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Ann Curry's Tear-Filled Today Farewell Includes Awkward Moments With Matt Lauer

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Watching Ann Curry walk away from her dream job is absolutely heartbreaking!

As she says farewell to the entire Today family, it's obvious she wasn't ready to leave!

It's nice to see Natalie Morales and Al Roker share their favorite Ann-filled moments with us but something is off with Ann and Matt Lauer.

Their embrace is half-hearted. They don't hold eye contact. The chemistry just feels fake.

Smart money says this has to do with rumors of Matt demanding a new co-anchor during his contract negotiations with NBC!!

Regardless, this is Ann's day.

You were an inspiration to us all, gurl, and we're sure you'll do many wonderful things in the future!!

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32 comments to “Ann Curry's Tear-Filled Today Farewell Includes Awkward Moments With Matt Lauer”

  1. Wynn says – reply to this


    She definitely seemed pissed at Matt. The others she would smile or look at while they praised her, Matt….nothing. Wonder if he had something to do with her reassignment?

  2. 2

    Instead of Ann they should have ditched Matt!

  3. 3

    That's sad, they should've let him go if that was his demand.

  4. Pando says – reply to this


    I couldn't even make it through Matt's pompous and disingenuous remarks. the entire piece was incredibly awkward. Matt's words say one thing…his body language something completely opposite - like these people are his subjects.

    I'm sure they gave her another figurehead position to prevent her from going public with the truth. They still have her on the hook. When are these companies (sports or otherwise) going to learn not to let their talent hold them hostage? Matt has been unbearable for years and they only enable it more.

  5. 5

    Ann moved away from Matt when he tried to hug her. I wish her the best. She seems very genuine.

  6. Ashely says – reply to this


    This is such a slap in the face. Ann said that everyone who sits on the couch we often call ourselves a family. Yeah, a family who disowns the other family member. I have to give it to Ann to mange to hold her head high and come into work everyday since the rumors of her ousting were came out last week. This is a strong woman that I look up to. But I wished she would of left NBC news. I would never stay with a place that treated me like that. I will never watch the today show ever again.

  7. Rich says – reply to this


    I hope the Today show tanks even further. Ann Curry was fantastic. Matt is just mediocre.

  8. Maurice says – reply to this


    Perhaps they are right an there needs to be a replacement on the Anchor Couch on the Today Show; however, I think they have it wrong, it should be Matt .. Because NBC continuously spoons feeds him and FOR WHAT?!?!?

  9. agnesg says – reply to this


    Wow. Kudos to Ann for being so dignified and elegant in what must have been awful for her. Matt should be absolutely ashamed of himself and his behavior is deplorable. I really dislike him and think that he acted like a complete ass. I've read that he had everything to do with her leaving.

  10. 10

    They replaced wrong person. Matt should be one to go. He used to have the "it" factor when he was younger. He does not have that anymore. The executives need to re-evaluate their way of thinking. Ann will come out of this just fine. She is a professional. She would never treat any of her coworkers the way Matt does.

  11. CPB says – reply to this


    That was not a hug! Matt is probably jumping up and down inside that he got what he wanted…a new co host. I know that Ann will come out of this with flying colors. Here's hoping Matt will have to kiss something of Ann's one day soon!!!!!

  12. 12

    f u matt lauer u suck.

  13. 13

    Re: CPB – Here's hoping! At first I thought the rumors of Matt playing a role in Ann's departure were just that, rumors. However now I am more inclined to believe that he was involved in her firing, or at the very least, agreed with it. This entire thing was such a slap in the face to her. The woman has worked for them for almost 40 years and this is the treatment she receives? I hope she gets an excellent opportunity to work for a network more appreciative of her talents and expertise. And if Matt did play a role in her demise, here's hoping he ends up with egg on his face! I'm starting to wish Tom Cruise had kicked his ass all those years ago…

  14. 14

    awww poor ann! she was the only 'real' journalist on that couch and they all know it. matt lauer? hes like soggy toast

  15. 15

    She needs to come out with the truth or Matt will continue to do what he does.. what a dick! and for the love of god why would someone not give poor Ann a tissue?? fuck NBC!

