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Johnny Depp's '100 Percent Dating' Amber Heard!

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amber heard johnny depp rum diary premiere dating

Well obviously… Ha!

From spotting their private jet rendezvous to hearing all about their pony parties, the talk of Johnny Depp's sexy relationship with Amber Heard has been ON FIYAH!

Yesterday, we even heard the two had begun sexxin' on their Tour de Promotional for The Rum Diary. Sneaky sneaky!

But before anyone calls foul play on Depperz' part, don't forget — many sources are saying he and Vanessa Paradis had been estranged for quite some time before ending things publicly.

ANYWAY! Back to the hottest new couple in town… an insider confirms:

"They are 100 percent dating. He treats her really well."

And what a gorgeous couple they make!

They're both sexy beasts. They're both talented. And they're both smart as hell.

A tip o' the hat to them!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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49 comments to “Johnny Depp's '100 Percent Dating' Amber Heard!”

  1. 1

    Do they get any hotter than Amber Heard?? Jezuz. Everytime I see her I feel very threatened… no Amber…NOOO…leave my boyfriend alone….take ME instead!

  2. perry says – reply to this


    perez- i have to be honest, you have a HORRIBLE double standard. some men you BASH them when they cheat on their wives, but you LOVE this relationship? i just think its shady.

  3. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: perry – I think is because in all the medias are saying that the Depp/Paradis relationship was finished for very loooooong time before Amber appears on the map…

  4. hoperstar says – reply to this


    What happened to her being a lesbian??

  5. hoperstar says – reply to this


    What happened to her being a lesbian?

  6. Z says – reply to this


    What abt her lesbian gf???

  7. Lordy,Lordy says – reply to this


    Re: WowzaChild – hahah, so true. I love her! Not Depp's biggest fan, but I still approve.

  8. 8

    shes a sexy girl but i could not think of a more ill matched couple

  9. 9

    An "insider confirms"…I'm getting sick of you pretending these things are actually true. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't but it's not 100% true unless one of them (or their reps) confirm it.

  10. 10

    Re: hoperstar – She was never a lesbian. She is a bisexual, meaning she is attracted to both sexes.

  11. 11

    Ah, so he likes his women with teeth now.

  12. James says – reply to this


    Re: Z – They broke up a while ago. Since 2011

  13. 13

    wasn't she a fucking lesbian?? and didn't she have a girlfriend???

  14. Cowboy Skunk says – reply to this


    This is a joke… people in the Rum Diary crew said they were hooking up during filming, that they were openly hard core flirting non-stop with each other, being obvious about gettin' it on, so as a measure of NOW trying to scramble to save face about all the crazy behaviors and stories not lining up, team JD tries to reshape the time line of his hooking up with Amber. All this after so much denial of everything… now when reputations look shaky and information looks obviously fake, there is this clarification being offered about when they did hook up where team JD is saying it was after he & Vanessa were "already estranged", but supposed to have been "working it out in private" per the press releases at that time, now it's all Vanessa's fault and she's being thrown under a freakin' bus so JD can cover his tracks about being out of control and probably doing a lot of damage to himself and those he loved, no matter how well constructed the PR stories will be, they are still just cover ups and lies trying to make a train wreck of a situation seem not as bad… what ever happened to making a dignified statement and addressing things directly with class ? If you want your public / fan base to understand what's happening, I don't think throwing mud on Vanessa and then trying to clarify when & why you started poon sniffing other women is the most solid way to go to preserve one's rep and dignity ?

  15. 15

    Re: Cowboy Skunk – Amen, oh and best of luck to Johnny to try and save his image of "devoted father and partner" while we slowly learn he cheated on the mother of his kids for a horny bisexual half his age… And good luck to Amber, I mean, if Angelina Jolie had to be a saint for people to get over the homewrecker image. I'm sure a C-list with a short resumé will have a joyful time with that…

  16. 16

    Like all of Hollywood, he lives in a fictional world.

  17. RC says – reply to this


    I saw this coming when I saw the trailer for The Rum Diary. She is such a knockout beautiful woman. I am not surprised at all. Marriages fizzle out sometimes and it sucks for everyone involved. I believe JD will do his best for his family but come on people. You have one life. Be happy and kind to one another. Just keep living….stop judging. Shit happens!!

  18. 18

    I don't get it! Does anyone remember when people were trying to stir up some kinda romance between him and KEIRA KNIGHTLEY because of the PIRATES movie and he acted like even the thought/idea of that was absolutely disgusting and ridiculous because it'd be like dating someone who could be his daughter?! SO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Amber is about her age!! It'd make more sense to date Keira.

  19. Victoria says – reply to this


    I have lost all respect for Depp, Amber Heard is a slut and a homewrecker. I have a nickname for him, Deepshit, and for her, Ho-heard. Put them together, its Deepho-heard.

  20. hmmm.....ooook says – reply to this


    I'm not really buying this either, but then again these Johnny and Amber stories seem to be persist. Like the same with Johnny and Vanessa bust up stories, they been printed all over the place well before the "official confirmation". See for that's my theroy when it comes to celebrity gossip - if it gets reported consistently over several publications and "lingers on" for several months, there's at least some truth to the matter. All I can say is something is going on with these two but something is….don't exactly know what it is - friends or a cover-up rebound. But still IMO she's not Johnnys type…..and yeah, I rather see him with someone else. Amber is very stunning yes, but there's something about her that I don't really trust.

  21. 21

    I am actually sad about this! I liked him with vanessa better than this girl!

  22. 22

    Re: mswilde – first I have to say I love Johnny Depp, but every word you said is true!

