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Kate Middleton Portrait Art Sells To… Brad Pitt!!

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kate middleton art brad pitt

Isn't Angelina Jolie enough?!? ;)

Brad Pitt has reportedly just purchased three works of art from graffiti master Bambi.

And the prize of the three is a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton with the words "A Bit Like Marmite" plastered across their chest. Sooo deep!

Innestered in the other two?? Welll… we hear those works are portraits of the Queen and Amy Winehouse.

GEEZ! What kind of British appreciation shrine is he building?!? LOL!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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4 comments to “Kate Middleton Portrait Art Sells To… Brad Pitt!!”

  1. 1

    Brad secretly wants the nice girl!!! Had her once, but traded her in for the devil, and once the sex waned, he regretted it big time!

  2. 2

    So is it a portrait of Kate, or Kate and Will? I wish we could have a national vote on how many people really care about seeing her in the news, or even gossip sections.

    And Deja Vu, everyone in America knew that Brad wanted kids when he got married. Look up old interviews . . . That is all he talked about. Jenn was not interested in that. Her career was more important at that point, as because she married Brad she got a few movie roles. I haven't seen one movie yet that I have liked her in, so stopped seeing her. She is a so-so actress.

  3. 3

    Re: Candy Barr – Him wanting kids and her wanting a career in no excuses cheating. Instead of being a responsible adult and sparing her feelings and humiliation, he fucked her over for the world to see and continues to rub it in her face to this day.
    On another note, not disparaging the British family, but what is their actual function toward the well-being of England? I can't think of one good reason to justify having citizens pay for their luxurious livelihood.

  4. michelle says – reply to this


    No Deja, he had the ice girl once. Then realized what a bore she was and traded her in for a more intellectual, smoking-hot girl that cared more about people then appearances, tanning, smoking and drinking. He has no regrets as he has stated numerous times. Get over it, he isn't ever going back to Maniston.