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Madonna Needs You To Justify Her Love!

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Madonna is peckish and MUST feed on ALL YOUR LOVE!

Her Madgesty the Queen's magnificent MDNA tour backdrop is as decadently devious as ever…

Oh, she never disappoints with the sexy-strange appeal!

We are suddenly overcome with a feverish need to don some black lace and have our way with her RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

Let Mad Madge seduce you with her open legs and a saucy strip (above)!

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25 comments to “Madonna Needs You To Justify Her Love!”

  1. 1

    Intelligent readers who saw ManlyDonna's raisin on a bun wrinkled breast want nothing to do with her "open legs and a saucy strip".

  2. 2

    Ugh…let's not. Much too old to go parading around with her legs spread and nip slips…really sad I think. She has children, it's time she started acting her age especially at a time where they are so easily embarrassed.

  3. 3

    That skank needs to stop with the granny porn!!

  4. 4

    The "Degree Deodorant" commercial I had to watch first was more entertaining than this video.

  5. MichJB says – reply to this


    Madonna's open legs and saucy strip? I thought the wind had shifted from the city dump…

  6. yes man says – reply to this


    Re: Phibes – Ya know I am not cool with people diminshing Madonna because of her age…she is not that old and looks better than 99% of the population (that goes for YOU or anyone you will ever date). So shut up! It is just sexist and ignorant.Re: reply to this – A woman who is free (just like a man) should not be called a "skank"…again, sexist!!! There is a new queen in town and her name is GAGA…better and more talented….However, the sexism with bashing Madonna is NOT cool!!!

  7. Josh says – reply to this


    Re: yes man
    Better looking than 99 percent of the population? Do you just not get out much?

  8. Ryan says – reply to this


    fun video even though it is a bit like artistic granny porn. I love Madonna, but really wish she would be more age appropriate. It creeps me out to see this because it makes me feel like I am watching my mom being a skank.

  9. Went says – reply to this


    If you don't think Madonna looks amazing in the video you are either a liar or an idiot. Or both.

  10. Another dam nicknames says – reply to this


    Re: Another dam nickname – yeah… cos your nip and your mom nip look ugly yuck… that the reason why you complain about Madonna

  11. 11

    <b>This video would be great (with those moves and all) if only she was wearing an elegant Monroe-like gown or short lace dress.

  12. Rich says – reply to this


    She looks stunning. I can't wait to see what the younger acts will look like at 53. Go for it Madonna. I'm glad she has never valvued the opinion of fucktards

  13. 13

    she is sooo sexy. saw her this weekend at the concert.what an amazin show. never saw anything like that. and she is stunning, sexy, smart and she was super sweet

  14. 14

    she looks really cool. I'm a huge fan of hers and it's still a trip for me to see her doing wild stuff like this. I'm glad she's doing it not only because it's cool, but also because with as agist of a culture that we live in we get all these messages that we're not allowed to have fun or be sexy as we get older. not only is she giving permission to those who want it, but she's doing it with a big sort of 'fuck you - i don't care what you think of me anyways' edge. And lets face it, even people who look great and act like this get flack. She looks pretty hot. There's some cool hot guys in their 50's too.

  15. 15

    also, can you imagine what a boring world this would be if everyone only acted "age appropriate" or "dressed their age" We could have these really boring overlord judging people who we all obeyed and we would never wear clothes or make video or do anything unless it was approved that it was appropriate. Can you imagine the people who live in fear who already live that way? terrified of ever doing some of the things they really want for fear that they are going to make people think they are not "age appropriate. Blech… keep those boring people away from me. Madonna makes fun of people like that in her Express yourself video.

  16. 16

    last thing, I promise. I meant to say above that "even people who look great at half her age and act this get flack"
    I wrote it wrong in the comment above. Madonna looks amazingly great to me. I understand that that's subjective though.

  17. 17

    That lady looks fiiiine!! I can't imaging GaGa or Britney or much less Christina looking like that on film at 53yo.. Hell they don't even look that good now!! Stop the bashing folks, c'mon, what's wrong with you, if you've got f-all nice to say then why are you even bothering commenting, spending energy on hating is moronic!! Shake that booty Madgik Madge!!

  18. SaintThomas92 says – reply to this


    yeah, all u haters can only wish to look like that at 30!, btw who the fuck cares if she has children?? they're not normal children who have grown up with a conservative mother… they know who Madonna is! and I bet they're cool and if not, lets just wait and see what they have to say in the future, meanwhile shut up… you're all a bunch of sexist ageist bitches

  19. isak says – reply to this


    still hot dances better than most female counter parts no rehab , no break downs , set her own rules produces great music , and still gets all you haters to talk , ill sy she is still pretty hot !

  20. issa2911 says – reply to this


    All u people who criticize her are an embarressment really…u think this women is going to give a crap of what u think….never!….sinse day one she has always been hated…its funny to that people call her a grandma…and does not even close look like one…..haters get a life…now thats embarressing….lol….

  21. Wynette says – reply to this


    Re: Dalissimo
    Well, aren't you quite the intellectual. You go on some rant about bashing people, yet half of your post is of you bashing others.

  22. Wynette says – reply to this


    Re: isak
    How do you know she's never had any breakdown? As if she or her reps would ever let you know that.

  23. WTF says – reply to this


    Re: fuck the haters
    "not only is she giving permission to those who want it"
    Oh, please..giving them permission? As if permission was being asked from her. Enough of the ageist shit. Madonna is no martyr for aging women; women her age and older couldn't give a shit about her. Women have been owning their sexuality and sexiness at age 50, 60, 70 long before Madonna decided it was cool and "shocking" to do so.

  24. fucamebic12 says – reply to this


    Re: Phibes – Hey shithead have some respect!!! Madonna is the Queen and look much better than that Ga Ga

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