people too. What's not to like???

  35. 35

    WOOOOOOOOW!!! i am SHOCKED at how many of u IDIOTS actually like this garbage. i cant believe im gonna say this but….i miss kat graham! shes horrible but shes way better than these two ghoul faced lesbians. they will NEVER make it big in america.

  36. Dominika from London x says – reply to this


    OMJ, I just loooove JEDWARD!
    their new album 'YOung LOve' has converted soooo many people and now they've got more and more fans!
    you all should do a research, if you don't know them golden boys! =:D =:)

  37. Floh says – reply to this


    Re: cookoo4no1 – I'm sorry you don't enjoy Jedward.

  38. 38

    Terrible. And the fact that 36 of you commented on these two bafoons is beyond me…
    God you people have NO clue what music is…

  39. Floh says – reply to this


    Re: OJsakila – I like them. I wouldn't wast my time commenting on an act I didn't like.

  40. Sarah Lou says – reply to this


    Self promoting is right! BUT, I still love them! <and I am 33 LOL> I adored the accapella version of boyfriend Perez posted of one of the twins a few weeks ago, what a great voice! I ♥ Jedward!

  41. Emma says – reply to this


    Love them! The video is awesome!

  42. Ulviya says – reply to this


    they are the BEST!
    with love from EDzerbaiJOHN <3

  43. Melon says – reply to this


    They're brilliant!

  44. Mirei says – reply to this


    John and Edward are incredibly talented and are such beautiful people inside and out. They made this music video themselves, that's amazing! They are definitely going to do well in America.

  45. Julia says – reply to this


    What a fantastic music video from very talented young men! Love their new album :)

  46. berty says – reply to this


    they are amazing and hard work and great at everything they do :)

  47. 47

    This is such a fun video and I love the song : )

  48. 48

    Great song and video! They so deserve to do well in America

  49. Nicepeoplealltheway says – reply to this


    Re: OJsakila
    re Real Music
    "Real music" resonates with the listener aesthetically, emotionally, viscerally. Millions of listeners, Jedward fans, know "real music." This track off their new album is pure JOY. They played live for 80,000 people at Croke Park last Saturday and Sunday to massive cheers. John's stunningly beautiful cover of "Boyfriend" silenced all naysayers. Just say'n.
    Proud Jed Fan. Proud American. Jed We Can.

  50. Nadine says – reply to this


    GUYS THEY MADE THIS THEMSELVES LIKE HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? i also love the fact that even though this song is about girls , its not like most videos where guys are slobbering all over frustratingly good looking girls :) They are amazing rolemodels, iv met them myself, and they are so kind and sweet (and adorably cute) :') They do so much charity work and i personally find them inspiring :) x i honestly couldn't fault them :') they make every fan they meet feel special :) x i know i did :') x they make there own outfits and videos, They choreograph alot of their dances and put so much effort into everything that they do! :') <3 <3

  51. Nadine says – reply to this


    Re: Nadine – too true :') x johns cover of boyfriend is AMAZING :') x

  52. Summer_Lovin says – reply to this


    I wasn't particularly keen of the twins when they first burst onto our screens over here in the X-Factor. But having met them, I was won over.

    They are amazingly down to earth lads who love their fans. Obviously they are hyper and that's their market, but I got to speak to them one on one in a non-hyper environment and they were absolutely precious.

    Their singing has improved over the past 2/3 years that they've been around and they have just played to 85,000 people last Friday and Saturday night.

    They sing, dance, play instruments, are down to earth, they don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I for one would rather my children look up to them than some other acts out there at the moment.

    As for the Beiber thing? I think they could rival him!

  53. Fixonomous says – reply to this


    These boys are very special. There has never been a group like them in the history of pop acts and there are loads of dimensions to their appeal. Not just a cute boyband. They are hilarious too. Hope they will make it in America too.

  54. 54

    I believe they will be big in America too. Its only a matter of time.

  55. 55

    I love Jedward, and I wish they would come to America more often. They're gorgeous, funny, kind…and their music is so catchy.

  56. 56

    Your post actually tells much more about you than about them:) It is interesting that those with less sense of humour, less playful (thus also duller in — activities, sorry, this has been proved:), but who are more aggressive, depressed etc. fear them. And the reaction is such as yours…

  57. 57

    Re: cookoo4no1 – OMG, another aggressive and negative US red neck. That negative and aggressive BS is so yesterday. Get a life! Enjoy life! Zillion times rather Jedward (who are real) than supe rproduces but still whores like Rihanna, Katy Perry etc. whose fame is only based on pornographic performing and photos. So pathetic. And this comes from the fingers of a super liberal designer who has seen it all, and who hasn't any religious issues

  58. 58

    ok, I did some digging with this phenomenon because of work, and in just a few days they won me over. They are gentle, smart, very creative in many ways (one of my research fields) and most of all real with no diva attitudes! They are not mass produced nor produced by someone. They have great sense of humour and actually if we think about the ideal boyfriends, they possess lots of features of these (e.g. respect towards women). No wonder Europe loves them:) and girls:) They are good role models, no rudeness, no exploiting girls, no drinking, no siggies, no back stabbing. On top of that they do their own hair, style themselves, do and design own clothes and videos (design, edit, etc.), have started writing own music (that was just a matter of time), live home, share phone!, and fly second class. Finally something unique and real. Very refreshing after all the self exposing 'stars'. And they are only 20 y.o. Really interesting stuff and phenomenon. I also love the reasons why some people have something against them =)

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