  16. PM2901 says – reply to this


    Everyone on this site needs to quit being such babies. Millions of dollars are at stake. The powers that be at NBC don't make business decisions based on someone being a nice person. Ann is very sweet and nice, but she SUCKED as co-anchor. Does everyone forget how it's done right? Remember when Matt & Katie Couric ruled the mornings? Now THAT is how it's done! Smart, informative, chemistry, playfulness, prepared, just flowing 100%. That was NOT Ann. She was a sweet snooze-fest. Savannah has the makings of a Katie Couric (she's not quite there yet, but will be). Has anyone noticed the one thing that Savannah has in common with Katie Couric? Neither of them has an upper lip! LOL! Maybe that's the secret to their success.

  17. 17

    Matt Lauer is a PRICK!

  18. krichey says – reply to this


    I haven't been pleased with the today show for a while but it was certainly NOT Ann Curry. She was fantastic. Switching to GMA. Not pleased with Matt at all arrogant.

  19. 19

    however i feel about her as a professional (not a glowing review), she always seemed very earnest.

  20. 20

    It has been evident that Matt has always hated Ann for years. They should get rid of matt his looks are deteriorating as the case was with his hair and replace him with someone who ages gracefully like the other news anchors or better yet someone young and hotter see how he feels about that.

  21. 21

    I think she was always really sweet. I'm sorry to see her go. GMA here I come.

  22. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: PM2901 – You can say this is a move based on a multi million dollar brand and ratings all you want but it's blatantly clear to anyone who watched this morning or at all this week that this was a personal vendetta carried out on Ann. NBC learned nothing from their Conan fiasco and have repeated their distasteful practices. I truly hope Matt and NBC in general suffer the backlash they deserve on this.

  23. vince says – reply to this


    This is all Matts doing and I hope they loose thousand of viewers over this. GMA is the best anyway.

  24. JLe says – reply to this


    Ann is the reason I started watching the Today Show since Katie left. She was perfect! I don't understand how they could blame there rating slip on one person. Wow!! Terrible move NBC. She deserves the world.

  25. 25

    Re: PM2901 – It was rare that I watched the Today Show so I am not sure exactly how they feel Anne failed them as a lead host, but I do know that you don't treat someone so badly who has been as loyal to them for as many as Anne. From the way it sounded, she was completely blind sided by this and had just come from a dangerous assignment in Somalia, which is probably when they really went forward with making this decision in firing her. It wasn't handled gracefully or respectfully at all. So it's not so much what they did, but rather how they did it.

  26. 26

    Have not watched this since I was in college. I did watch GMA a few times and it was pretty good but in general morning news shows are fluff.

  27. E-dub says – reply to this


    You know what was off. They use to mess around. Simple enough

  28. Pam says – reply to this


    NBC you're NUTS!!!! Shame on YOU!!! I watch the show every day. Ann Curry is the best co-anchor you've had. I have enjoyed her heart-filled reporting far more than any other anchor or co anchor. Reading says Matt Lauer asked for a new co anchor. Major mistake!!! I am highly disappointed in him. His day will come! I worked industriously for 33 years in the banking industry with never any recognition nor any type of promotion, as I matured I accepted. However, I did see all the top dogs lose their jobs and I was able to keep mine. I was very thankful to keep my job. This is an unacceptable and disgraceful act on the part of Matt Lauer and NBC. Ann is my favorite. You think you're ratings have declined? You've not seen anything yet. I can't wait to see MATT get the axe! It will come!

  29. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    You think that you can trust someone like Matt Lauer not to be a nasty bully, or a stuck up diva. But he has turned into one. Self centered and self serving. I will not be watching anymore I'm sure NBC could care less. So be it. I'm tired of seeing Americans treat each other like crap and fodder, and business people never realizing that at the end of your LIVES, it's HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE not the money. But they don't care, so I don't care about that show anymore. I'm moving to GMA.

  30. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    That WAS one ackward hug and kiss from Matt…body language speaks VOLUMES ! LOL ! The show eill now, especially, go down the CRAPPER

  31. BC says – reply to this


    While Ann Curry is a beautiful woman and has much poise, she does not nor has she even belonged on the Today show. She's far too naive and sappy. I could never watch her and my friends and I used to always comment about her. Not in a mean spirited way but in that she's always on the verge of tears when she interviews someone. She's very unprofessional. I really wish her well and that she finds THE perfect place for her because she is indeed a beautiful person and has much to offer wherever she goes.

    But really, Matt is great. Always has been. Is comfortable in his space and easy with what he does. He's professional and doesn't cry as easily as Ann. And Ann is always one wince away from crying.

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