  23. 23

    Re: Cowboy Skunk – Amber was on the cover of December 2011 Womens Health. Article inside says: "And at the end of filming, says [Rum Diary director Bruce] Robinson, “I remember Johnny and I saying, ‘Jesus, where’s Amber?’” What young actress passes up drinks with a film god like Johnny Depp? One who prefers to make an impression on the job, not off it. But also, one who was in a serious relationship at the time. With a woman."

  24. 24

    Good looks, fame. fortune and now a hot bi-sexual girlfriend? What doesn't this guy have?
    Talk about winning the lottery of life, REALLY?

  25. 25


  26. 26

    He is SO lucky!!!! That babe is fucking HOTTTT!!!!!!!!

  27. what? says – reply to this


    She is hot…used to see her with her girlfriend…I like her better with women…Johnny has a used up old peen….Plus, he is not a woman (no one knows a woman like a woman)…she will dump him eventually, I guarantee that.

  28. what says – reply to this


    Re: Victoria – She is no whore…Don't blame the woman when he clearly had an interest and pursued her while in a long-term relationship….sick of how women are blamed when it takes two to tango…horrible sexist comment….get with the times. I still doubt they are dating anyway…who cares.

  29. let me see says – reply to this


    Re: CaliCoyote – Not funny…his teeth are rotten and you are picking on HER teeth…?wow, open your eyes and stop being critical of the woman…typical.

  30. 30

    I love this couple:)

  31. Cowboy Skunk says – reply to this


    reg.pinky lees' pinky

    Any one in hollywood who works with someone that has an enormous amount of power will help to pump that person up, to affect the "I'm in your corner" image, and Bruce may have well been / is, JD is very good to people who work with him, but… when people who work on a project know full well that someone (or 2 people) have been involved in behaviors that are contrary to their publicized images, good things are spoken by key figures that worked on set to reinforce the publicized images, NOT what really happened, that PR formula is applied all the time

  32. Aboveall says – reply to this


    "Daily Mail" has pictures of Amber and her GIRLFRIEND TASYA TODAY!! looking very much "together"…so it appears that if she is dating Johnny and also broke with her girlfriend, she didn't read the MEMO!! ;D

  33. 33

    Amber & her gf YESTERDAY! She did NOT break up with her!!

  34. Lynda says – reply to this


    Re: mswilde – Exactly! He left his 39 year old "wife" for a 26 year old!! I will never see one of his films again!!

  35. Ana says – reply to this


    Sometimes married people fall in love for another person. That doesn't make that person a homewrecker. It happens and when it happens the married guy/girl should simply divorce.
    I wouldn't be mad if any of my parents felt in love with someone else, while still married. Its life. People shouldn't be so judgemental.
    Besides, people are talking about her being 26 and comparing that situation with Keira. The last Pirates film with Keira finished filming in 2006, when Keira was just 21 and while 5 years don't seem to much of a difference, at this age, it means a lot.

  36. kbrown says – reply to this


    Midlife crisis

  37. 37

    lol its hard to believe what the media says. one day they say one thing and another they say something different? thats why it seems stressful to be a celeb their business out like that for everyone to see :/ we won't really know the truth only they would know. plus if johnny and amber are dating wouldn't their be a picture of them seen together by now? D:

  38. 38

    last time i checked, amber heard was a lesbian????

  39. 39

    Another broken family due to the guy going through a mid life crisis. Good luck to Vanessa.

  40. rebecca says – reply to this


    isnt she gay????

  41. kate says – reply to this


    Johnny Depp is one of my favorite celebrities. He is a brilliant actor. But I must say I am very disappointed if this is true. Part of his charm for me was the fact that we was a real family man. How does he explain this to his daughter Lily Rose who is only 10 years younger than that lesbian. Shame on you Johnny. I think this will hurt his career and that a lot of his fans will feel diffently about him, as I do.

  42. whatbout says – reply to this


    What about her story with Arthur Wybrands ?

  43. 43

    Re: mswildeRe: mswilde – He tries to save his image of good father? really ..why he has to be unhappy with a woman he doesn't love anymore? Johnny was with Vanessa for 14 YEARS!..yes he loved her but not now,he need to be alone for a while and I'm sure he is not with Amber because she is GAY, but some say that she is bisexual…so If they are together..why not? Both are gorgeous

  44. 44

    Re: dianakay1217 – So agree with you!

  45. 45

    Re: Lynda – Hey Lynda..read what @So Frenchie said..read it ..don't judge him!Don't believe this lie that they are together

  46. 46

    [re=6111123]Re: katy I hope this not hurt his imagen..first because this is not true and second because his life is NOT our business..Johnny only knows what happened and I only wish the best ever for his new life

  47. Team Vanessa says – reply to this


    Re: mswilde

    Well said! I was a huge Johnny Depp fan and one of the reasons was his devotion to his g/f and kids. Now he's just another douchebag going through male menopause. Couldn't resist a younger woman coming onto him. He is looking pudgy and not so cool anymore. The LUST will wear off, that's all it it right now! She is another ANGELINA JOLIE homewrecking biatch who is going to use him to get ahead in the business. I don't think I could stand another so called "power couple". Getting sick already reading about the "sexy beast" comments from Perez urgh!! I am so disappointed in Johnny. Thought he had more class than this. The MAIN reason that he and Vanessa were having problems is because of his rumored affair/s with co stars! Who can blame Vanessa? She used to adore her man. She is French and proud , she is not going to beg him to stay. The two skanks deserve each other.

  48. Capsiplex says – reply to this


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  49. maegan says – reply to this


    Re: perry – I agree with you, perry.

    Amber is doing exactly what it takes to advance her career, and JD is being an average creepy old man… nothing special here.