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The Reason John Edwards Split With His Baby Momma!

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John Edwards dumped rielle hunter

That's right! We finally know the reason John Edwards decided to split with Rielle Hunter!

The mistress-turned-mother revealed on Good Morning America this week that her relationship with the former presidential candidate was over. However, she wouldn't say who called it quits or why because "that's private."

Not anymore! Sources are saying that Edwards DUMPED her because his daughter, Cate Edwards, gave him the ultimatum to choose between Rielle or her.

Since the 30-year-old lawyer was offended by Rielle's version of What Really Happened, a source has explained:

"She's told pals she'll be there for her little brother and sister, but isn't going to speak to her father unless he breaks it off with Rielle."

Considering the book refers to Elizabeth Edwards as "vile" and "a witch on wheels," we COMPLETELY understand Cate's perspective.

We just hope John's decision doesn't mean that he won't be anything less than 100% supportive of his young daughter with Rielle.

Do U think John Edwards made the right decision to end his relationship with his baby's momma?

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16 comments to “The Reason John Edwards Split With His Baby Momma!”

  1. 1

    This guy just keeps racking up the positive PR points! (sarcastic)

  2. 2

    Thanks for being 24 hours late on yet another story, Perez.

  3. 3

    just because a mistress has a child dont make her acceptable she needs dumping she deserves to be dumped and gets what he deserved

  4. 4

    Given this is something he should have done a long time ago, yeah, I'd say he finally made the right decision. I can't even believe his kids have even spoken to him at all after what he did to their mother.

  5. 5

    I saw Rielle's interviews (have not read the book) and her revelations about her affair with Edwards and the name calling of the now-dead wife are truly gross. Rielle seems like a total flake and there is something off about her….can't decide what. She has the new age sort of double-speak about energy etc. going on. John Edwards dumped her because of her classless tell-all book more likely. And he has moved on with some other woman.

  6. 6

    has this man not learned yet? to do something to make someone else happy only gets this idiot in trouble. if he really digs this rielle chick and had a kid with her, he should still see her. i understand his daughter's point of view for sure, however, this isn't going to work… does the daughter actually think he is not going to see this woman anymore? my God, he fcked around on his wife while she died of cancer! Do you think a couple of nasty comments in a book is going to make a difference?!

  7. 7

    Here's Johnny!! and Rielle! these people are creepy

  8. 8

    Yes! She is a homewrecker and seems like a complete psycho whore!

  9. 9

    God, I can't wait to NOT hear about these two pieces of crap. Why either gets any attention is beyond me. I put them both in the same category as OctoMom and that idiot that married the 16 year old girl. Perez, you can do better, don't give these morons coverage.

  10. 10

    I'd honestly do the same, what he did was dispicable enough and ruined their family enough, the last thing all of his kids needs is Rielle being brought back into the picture permanently. Elizabeth Edwards seemed to be a genuine lady, whether she was or not is irrelevant though. Cheating is a deplorable thing to do to someone else and the fact he was doing that on top of her being sick and having a family with her just adds several counts of being a piece of sh*t to his record so to speak. If he wants to make amends he needs to cut Rielle out. He needs to pay child support for his child, and be involved in her life but NOT Rielle.

  11. 11

    I find it hard to believe he was still seeing her.
    I figure she' is giving good head. He's a fool and she's just a nasty skank.
    I think he finally dumped her AFTER he knew the govt wont go after him for any other charges. He kept that skank close to keep her quiet. I hope NO ONE buys her book and I want her and her child to go away. And John, shame on you.

  12. Whoa says – reply to this


    Edwards will never dig himself out of the huge douchebag hole he dug for himself.
    Rielle, crappy fake name btw, is a psycho. She's a Bi-Polar witch he should have spotted a mile away and ran like hell. I don't blame his daughter at all, what an embarrassing excuse of a father and husband. Edwards is the only grown man in america that doesn't know what birth control is. Rielle had an insurance baby and he has to pay the price. Poor freakin kid! Bat $hit Crazy Ass Mother and Douchebag of the year Father!!!

  13. jk says – reply to this


    The more I think about it the more I think Edwards needs to stand up and tell people to go to hell. HIs life with the late ex wife was no bed of roses and everyone close to them knows it, Just because someone dies or has cancer it does not make them a saint. EE was not the perfect wife and he cheated because he loved his kids but couldnt take the shit from his wife and her demands and how SHE was the boss. Reily was not meant to be a life time partner but she deliberately got pregnant and the story changed. Just like all the rest of these people in polictics they cheat and have the one night stands he got caught and I can say I bet half of his cheating was because he just wanted to get laid and he sure wasnt getting it at home and also EE was all but blaming him for her cancer. WE did not live with him and EE but I lived thur just about the same thing with my parents and my mother made my dads life and the kids lives a living hell but my dad didnt cheat ,he just took it day in and day out. She blamed him for her cancer because he wasnt circumcized for cripes sakes, Sure cheating is wrong but being unhappy can lead to that crap. He needs to stay with Reily if he cares about her, his kid is 30 years old and his little girl needs a dad too.

  14. Jreider77 says – reply to this


    Come on, this dude is still a politician and until she is done publicly promoting the book they will "claim" to be seperated. He simply doesn't want to be seen as endorsing her during this, that's all. Way transparent people..

  15. cbinatl says – reply to this


    Absolutely he did! He still owes child support to Rielle and nothing else!Emma and Jack need him more than Quinn(her mother is still alive). Rielle knew this relationship would be difficult and if she can deal with it leave John and Elizabeth's children ALONE!It is up to John if he wants a relationship with Quinn but for his other children's sake it was necessary to break it off with Rielle once and for all!

  16. cbinatl says – reply to this


    If Rielle was a respectable, classy person she would not have wrote this book bashing Elizabeth!! It is very,very disrespectful to do this where Elizabeth's children can read all this trash and it does not give Rielle to right to bash the wife of her so called lover.John and Rielle may have worked out if she kept her mouth shut, showed respect for Elizabeth and the other children, her place in this situation, and not tried to hit up money and benefits trapping John(sure he could have said no it is his problem too).